Types of Bronchitis and Its Causes

February 2021

Bronchitis is basically an inflammation of the lining of tubes that carry air from and to the lungs. These tubes are called bronchial tubes, when these tubes get swollen or inflamed, the person starts coughing and creating thick mucus. It is a viral respiratory infection that is self-healable, in general. However, in extreme cases, you need to consult a doctor.

Bronchitis is basically of two types one is acute bronchitis and the other is chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is the most common one, the symptoms are very minor and it doesn’t cause any serious trouble. On the other hand, chronic bronchitis can be a serious one and can last forever.

Signs that you have Bronchitis

It all starts with the breathing problem, whether is acute or chronic bronchitis.

  •         A feeling of clogging on your chest which is also called chest congestion

  •         Short breathing

  •         Cough contains mucus which is clear, white, green or yellow

  •         Whistling sound whenever you breathe

  •         Wheezing

  •         Body pain or chills

  •         Mild fever

  •         Soreness in the throat

  •         Runny nose

In the cases of acute bronchitis, the symptoms can go away within a week but the cough can last for a longer period until the soreness in the throats gets completely healed.

In the case of chronic bronchitis, the cough can last up to three months and it can come back after every 2 years.

General causes of Bronchitis

The virus that is responsible for cold and flu is the same virus that is responsible for acute bronchitis.  In all cases, the germs caused by the viruses affect the bronchial tube and make it swollen, and generates more mucus. The swollen tubes allow less amount of airflow, which ultimately makes the breathing processes harder.

Risks Elements

The higher chances of getting bronchitis if you are engaged with the things mentioned below:

  •         If you smoke a lot

  •         If you are already suffering from allergies and asthma

  •         The older people or babies who have a weaker immunity system

  •         The female smokers are at more risk as compare to the male smoker

  •         If you have any lung disease

Immediately visit your doctor if the symptoms get worse

  •         Visit your nearest clinic if the cough brings up the blood

  •         Call your doctor if the mucus is thicker or darker

  •         If you are not able to sleep the whole night because of a cough

  •         If the coughing lasts more than a month

  •         Severe chest pain whenever you cough or sneeze

  •         Unusual sounds while speaking or difficulty in speaking

  •         If you are constantly losing weight after the symptoms start


In general, acute bronchitis is healable and doesn’t require any visit to the doctor, but if the condition gets complicated, you should immediately visit your nearest clinic. If you have a fever over 100.4 F or a sense of foul testing fluid in the mouth or wheezing, then you should immediately visit your doctor and run appropriate tests.

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