Cell counting - Ways of quantifying the cells

June 2016

Firstly what cell is? Cell is a microscopic unit of organism which made up of cytoplasm and has a nucleus surrounded by a thin wall called membrane. Now, cell counting means the different types of counting or quantifying of cells, it consist of medical diagnosis and therapies. Including its usage in testing and clinical practice, it is a significant subset of cytometry. One of the uses of cell counting is helping physician in knowing the disease caused to the patient.   

Cell counting has various utilizations in the healthcare some of them are, in medicine the concentrated mixture of white and red blood cell can give very important details about the patients. Then it is used in cell therapy, to manage the amount of cell given (injected) to the patient. It helps in many experiments as in molecular biology, to modify the quantity of chemicals and reactants to be required in the experiment. It is also used in measuring the viability of the cell, which means calculating the number of dead and live cells, for an example is opened to a poison.

In main category there are three ways of cell counting one are the manual cell counting way and the automated cell counting.

The manual cell counting consists of several methods in which two main are counting chamber and plating and CFU counting. The counting chamber is also known as hemocytometer, this is a microscopic slide which is made only for counting cell. The slide consists of a sink in between and the area of sink girded.  The plating and CFU (Colony-Forming Unit) counting, it used to know the quantity of cells in a culture.

The automated cell counting is mainly of three types, electric resistanceflow cytometry, and image analysis. The electric resistance, it measures the quantity as well as the volume of the cells. The flow cytometry means the most sophisticated, advanced, and dear way of measuring the cells. The image analysis means using the best quality microscopy image above which there is a utilization of algorithm to find and count as an image analysis work.


- Shubhra Ketan



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