5 Signs of Pleurisy: Which Can Leads To Lungs Cancer

February 2021

Thin tissues lining the lungs and the chest walls, rub together through the rubbing process don’t create any friction because the tissue is balanced or stable. However. These thin tissues that surround the lungs and the chest can get infected or inflamed and as a result, it causes severe pain in the chest. The antibiotics are available in the market for the treatment and it is extremely successful in treating the bacterial infection. The death rates due to this particular disease are very rare.

Based on the reports of the World Cancer Research Fund International, in 2015, there were around 58% of lung cancer patients occurred in the countries that are still developing. In the year 2017, a similar report was issued under the name of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to this report lung cancer is the primary cause of death and one of the most common types of cancer in women and men in the US.

Signs of Pleurisy

The very common symptom of pleurisy is a spiking pain while breathing, this pain gets vanished when you hold your breath for a while or if you put little pressure on the affected area. The pain further leads to sneezing, cough, chills, fever, loss of appetite, etc. there are additional symptoms as well which are as follows:

  •         Severe pain in your back and shoulder

  •         Muscle aches

  •         Joint pains

  •         One-sided chest pain

  •         Shallow breathing or shortness of breathing

Principle causes of pleurisy

Viral infections are the most common cause of pleurisy, it often affects the lungs and triggers many other diseases.

The causes of the disease are:

  •         Bronchitis

  •         Bacterial pneumonia

  •         Rib fractures

  •         Lung or chest tumor

  •         Tuberculosis

  •         Trauma to the chest walls

  •         Wounds of the chest

  •         Blood clots in the arteries

  •         Systemic lupus

  •         Rheumatoid arthritis

  •         Parasitic or fungal infection

  •         Lung cancer

  •         Lymphoma

  •         Mesothelioma

Procedures of treatments

You need to find the source of infections through different clinical tests prescribed by authorized doctors. According to the type of pleurisy the further treatments were recommended. The healing process needs a lot of appropriate rest to aid the body. Other effective methods of treatment are as follows:

  •         Medication will help to break the blood clots

  •         Consumption of antibiotics to cure a bacterial infection

  •         Medicine that contains codeine to sure sough and pain

  •         Methods that are used to treat asthma

  •         Medicines including ibuprofen (Advil), aspirin(Bayer)

  •         Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs

People who have a high amount of fluids present in the lungs which is also called pleural effusion need to stay in the hospital for a while, the doctors will remove the fluid from the chest with the help of a drain tube until the fluids get drained out completely.


Pleurisy is very common in older people, the lack of physical activities and unhealthy or poor diet are also the major causes of the disease.

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