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Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and direct ways of connecting with the leads and converting them into customers. It will help you to nurture the customers and win consistently on the marketing channels. Email marketing is a long-used and effective strategy of digital marketing that helps to build a relationship with customers. This marketing strategy might be older, but it is still effective than many other marketing campaigns. According to reports, email marketing is more than 6 times effective than social media marketing. Let's take a look at the reasons for still being an effective player in the field of marketing.

  • It is targeted and private - You have no control over the contents that are published in newspapers or television as it is visible to all users. The advertisements are published on a channel for target audiences with the home of they are interested. However, you have all the different status available in email marketing that allows you to send targeted email separately to the customers based on their interests. You also have the option to customize the email for every customer to higher the chances of conversion. The click rates have improved very much with email automation.

  • Pocket-friendly compared to other marketing strategies - Email marketing is very less expensive compared to traditional marketing strategies such as direct mail, print, and others. Companies tend to spend more than 30 -50 times more on print, internet advertising, and TV than on email marketing.

It is one of the most cost-effective strategies that help a lot to boost sales, generate leads, increase conversion rates, and brand awareness without spending on ad space, print, postage, and others. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing helps to give a return of $40 for spending every $1. 

  • Increase brand recognition - Email marketing can help our business to get brand recognition from potential customers. While customers might not buy your products and services right away, email marketing will help them to get your brand name on top of the mind. It makes the costumes more likely to buy products from you in the future.

  • Eco-friendly - Most of the other marketing strategies like booklets, prints, and posters end up getting in a corner after getting the message. However, the wood industry is getting very affected in making them. Instead, you can choose a much more eco-friendly way to deliver your message to the target audience without harming the environment and spending money on papers by choosing email marketing.

Emails travel much faster and stay in the inbox rather than wandering in the corners. Moving to an eco-friendly building might not be an option for everyone, but choosing email marketing can greatly help the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

  • In-depth measurements - Email marketing helps you to take an insight into different key metrics like bounce rate, click-through rate, and open rate. These metrics allow you to know more about the interests and behaviors of customers in-depth to customize and deliver your content.

These are the most crucial reasons to choose email marketing and learn about the effectiveness of this marketing strategy.

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