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UAV Battery Market Report Information by UAV Type (Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE), High-Altitude Long Endurance (HALE), Tactical, Small), Battery Type (Fuel Cell, Lithium-ion, Nickle Cadmium, Lithium Polymer), & Region ‚Äď Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/A&D/4590-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Sejal Akre| April 2024

Global UAV Battery Market Overview 

UAV Battery Market Size Valued at USD 10 Billion, market Grow at a CAGR Of 21% by 2020 -2030

The UAV is the unmanned aerial vehicle, which is also called a drone. A system is operated remotely for various purposes. Recently drones have been popularly used by many industries like agriculture, construction, mining, and many more to gather information. The UAV battery is an essential part of the UAV for the energy required for the flight. The battery consists of stored energy that the UAV will require. Several parameters are used to measure the performance of the battery.

The features are higher specific energy, cycle life, charge rate, cost per kilowatt-hour, etc. UAV's are unmanned systems operated with computer vision and AI technology. UAV's are also used by many industries to reach particular places, which is normally difficult to reach. Farmers also use it to detect crop diseases for the better growth of the crops. The UAV Battery Market Size will increase in the forecast period. The UAV Battery Market Forecast shows the growth of the market.

COVID 19 analysis

The stood at a turning point when a new variant of Corona group of virus developed and slowly transmitted across the globe. And each sector is trying its best to gain losses. But The pandemic has shown a positive impact on the market's growth and enhanced the growth of the UAV battery market.

As COVID affected humankind, several governments of every region had to impose lockdown and shutdown, which is a win situation for the market as due to shutdown people were not allowed go out to buy commodities and necessities, so UAVs were used at that time to deliver necessities and commodities to the general people. UAVs were also used for surveillance in different areas for the security of the people due to shutdown, which increased the growth of the UAV battery market. UAV Battery Market Growth will increase in the forecast period.

Chief variable existing in the market

  • Key market drivers

The growing demand for UAVs in many sectors and their usage increases the market's growth. The market is experiencing a high growth rate and will experience in the forecast period. The use of UAVs in sectors like surveillance, construction, mining, agriculture is enhancing the market's growth. And the demand for UAVs increasing directly increases the use of batteries as more batteries are required for a single UAV, increasing the UAV Battery Market Growth.

  • Market challenge

The high discharge rate could be a market challenge for market. As the market is growing and many sectors are using the UAV, it could be difficult to use it if the discharge rate is high. In important situations, or if navies or armies use the UAV to detect the enemy and be shut down in the middle of the surveillance, this could be a huge problem for the sectors. It also stores information, which could be a disadvantage for the specific sector. UAV Battery Market Analysis shows all the factors that will affect the market. UAV Battery Market Outlook shows the future of the market.

  • Opportunities in theglobal market

 Every sector is trying to use innovative products to strengthen the market. The government of every region is increasing military expenditure, which is a huge opportunity for the market players and newcomers. Many sectors are beginning to adapt to UAV's for surveillance and intelligence to increase the market's growth rate. These factors will increase the UAV Battery Market Value.

  • Restrains

The main restrain of the market is the high cost of drones which can restrain the market in the forecast period. As drones are unmanned technology, it is quite expensive and requires high maintenance, which indirectly affects the cost of batteries. It could be a key restrain for the UAV battery market. Drones are at a stage of still improving, it has not improved fully, and due to that, it has a high discharge rate which means it can get discharged anytime, which could be a serious issue if used in important sectors like the army and navy.  

Cumulative evaluation of the market

The UAV battery market provides all the necessary information required for the market. Various challenges, restraints, and drivers affect the market's growth and downfall. All the factors affect the market greatly. All ranges and factors are investigated properly to provide the report with a crystal clear view. Whatever and however the factors and researches affected the market is also mentioned in the report. The market is experiencing both positive and negative aspects, but with the growing innovation, the negative factors would be detected shortly and worked. The UAV Battery Market Forecast shows the market's growth based on all the factors. 

Overview of the main market segment

  • By UAV type

The UAV battery market is divided by UAV type into medium-altitude long-endurance(male), high altitude long endurance, tactical, small. The male or medium altitude long endurance is used by many sectors and increases the market's growth. Many sectors are using this because of its long duration flight at an altitude of 10,000 to 30,000 feet. As the segment has the advantage of traveling higher altitudes, it becomes a winning point, gaining demand for the UAV Battery Market Share.

  • By battery type¬†

The battery type segment is infuriated into the fuel cell,nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, and lithium polymer; due to low maintenance cost, extreme flight duration, and zero lubrication, the fuel cell is on demand. These factors make the fuel cell segment more worthy of the market.

  • Regional analysis

The UAV battery market is spread in North America, South America, the middle east and Asia, Europe, and Asia pacific. As the North American region has adopted new technologies, it will shortly experience a high growth rate. As defense spending is increasing in South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and more use of civilian UAVs is increasing in the Asia Pacific, the Asia Pacific will also grow the UAV battery market. All the other regions will also provide a specific growth rate to the market.

  • Competitive intensity in the main market

As the increasing demand for UAVs increases, it is enhancing the growth of the UAV battery market. Many sectors such as agriculture, defense, construction are trying to use new and modified technologies to increase the suitability of the sector as the UAV cannot work without the use of batteries, increasing the growth of the UAV battery market. It was difficult to reach regions for surveillance or security purposes as there were no innovative products. Still, UAV made it easier for all sectors to improve the surveillance and monitoring segment, which increased the market's demand. Many market key players are encouraging the market's growth, and several new players are keen to step into the market. some of the important market players are 

  • Ballard power system in Canada

  • Cella energy limited in the UK

  • Denchi power limited in the UK

  • Sion power corporation in the US

  • Tadiran batteries in the US

  • Oxis energy in the UK

  • H3 dynamics in Singapore

  • Ultracharge in Australia

  • Helium industries INC in south Korea

Recent Development

  • Lithium-sulfur battery developer LIS teams up with Boeing subsidiary to check the battery technology for the necessity of the UAV.

  • Apple is known for making many technologies, and it has been in the news that the company is also working on a drone.¬†

Report overview

There are several factors based on which the report has been presented. The UAV battery market is displaying high growth in the forecast period, and as the use of drones increases, the market will upgrade the growth in no time. In the report, several types of research and development are taken into account while writing. As it is an essential market segment, it showcases growth in the forecast period. As the battery is an essential part of a UAV and cannot function without it, it enhances the market's growth rate. All the factors like drivers, challenges, and every segment are considered while writing the report. The report showcases every segment of the market. It also showcases the factors affecting the market growth positively and negatively. UAV Battery Market Trends are necessary for the growth of the market.

Key industrial segment

  • By UAV type

    • Medium altitude long endurance

    • High altitude long endurance

    • Tactical

    • small

  • By battery type

    • fuel cell

    • lithium-ion

    • nickel-cadmium

    • lithium polymer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

UAV Battery Market Size Valued at USD 10 Billion, market Grow at a CAGR Of 21% by 2020 -2030

Ballard power system in Canada,Cella energy limited in the UK,Denchi power limited in the UK,Sion power corporation in the US,Tadiran batteries in the US,Oxis energy in the UK,H3 dynamics in Singapore,Ultracharge in Australia,Helium industries INC in south Korea

The increased need for improved endurance and longer flight duration in drones will offer new growth opportunities for the market players.

The Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV is most widely used and has the biggest share in the market.

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