Top 6 Modern Uses Of Aluminum

April 2021

Aluminum is a shiny silvery metal that is highly used for making utensils, cans, foils, etc when combines with outer metals. Aluminum got its origin from bauxite and it is found in the topsoil of the various subtropical and tropical regions. It is a very lightweight metal and highly used for making beer kegs, window frames, and some parts of airplanes.

The usefulness of aluminum is very vast and it has been in use from the ancient era till now. It is not limited to household kinds of stuff and utensils; it is widely used in manufacturing industries as well. It is used in the construction of high raised buildings, power lines, consumer electronics, spacecraft components, big ships, etc.

Customary Application of Aluminum

Aluminum is the most useful metal and it can easily be obtained from the crust of the earth. This metal is used for the construction of electronic gadgets or aircrafts components due to its durability and properties. Here are the top unexpected uses of aluminum that you are not aware of:

·     Refrigerator and Air conditioner – The uses of raw aluminum are very rare especially in the commercial world, hence it is mixed with other metal to foam alloy. The ability to transfer heat is the reason why it is used in air conditioners and refrigerators; it also carries gases and liquids very well.

·    Thin foils – The aluminum is used for making foil papers which are widely used by people all over the world to intact the freshness of the foods for a longer period of time. You can even cook your foods on foil paper by giving them the desired shape. It also helps to keep the food warm.

·    Construction of bridges and buildings – aluminum is a very necessary metal in the construction of bridges and buildings, not only these but also in the construction of skylights, ladders, railings, wiring, rods, doors, etc. It helps to maintain the shine and it is rust-free as well.

·    Power lines – The durability and the lightweight, these properties of aluminum make it an idle substance for crossing long-distance energies. Aluminum is a poor conductor and therefore it is mixed with other metals like copper or baron to obtain the desired result.

·   Spacecraft - The advancement of spacecraft is directly linked with the advancement of aluminum alloys. Aluminum resistance to corrosion is the major reason for its application in spacecraft and rocket technologies. It is able to encounter the heat concentrated inside the Falcon’s 9 engine.

·   Trains – Previously iron and steel were the main properties of trains but with the help of modern technologies aluminum is now highly used for the construction of trains instead of steel. The strength to weight ratio is the only reason why engineers are preferring aluminum over steel.


However, the idle properties of the aluminum are it’s strong and light weighted at the same time, which are the much-required properties for the construction of any big aircraft, ships or spacecraft, or rockets. It helps to withstand the breaches and cracks and hence assured the safety of the people. 

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