4 ways to Treat Appendicitis at Home

February 2021

People opt for surgery when they have appendicitis. But it can be operated only when the infection has been controlled. Therefore, meanwhile, they can get some help from various home remedies. These home remedies will them to deal with the pain that is caused by this illness.

Effective ways to treat appendicitis at home

Here is a list of some ways that can aid you to treat appendicitis.

  • Add Garlic in Your Meal

This magical product has undergone researches and scientists have found that it has amazing healing properties that are highly potential. It contains outstanding anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in providing relief to the inflammation and also ease the pain caused by appendicitis. You can try to eat a few cloves of garlic every day or can add plenty of garlic in your cooking. Further, it is also available in the form of a supplementary capsule.

  • Use Ginger Various Ways  

Similar to garlic, ginger also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that are highly potential. These elements help to ease the inflammation in your appendix and provide you some relief from your pain. Besides, if you feel nauseous because of the illness, ginger will also help to ease nausea and stop you from vomiting. One of the best ways to get ginger into your system is to make ginger tea. Further, you can also opt to grate some fresh ginger root in boiling water and drink the mixture after letting it cool.

Massaging your lower abdomen with ginger essential oil is another effective treatment. Make sure that you mix the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin

  • Apply Castor Oil

Castor oil has plenty of medicinal uses, hence can also be used to treat appendicitis symptoms at home. Castor oil helps to ease the pain and relief the inflammation. Further, take the oil internally can help to treat constipation and irregular bowel movement. You can make a castor oil pack by folding a large dishcloth or thin towel into some layers and pouring two or three tablespoons of your castor oil onto the cloth. After the pack is ready you need to lay down and place the cloth over your lower abdomen. Make sure to repeat this every day or every alternative day.

  • Drink Fenugreek Water

Fenugreek seeds can also be helpful for treating several symptoms of appendicitis. They help to prevent toxins and waste from getting build up in the intestines and also reduces the risk of further infection and inflammation. They may also help ease some of the pain that you are going through. You can add 2 or 3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds to a cup of water and put it in a pan to bring it to boil. After simmering for a while, you can strain out the seeds and allow them to cool before drinking them. Make sure to drink this fenugreek water every day.

Applying these remedies will help you reduce the infection of appendicitis. The medicinal properties present in ginger, garlic, fenugreek and castor oil will provide you relief from the pain.

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