Beer Care - Get Your Hair Drunk with Health

February 2021

Beer has a very beneficial effect on our hair condition, regardless of whether we like alcohol or tend to avoid it. Beer care is not about drinking the golden drink regularly. You may be surprised, but the beer should be applied to the hair.

How Do You Prepare A Beer Flush?ย 

Beer hair conditioner reigns supreme in the blogosphere. More and more women value the properties of alcoholic drinks in hair care very highly. This is a cheap and easily accessible product compared to the cosmetic products for hair care from drugstores.

Why does beer have such a positive effect on our hair? The natural beer (of high quality) contains many vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, maltose, and sucrose. Vitamins and carbohydrates are essential to proper growth. However, other beneficial substances can also be found in beer. Hops (including beer) are valuable minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

Important! If you choose to do beer care for your hair, reach for pasteurized beers. This is because they contain more valuable nutrients that are lost in the pasteurization process.

What Are The Benefits Of Beer Care For Hair?


As you know, when a hair is hydrated, its hair fibers work properly. So your hair will begin to grow faster, healthy, and shine.


It also contains malt and hops with proteins capable of recovering your dry hair and split ends; as a result of the wear and tear, your hair suffers from different external factors (sun, drying, iron, etc.)


A great idea to naturally lighten hair is to use beer. The beer to being applied, two or three low tones the color hair, giving it a supernatural effect, and moisturizes and gives shine to your hair!


The components that beer has are also very beneficial for repairing hair cells, thus allowing your hair to grow healthy, hydrated, and therefore you donโ€™t have to deal with your hair's frizz.

Which Beer Is Best With A Hair Conditioner?

The effects of the conditioner also depend on which beer you choose for the conditioner. A light beer that has not been pasteurized has proven to be the best. The bottle or can be opened at least one hour before preparing the rinse. You need a stale and lukewarm beer for the cure.

How Do You Prepare A Beer Rinse?

Do not soak your hair in the pure beer, but mix the drink with the water (3: 1). The hair should be washed carefully before the beer cure. To do this, apply shampoo with a light detergent so that the ingredients from beer have an easier way into the hair's deep structures. After a wash, rinse your hair with the beer mixture and wait for it to dry. The hair does not have to be rewashed because the scent of the alcohol disappears very quickly.

Final Words

Beer is not only good as a drink. The barley juice is said to work wonders in terms of hair care. Anyone who has thrown their initial concerns overboard will be rewarded with a great result.

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