Role of Cookies in the Ecommerce

February 2021

An HTTP cookie is a piece of data stored in the computer or laptop of the users by the web browser who were exploring the websites. The cookies are delineated to records the information of the users browsing history. Cookies are very essential for huge or big websites to maintain databases and other advanced features.

Cookies are very useful and hence created so that the browser can keep a track of your movements while you are on a particular site, they also help to resume your browsing, preferences, registered logins, and other personalized functions.

Types of Cookies

There are two types of cookies, one is session cookies which are also called temporary cookies, it is created in the sub-holder of the browser when you are browsing the website and automatically session cookies get deleted once you leave the site.

On the other hand, there is a persistent cookie, here the sub-holder files remain in the browsers and get activated when you visit the websites again that reacted to those specific cookies. The duration period of the persistent cookies lasts according to the duration period set on the files.

Cookies Contain:

  •         The server’s name from where the cookies were sent

  •         The duration of the cookies

  •         A unique number, which is randomly generated by the website

Cookies on Computer

Cookies are small pieces of data that carry username and password, which is very important as well and it is used to identify the computer which is been used for the computer network. To improve the web browsing experience there are different cookies which are called HTTP cookies, which are also available. These cookies also help to recognize the particular users.

Work of Cookies

The secure websites use cookies so that they can identify the genuine browser when they are exploring a particular website and in return, they can retrieve the data and enhance your browsing experience. Here are the lists of things cookies can do:

  •         Easy login and log out

  •         Wish list

  •         Recommendation of products

  •         Persistent shopping carts

  •         Custom user interfaces

  •         Retaking the payment information and the address of the customer

Importance of Cookies in Ecommerce

The first and the foremost job of cookies is to keep the identified users logged in while they are exploring the website, while doing so the browsing history of the users becomes the database for the website, this is done to improve the experience of the customers.

  •         All e-commerce sites use both session and persistent cookies to create a smooth shopping experience

  •         The cookies help to track the items which are added to the cart by the users

  •         If the cart is getting abundant in the midway then the cookies retrieve the selections of the user and helps for the other selections


Cookies are the most important part of the internet and without them, the websites will become useless and the e-commerce business is unimaginable without cookies as it allows the websites to improve and remember the choices of the users.

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