A Detailed Guide about Different Mattress Types

February 2021

Most of the time, common mattresses are showcased outside showrooms, but there are many different types of mattresses available that you can choose from. The mattress is an essential part of the bed that provides you comfort during sleep time and keeping your health safe. Yes, some mattresses are specially made for different health conditions. Most of the time, people tend to buy the mattress that they had the last time instead of looking for new options. There are many other options that you need to explore if you are looking for a new mattress. So, here are some different types of mattresses given below in detail.

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are available widely in different countries. However, it was invented in 1966 by Nasa to use in aircraft cushions for increasing security. Now, memory foam is not only used in mattresses but in blankets, pillows, furniture, wheelchair seats, and shoes too. First, in 1991, the foam mattress became available in different countries. These mattresses are very well known for providing the feeling of “sinking in”. The extra cushion of the foam mattress helps you to bounce back. It is a perfect choice for people who need extra softness to avoid pain or side sleepers.

  • Innerspring

This is the most used mattress type by people worldwide. Innerspring or coil mattress has been used by a lot of people since the 1900s. The steel coils that are placed in this mattress get compressed in contact with weight. With the increasing number of coils, your mattress quality will improve. However, this type of mattress is more popular compared to other ones because of its pricing. They are very affordable and easily available that makes them the primary choice of customers. Compared to other types of mattresses, this one tends to get in bad condition faster. 

  • Gel

Gel mattresses are chosen by many people instead of foam mattresses because of the temperature difference. Foma traps the heat and reduces the airflow that makes the temperature rise. Also, it releases the heat at night that makes the mattresses hotter. Gel, on the other hand, does not have any heating issues like foam. They are way cooler and help to control the temperature very well. So, if you are having bad sleep because of heat, then switch to a gel mattress.

  • Latex

Latex is a much more natural mattress option that will help you to get a very good sleeping experience. There is synthetic latex available in the market, but most of the mattresses are made from natural latex. Compared to memory foam, the contouring and pressure relief is very less in latex mattresses. They are much more bouncy with less heat reflection that makes them a better choice for people who do not want the temperature changes. There are manually two different types of latex mattresses available such as Talalay and Dunlop.

The above-mentioned information will help you to choose the best mattress type and get an excellent sleeping experience.

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