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Electric Toothbrush: Top Brands & Products

It's time to get your teeth cleaned, but, with so many options out there, which electric toothbrush do you choose? With everything from the cheapest way to go to the most expensive and luxurious option, it can be hard to find the best one for you. How do you know which one will fit your needs without spending money on things you don't need?

Well, we've got you covered! After deliberating, researching different products, we've found the best ones on the market today. No more guesswork, no more feeling like you're wasting money on features or add-ons that you don't need. Who has the time to figure out what's what when there are so many other things to consider? We want to save you time and stress. And we want to help not only make this decision easy but also help your teeth stay as healthy and clean as possible.

  • Every brush is different: The 3,000 different ways we move our teeth every day means that the ideal brush to use for each of us is a unique combination of mechanics and shape. So don't even try to compare your brush with the one you bought for your sibling or another friend. Different strokes for different... brushes!

  • They're not just for cleaning your teeth: Because these brushes do such a good job of scrubbing away hard-to-reach plaque, they also do a much better job of keeping gums healthy and strong. In fact, many dentists now recommend them for cleaning sensitive teeth and protecting those of you with gum disease. My wife and I both use them regularly to keep our gums strong, and in my family at least, we haven't had a single case of gum disease since we started using electric toothbrushes.

  • Leading brands and product range

    Oral-B are a market leader in the electric toothbrush industry with their patented oscillating head technology which sweeps fluidly 11000 times per minute and has been clinically proven to remove more plaque around teeth than manual brushing in just 2 minutes*.

    In fact, the Oral-B Professional Care series of electric toothbrushes has been trusted by dental professionals for over 50 years. The development of the oscillating head technology actually began by a US Navy dentist who recognised the importance of dental health during wartime. He requested his research team to create a technology which could remove harmful plaque and bacteria from teeth and prevent oral conditions such as gum disease. This led to the creation of the Oral-B brand way back in 1946.

    Sonicare is another leader in the electric toothbrush industry, with a leading market share of over 30%. What sets Sonicare apart is their pulsating brush head technology, which oscillates at 12000 times per minute to sweep fluidly against teeth and gums. The result is that each brush stroke effectively removes plaque that may be present between your teeth. Sonicare's unique oscillating head combined with their superior cleaning modes means you can choose the right mode for your unique oral care needs – whether it's power, sensorial (expert) or sonic technology.

    Today, oral hygiene is still just as important as it was then, which is why Oral-B remains at the forefront of innovation with products that improve your overall dental wellness and offer professional results at home.

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