4 Stages of Migraine and its Causes

Migraine is a very common neurovascular sickness; headaches are the most basic symptom of the disease. It is further related to other neurological incidents which include vomiting, nausea, and a continuous painful sensitivity to sounds and lights. The changes in the levels of the hormones can be considered as a major cause of migraine, and the disease is most common in women as compared to men.

Based on the reports of the Medline article, about 12% of the total population of the united states suffers from migraines. Easy treatment is available in the market to avoid or minimize migraine attacks. There are abortive medicines also available in the market to relieve the strong periodic pain. The attacks of migraines can stay for a few hours or days.

Common Symptoms of Migraine

Migraine can begin at any point in life, there are generally four stages of migraine prodrome, aura, attack, and postdrome, but it is not necessary the people who suffer from migraine have to go through all the stages.

  •         Stiffness in the neck

  •         Craving for foods

  •         Mood swings due to depression

  •         Constipation

  •         Increased frequency of urination and thirst

  •         Periodic yawning

Above mention symptoms can occur before one or days of migraine.

  •         Pin sensation in the legs or arms

  •         Loss of vision

  •         Difficulties in speaking

  •         Uncontrollable movements of the body

  •         Sense of weakness on one side of the body or face

  •         Hearing loud music or noises

The above mentioned are rare symptoms, the people among which aura can occur during or before the migraine.

  •         One side of the head feels severe pain, sometimes on both sides as well

  •         Pain that throbs or pulses

  •         Sensitivity to touch and smell, sounds, lights

  •         Vomiting and nausea

A person suffering from migraines can have the above-mentioned symptoms during a migraine.

When do you need to consult a doctor?

A minor headache once in a while is okay till you don’t feel any pain or more in any other part of the body. Migraine is untreatable but you can book an appointment with your doctor if the pain continues for more than expected period.

Consult your doctor immediately when

  •         Headache with neck stiffness, seizures, weakness, trouble in speaking, numbness in the different parts of the body, or mental confusion

  •         The continuous headache after any head injury

  •         An abrupt headache

  •         Headache which gets worse after exertion, straining. Coughing or by making any sudden movement

  •         New headache pain after the age of 50

There are several factors that can trigger or make you prone to having migraine

  •         It can be a hereditary disease, if any of the members in the family have migraine then there are chances that you can develop them too

  •         Migraine can occur at any age, but people who are 30 or above tend to develop the disease quickly as compared to the younger people


Migraines can be developed at any point of life and to anyone. Stressful life, unhealthy habits including drinking and smoking, changes in the weather, changes of the hormones in the women, etc can also trigger a migraine.

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