Drill Press: What Does the Future Hold?

May 2021

A drill press is a type of machine that has two major sections. The top section holds the object to be drilled and can be moved vertically to guide the drill bit into it. The bottom section is the power source for the drill, and it also houses two handwheels, one for controlling the speed of rotation and one for determining how deep to drill.

The problem with this equipment is that because there are attachments that need to be periodically changed in order to do different types of drilling, they are often hard for people with limited dexterity or strength. This means they often require two people on site before drilling can even begin: one person on top operating the press while another controls all functions below (which can include changing bits).

If you've ever run a small machine shop, the biggest challenge for any new machinery purchase is whether or not to invest in a drill press. This post discusses the demand for this particular machine and differentiating aspects that make it a popular option in many industries.

Due to its versatility and accuracy, drill presses can be found in countless shops across the country. In fact, they're among the top three non-commodity machines used by small manufacturers. But as it turns out, deciding to invest in a drill press poses quite an interesting dilemma.

The Demand for Drill Presses

Drill presses can be found in the majority of machines tool cabinets in any industry. Their versatility and accuracy make them a top choice for many shops. For a machine tool to have a niche among the other options, it's vital that its reputation is well-established. This is why drill presses enjoy great popularity all over the country.

Although every machine has its own cause and effect, there are some common factors that contribute to its popularity. First, drill presses are one of the most accurate machinery choices out there due to their ability to accurately repeat cutting on each rotation.

Secondly, drill presses are simple and versatile. The machine can be used by anybody, even those who have never used a drill press before. By simply changing the attachments, you can use the same drill press for a variety of applications, from metalworking to woodwork.

Lastly, drill presses are easy to maintain. They're often mounted on sturdy bases that only require occasional cleaning and lubricating to ensure peak performance for years on end. These machines are designed to last much longer than other equipment in a small shop like a band saw or lathe because they're easier to repair if something goes wrong.

What makes drill presses so popular?

With all this considered, what exactly makes drill presses such interesting machines to own? It's due to their versatility and accuracy that these tools enjoy immense demand from the manufacturing industry. But more than that, they're among the most affordable options as well. And the fact that they're easy to use doesn't hurt either.

Drill presses are often chosen by small manufacturers who want a versatile machine that can do a variety of jobs ranging from woodworking to metalworking. By simply adding an appropriate attachment, you gain access to all these powerful capabilities. This is why drill presses are oftentimes chosen by DIYers who want a cheap and effective way of doing more than one thing at once.

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