Aesthetic Medicine Market: Present Market Scenario in Brief

February 2021

The aesthetic medicine market size was estimated at USD 12.1 Billion in the year 2019. Nevertheless, the market is anticipated to see a CAGR of over 11% from 2020 to 2026.

Aesthetic Medicine Devices: Current Market Scenario

  • Nowadays, more and more people are getting inclined towards non-invasive aesthetics procedures. It is acting as a driving force for the growth of the global aesthetics market.

  • Moreover, massive technological growth and enhancements have escalated the global aesthetic market. As a result, more and more people are getting familiar with advanced aesthetic medical devices.

  • Nowadays, most people are conscious of their appearance and presentation. That is why they are getting inclined towards aesthetic medicine devices. This aspect is also working as a growth factor for the global aesthetic market.

  • High price tags of aesthetic medicine devices and strict regulations may put a barrier to the growth of the global aesthetic market.

Aesthetic Medicine Devices: More Growth Factors

  • Various non-surgical and surgical procedures are getting developed and advanced nowadays. It is further influencing and escalating the market growth of aesthetic medicine.

  • Today, aesthetic devices have become technologically advanced. That is why such devices have become minimally invasive as well as timesaving. Thus, aesthetic devices have become capable of providing effective treatments to cater to the requirements and expectations of customers. That is the reason why more and more people are getting interested to try out aesthetic treatments.

  • Furthermore, market players of aesthetic medicine are emphasizing and investing in R&D (Research and Development) departments. Thus, it is getting possible to bring innovations and developments in aesthetic medicines. As a result, it has become possible to fulfill the demand and expectations of the industry.

More about Global Aesthetic Market

  • The worldwide market size of aesthetic medicine was estimated at USD 86.2 billion in the year 2020. Moreover, the market is anticipated to grow at 9.8% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2021 to 2028.

  • The number of manufacturers is on the rise for innovating and developing advanced aesthetic devices. It is escalating the demand for aesthetic treatments in current times.

  • The launching of technologically upgraded products is escalating the growth of the global aesthetic market. For instance, non-invasive body contouring systems with the use of fat freezing technology can attract excellent opportunities in upcoming days. When it comes to the top five non-invasive approaches in the United States of America in the year 2019, non-invasive body fat reduction was one of them. Total procedures completed in this regard were 129,686.

  • Nowadays, people want to look young and beautiful to make a prominent impression in the crowd. It is acting as a driving force in the growth of the global aesthetic market. More and more people have started looking for and opting for aesthetic treatments in developing countries. Popular aesthetic procedures are nose reshaping, Botox injections, and liposuction.

Regional Segmentation

North America contributed as the largest shareholder (36.0%) in the aesthetic medicine market in the year 2020. The credit goes to sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, escalating cases of skin issues, acceptance of cosmetic procedures, and the availability of best-in-class certified cosmetic surgeons in the region.

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