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5 Natural Ways to Treat Osteoarthritis Pain

An osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis, which commonly occurs in weight-bearing joints such as the spine, feet, hips, and arms. This health condition usually arises in people above age 60. As per a report, about 10% of men and 13% of women complains about the issue of joint disease. Unlike other arthritis, this health condition does not cause fatigue or make you feel sick. The one who has this health issue faces problems of stiffness while waking up in the morning or after sitting. People between their 20s and 30s might also suffer from this health condition. The reason behind this is the underlying reasons like joint injury or joint stress from overuse.

Effective ways to treat the pain of Osteoarthritis

You can prefer to follow some of the effective natural treatments. They will aid you to take care of the pain and stiffness that you are facing during the movement of your body parts. Here are some of the natural ways.

  • Eat Anti-Inflammatory Food

Anti-inflammatory foods like tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, fruits, nuts, and others are a rich source of omega-3. The presence of this element helps to control the inflammation and improve the wounds, besides, healing joints. These food products reduce the swelling and aids to provide you relief from the pain caused because of Osteoarthritis.

  • Exercise Regularly

Doing exercise is very beneficial for treating various health problems like blood pressure, heart diseases, sleep disorders, and several such diseases. Further, it is also beneficial to treat the problems caused by Osteoarthritis. Gentle weight training along with aerobic exercise help to strengthen the muscles of your body, especially the joint areas. The stiffness gets better as you perform your daily exercise, thus, providing you pain relief.

  • Maintain Proper Weight

Those who are overweight have a maximum chance to suffer from Osteoarthritis. Their whole body weight generates pressure on the joints, leading to worsening the pain. Hence, they should maintain their weight by following a nutritional diet, burning out the calories and fats, and doing regular exercises. Adding all this to their daily schedule will help to get relief from the pain.

  • Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is also one of the natural ways to treat the pain caused because of Osteoarthritis. Many doctors suggest applying bake with hot water. The patient is instructed to place a medium-hot pack over the pain region for 10 to 15 minutes and then apply an anti-inflammatory ointment over it. This will help you to get relief from the pain. Doing this regularly will help you to reduce the pain level.

  • Ice Therapy

Ice therapy is another way to treat Osteoarthritis. All you have to do is put ice packs on the painful joint for 15 to 20 minutes. But make sure not to apply the cold pack directly on the bare skin, rather, wrap the ice in a thin cloth or towel and then massage it on the joints. This will help to reduce Osteoarthritis pain.

Try to follow these mentioned remedies to get relief from the pain that is caused because of Osteoarthritis. Meanwhile, you can consult the doctor and carry out taking both medications and applying natural remedies to get better and faster results.

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