Emphysema: Market Study in Brief

Emphysema is one sort of lung disorder with the key symptom of shortness of breathing. Aggravating the situation could damage the lung’s air sacs. Weakening and cracking are seen in the air sacs’ inner walls of the emphysema patients.

There are many reasons for developing emphysema, such as chemical fumes, smoking, dust, and air pollutants. Nowadays, many tests are available to detect this lung disease, and it includes the lung function test and chest X-ray & CT scan.

Emphysema: The Current Market Scenario

  • The rise of respiratory diseases (one of the key reasons being the environmental condition) is seen worldwide, including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and so on. Therefore, the demand for high-quality treatment methodologies has also escalated which includes smoking cessation antibiotics and drugs.

  • Moreover, advanced diagnostic services have also got available nowadays to detect respiratory disorders. All these factors have been helping to accelerate the worldwide emphysema market.

  • There are approximately 210 million COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) sufferers. The escalating inhabitation in urban localities throughout the world is leading to various lung disorders. Moreover, the rising count of tobacco smokers is also responsible for the situation.

  • The worldwide market for emphysema is anticipated to expand a 6.1% of CAGR (compound annual growth rate) throughout the forecast period.

Emphysema: Market Segmentation

  • The worldwide emphysema market is divided based on various factors, such as treatment, type, end-user, and diagnosis.

  • In terms of type, the global emphysema market is further segregated into panlobular and centrilobular emphysema.

  • When it comes to diagnosis, the emphysema market is divided into lung function test, imaging test, and many others. Furthermore, the imaging test is categorized into CT scan and X-ray.

  • In terms of treatment, the global emphysema market is classified into surgery, therapy, and medications.

  • Surgery is further segregated into lung transplant, bullectomy, and LVRS (Lung Volume Reduction Surgery).

  • When it comes to therapy, the classifications are nutrition therapy, supplemental oxygen, gene therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation.

  • Medications are divided into bronchodilators, smoking cessation drugs, antibiotics, inhaled steroids, and leukotriene modifiers.

  • In terms of end-user, the global emphysema market is divided into surgical centers, hospitals & clinics, and so on.

Worldwide Emphysema Market: Regional Analysis

  • The American emphysema market is divided into South America and North America. The largest market in this regard is North America. The escalated application of lung function test and imaging test for diagnosis is accelerating the market growth of the global emphysema market.

  • Furthermore, more and more people are getting diagnosed with COPD. It is also acting as the growth factor of the emphysema market.

  • Moreover, a long list of market players is present for manufacturing emphysema medications. More and more people are having awareness about the risk factors of emphysema. These factors are also escalating the global market growth of emphysema.

  • Canada is anticipated to be the fastest advancing emphysema market because of the advanced diagnostic equipment and escalated requirements for treatment choices for respiratory disorders.

  • In short, the key factor of the global emphysema market growth is the escalation of respiratory disorders.

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