The 3 Most Popular Air Fryer Brands

It's a harsh reality of life that fried food tastes great to your taste buds but is not that great for the body. Sure, you could bake your food rather than frying it, but it isn't the same. Is it worthwhile to buy an air fryer? That varies, but holiday season sales may be one reason to consider.

An air fryer is a popular kitchen appliance. It looks like an oven with a very powerful fan and a heat source. The fan moves the hot air around the food and gives it a fantastic fried finish without deep frying. You can crisp up potato chips, wings, fries, and veggies in an air fryer with just a small amount of oil.

In North America, the demand for air fryers is on the rise due to several factors such as high disposable income and higher standard of living. At the global level, the market for air fryers is growing at a fast pace. According to a market research report, the air fryer market is set to register a higher growth at a CAGR of XXX during the forecast period XXXX-XXXX.

The market for air fryers is set to witness steady growth and will reach a valuation of USDXXXX during the forecast period, suggests the report. The growth in the market is contributed by factors such as the growth of e-commerce distribution channels as well as the rising demand for kitchen appliances across several regional markets. Technological advancements such as the rise of IoT devices and the growing consumer preference towards smart home appliances will continue to support the market growth.

Choosing an air fryer for your kitchen shouldn't be difficult as a large number of consumer electronics manufacturers have entered the market and have introduced intelligent products. If you're in the market to buy an air fryer, you should check not only the design and price, but also on the basis of the ease of frying and overall performance.

  • Instant Appliances
  • With multipurpose air fryers as well as cooking blenders, Instant Brands is expanding its product line. The company is dedicated to helping people all over the world get nutritious and tasty recipes faster and better than ever before, by integrating consumer-friendly technologies with a heart for healthy cuisine. Instantโ€™s Vortex air fryer product range includes some of the bestselling air fryers. The products are popular across North America and other parts of the world.

  • SharkNinja - Ninja Kitchen Appliances
  • SharkNinja Operating LLC, a leader of small home appliances solutions that suit the lifestyle choices of busy individuals all over the globe, founded Ninja as one of its house-care brands. SharkNinja has quickly carved out a large market share in the kitchenware sector, and became one of the fastest growing firms, by offering highly efficient, creative products. SharkNinja brands significantly influence the performance every day in homes around the world, through ultra-powerful vacuum cleaners to state-of-the-art air fryer systems.

  • Cosori
  • Air fryers, electric kettles, pressure cookers, coffee warmers, and blenders are among the products sold by the Cosoricompany. As somebody who reads hundreds of feedback on a regular basis, it's rare to come across a business that instantly stands out as a great brand. Cosori did just that, and they are amazing! Their best-selling product is the Cosori air fryer. A product of so many sales and so many good reviews is nothing short of incredible.

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