Zika Virus Testing Market Report - Forecast Analysis Till 2030

Zika Virus Testing Market Research Report Information By Tests Include (serological/Zika virus antibody and molecular/nucleic acid amplification), End-Users (Diagnostic units, hospitals, pathology labs), Regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, and the Middle East and Africa) Forecast till 2030

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Zika Virus Testing Market

Zika Virus Testing Market size is projected to reach USD 179.19 Million and anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.60% during the forecasted period

By Tests Serological/Zika virus antibody molecular/nucleic acid amplification
By End-Users Diagnostic units hospitals pathology labs
Key Players
Companies Profiled   ARUP Laboratories   Hologic   Luminex Corporation   Roche Molecular Systems
Market Driving Forces   Increasing Zika incidences around the globe   Significant investments by the FDA
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Zika Virus Testing Market Overview:

The zika virus testing market is projected to reach USD 179.19 Million by 2030 at 7.60% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Infection with the Zika virus is spread via mosquito bites. As a result, Zika is a mosquito-borne illness spread by the Aedes genus. Zika is spread by mosquitos, like other mosquito-borne diseases, and can be passed from one person to another through sexual contact. A pregnant woman who is infected with the virus may pass it on to her unborn child.

Increasing efforts by the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) to restrict the transmission of this virus are expected to boost the Zika Virus Testing Market from 2022 to 2030. (Forecast period). Furthermore, the US Department of Health and Human Services has taken steps to prevent the virus from infecting other individuals. These measures have also increased the demand for Zika virus testing in the United States and other parts of the world. The market will soon see huge growth as per the forecasts.


The global industry is split on account of tests, end-users, and regions. The tests include serological/Zika virus antibody and molecular/nucleic acid amplification. Diagnostic units, hospitals, pathology labs, etc. form the end-users. By regions, the Zika virus testing market is divided on the basis of Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, and the Middle East and Africa.

Regional Overview ย ย ย 

The constant transmission of Zika in various American nations is reported to augment the need for testing services till 2030. Moreover, projects undertaken by the HHS, BARDA to boost diagnostic assay innovations for the identification and treatment of this illness could propel industry expansion over the forecast period.

Additionally, there is more outburst of the Zika virus across multiple Latin American nations. For instance, twenty one of the twenty six states in Brazil are affected by the Zika virus. Faster transmission in the world is projected to lead to the creation of more detection assays, thus steering the market incomes.Recent Development

The FDA has given the commercial Altona Diagnostics RealStar ZIKV RT-PCR test kit (Altona PCR) emergency use authorization. The goal of this study was to compare the Altona PCR to the CDC-designed dual-target ZIKV RT-PCR reference assay (reference PCR) and to characterize the demographics of ZIKV RT-PCR patients in Ontario, Canada. The Altona PCR and the reference PCR were used to test a significant number of clinical specimens for ZIKV. Positive and ambiguous specimens were subjected to ZIKV NS5 gene PCR and Sanger sequencing.

Luminex Corporation is a biotechnology firm that creates, produces, and distributes patented biological diagnostic methods and products. Flow cytometers, cellular analysis devices, a platform for monitoring genes and proteins, and other diagnostics and research tools are among the company's products. Clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug development, biomedical research, genomic and proteomic research, and food safety are among the markets served by Luminex.Eminent Players and Industry Advancements

Prominent companies affiliated with the Zika virus testing market comprise Luminex Corporation, ARUP Laboratories, Roche Molecular Systems, Hologic, and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. To create efficient treatments and vaccines, advanced animal models are required. An improved comprehension of immunological protection correlates is also needed to protect ourselves from this disease.

Nowadays, the Zika virus is detected in view of clinical manifestations. Molecular detection and serological devices also play a major role. As the separation of this virus is difficult; LFAs, NASBA, and LAMP are used to detect the virus and ascertain the cause of the fever. These novel techniques have assisted in accurate & fast diagnosis. With the clinical symptoms of Zika not being pathognomic, the presence of this virus can be established only when it is separated and examined.

Few among many clinical symptoms of this disease are myalgia, headache, fever, maculopapular rashes, and arthralgia. Only upon further diagnosis and confirmation, are the treatments recommended to patients. Sometimes, similar symptoms can be mistaken for other illnesses. Thus, itโ€™s best to go to the doctors and have it ruled in/out.

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