VHF Air Ground Communication Stations Market Research Report - Forecast to 2030

VHF Air-Ground Communication Stations Market Research Report: by Type (Desktop Air-Ground Communication Stations, Portable Air-Ground Communication Stations), by Application (Air Traffic Control System, Civil Aviation Air-Ground Communication, Military Aviation Communication, Others), and Region - Forecast to 2030

ID: MRFR/A&D/5747-CR | January 2019 | Region: Global | 105 Pages         

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VHF Air-Ground Communication Stations Market

VHF Air-Ground Communication Stations Market Size is anticipated to reach USD 5.699 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 15.46% during 2020-2030.

By Type Portable VHF Air-ground communication station Desktop VHF Air-grounded communication station.
By Application Air traffic control system Military aviation communication Civil aviation communication
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Rockwell Collins    Raytheon Company    Viasat Inc    Becker Avionic    Selex ES    Rohde & Schwarz    Thales Group    Honeywell International    Spaceon & more.
Market Driving Forces   Emergence of wireless communication systems can also trigger market Growth.
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VHF Air Ground Communication Stations Market Overview

The global VHF air-ground communication stations market is expected to reach a valuation of USD 5.699 billion by 2030, as per the report by Market Research Future (MRFR). It can showcase a CAGR of 15.46% over the forecast period (2020-2030). VHF- Very High-Frequency communication stations are a perfect source or medium of communication between the pilots flying the aircraft and the air traffic controllers. They are designed and developed to offer a smooth and effective channel to exchange crucial information as we as other data that can assist the pilots while flying. The VHF spectrums that were utilized for obtaining signals on radios and television now have successfully penetrated communication avionics. Well, the rising implementation of these things can be attributed to the rising cases of the signal being lost between pilots and air traffic controllers. Such incidents can lead to accidents or crashes.

The ongoing technological advances in the VHF air-ground communication station system have made them a popular device in the field of military and civil aviation. On the other hand, leading component manufacturers, different government agencies, and other companies are now introducing advanced communication technologies. This will further support the market growth. What’s more? The upward trend in air traffic due to rising income levels and reopening for airports after the COVID-19 related restrictions will also trigger the demand in the VHF air-ground communication stations market. All the airports are now integrating the newest communication systems to offer the passenger a maximum level of safety.

The VHF Air Ground Communication Stations Market analysis report suggests the market will cross USD 569.9 million mark by the end of 2023. Besides, during the forecast period, i.e., from 2018 to 2023, the CAGR- Compound Annual Growth Rate will be 15.46 per cent.

This market report offers a holistic evaluation of this global market for the forecast period (2018–2023). It studies different market segments, trends as well as factors that can both positively and negatively affect the market. The readers will also get a clear understanding of market restraints and drivers from this report. The Global VHF Air Ground Communication Stations Market research report offers an outlook on the recent development of the market.

COVID-19 Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic had affected the global market in three major ways. These are by creating market and supply chain disruption, by creating a financial impact on the global financial market and companies, and by affecting the production and demand. However, now, the global VHF desktop air ground communications stations market is normalizing as most of the airports across the world have started their operation. On the other hand, the VHF communication system manufacturers also have increased their production capacity to meet the global demand.

Major Variables of the Market

Market Drivers

It is predicted that growing air traffic in different countries for various applications will be a major driving factor for this market. There is a huge rise in online purchasing from international markets, which requires faster transportation facility and air delivery is the best option for that. There is a rising demand for vhf communication system in aircraft. This will support the market growth. On the other hand, the emergence of wireless communication systems can also trigger market growth.

Market Challenges

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the air travel services in different countries, and airports in some countries are now operating at full capacity. If it continues for some more months or years, it can have a negative impact on this market.

Market Opportunities

Technological innovation in this system has enhanced the communication capabilities of the devices. On the other hand, the advanced software system also has made the overall communication. These systems are also widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles. All these things will create some amazing growth opportunities for the global VHF air-ground communication station market.


As per the study, the global VHF Air Ground Communication Stations Market will face some major threats from the slow approval of licenses that can allow the stations to function within a very high frequency. On the other hand, this market requires massive investments in terms of power, energy, terms of money, infrastructure, and more. All these things are projected to negatively affect the growth rate of this market during the forecast period.

Cumulative Market Evaluation

The detailed evaluation of the global VHF air grounded communication stations market has projected that the market will witness an attractive growth rate during the forecast period. Some of the major drivers for the market will be the increasing number of airports and the rise in the adoption of the VHF communication system in the field of the military. Besides, key players’ merger and acquisition practices also create more growth opportunities for the market.

Major Market Segments

By type

On the basis of type, the global vhf air ground communication stations industry is divided into portable and desktop VHF air ground communication stations. Even though the desktop stations have been witnessing a decent growth since 2017, during the forecast period, the portable stations are projected to witness massive growth. The primary reason behind this is the rapid digitization of different communication technologies. Besides, airports are now shifting from legacy systems to the most advanced systems. On the other hand, low maintenance costs of portable systems will increase the adoption rate, supporting the market growth.

By Application

Based on application, the market is divided into military aviation, air traffic control system, and civil aviation air ground communication system. It is projected that the air traffic system segment will be a leading, supporting factor of this market growth. The high rate of lost signals between ground control staff and pilots can be a major reason behind this. On the other hand, civil aviation will be a major application. This can be attributed to the increasing number of airports across the world.

Regional Analysis

Considering the region, the global VHF air ground communication stations market is segmented into the Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and Europe. The report suggests that North America’s regional market may enjoy good growth due to increasing investments by the American airports to upgrade their communication system. Besides, increasing feel numbers can be a major driving factor. However, the Asia Pacific market is projected to demonstrate the higher Compound Annual Growth Rate due to the increasing adoption of advanced and next-generation technology. On the other hand, countries like India, Japan, China, and South Korea are now using VHF communication technologies at military bases and airports for navigation purposes.

Competitive Intensity in the Market

This market report studies some major market players who are dominating the global VHF air ground communication stations market. Besides, it also offers an insight into the leading players’ financial statements. Furthermore, the readers will also get to know about the product benchmarking, recent developments, and SWOT analysis. The companies are following some inorganic growth strategies for market expansion. The report suggests that the market players primarily focus on more mergers and acquisitions along with better product development. Some of the leading companies, which are projected to dominate this global vhf desktop air ground communications stations market during the forecast period, are:

  • Rockwell Collins

  • Raytheon Company

  • Viasat Inc.

  • Becker Avionic.

  • Selex ES

  • Rohde & Schwarz

  • Thales Group

  • Honeywell International

  • Spaceon and more.

Recent Market Development

In September 2021, Becker Avionics, a popular aviation industry supplier, entered into a partnership with Iris Automation to develop equipment that can detect and warn pilots about potential threatening and nearby aircraft.

Raytheon Intelligence and Space & Collins Aerospace are now teaming up to sign a contract where they will improve the FAA telecommunication infrastructure by deploying more secure and advanced technologies.

Report Overview

This comprehensive vhf desktop air ground communications stations market report offers a complete analysis of the global VHF air ground communication station market. The market analysis estimates covered in this report are the result of in-house expert review, primary and secondary market research, and more. The results have been developed by carefully analyzing the impact of different economic factors, political as well as social factors. Besides, the experts have also considered the current VHF air ground communication station market dynamics.

Besides, the report also covers Porter’s Five Forces analysis, market constraints, driving factors, opportunities, and more. What’s more? This detailed market report also focuses on the VHF air ground communication stations market’s competitive landscape.

Key Market Segments

By Type

  • Portable VHF Air-ground communication station.

  • Desktop VHF Air-grounded communication station.

By Application

  • Air traffic control system

  • Military aviation communication.

  • Civil aviation communication

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market value by 2023 could be USD 569.9 million.

The market can attain a CAGR of 15.46% in the years ahead.

Emerging trend of wireless communication boosted by network communication technologies has resulted in substantial developments in VHF-based communication systems, which can induce market growth in the ensuing years.

Infrequent approval of licenses to operate within the VHF spectrum can slow down the market growth during the evaluation period.

North America handles the highest ratio of air traffic, which augers its market position. The strong presence of renowned communication system component manufacturers such as Rockwell Collins, and Raytheon also helps the region maintain its lead in the global market.

The key types mentioned in the market report are Desktop Air-Ground Communication Station as well as Portable Air-Ground Communication Station.

Air traffic control systems have remained the leading application-based segment since 2017.