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Stainless Steel Market Research Report Information By Grade (200 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series, Duplex Series, and Others), By Product (Flat and Long), Application (Building & Construction, Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Goods, Mechanical Engineering & Heavy Industries and Others) And By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, And Rest Of The World) –Market Forecast Till 2032.

ID: MRFR/CnM/14618-HCR | 128 Pages | Author: Anshula Mandaokar| June 2024

Global Stainless Steel Market Overview

Stainless Steel Market Size valued at USD 120.8 Billion in 2022. The Stainless Steel industry is projected to grow from USD 129.4 Billion in 2023 to USD 225.8 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 7.20% during the forecast period (2023 - 2032). Increased demand across various end-use industries and technological advancements and innovations in stainless steel manufacturing processes are the key market drivers enhancing growth of market.
Stainless Steel Market Overview
Source: The Primary Research, Secondary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Stainless Steel Market Trends

  • Growing demand across various end-use industries is driving the market growth

Market CAGR for stainless steel is being driven by the surging demand across different end-use industries due to its unique and versatile properties of material. Stainless steel is popular for its corrosion durability, resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it has become a material of choice in sectors ranging from construction to aerospace, healthcare, automotive, and consumer goods.

In the construction industry, the corrosion resistance property of stainless steel is a critical factor driving its adoption. The ability of material to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to moisture and chemicals, improves its longevity, minimizing maintenance costs over the life of structures. As automotive markets continue to rise, mainly with shift towards the electric vehicles, the demand for stainless steel in components like exhaust systems, body panels, and structural elements is expected to surge. As infrastructure projects multiply worldwide, mainly in developing economies, the demand for stainless steel in construction applications like structural elements, roofing, and cladding is on the rise. Moreover, the automotive industry has increasingly embraced stainless steel for its lightweight yet robust properties. Manufacturers are attracted to stainless steel for its high corrosion resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, and low maintenance requirements. This enables the production of lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles while ensuring structural integrity and safety standards.

In the aerospace sector, its corrosion resistance and high-temperature tolerance make it a preferred material for aircraft components. As air travel becomes more prevalent, with an increasing number of passengers and cargo transportation needs, the aerospace industry's demand for stainless steel is foreseen to escalate. This is particularly evident in applications like engine components, aircraft frames, and fasteners, where the material's strength and resistance to corrosion are critical for safety and performance. In the consumer goods industry, the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel, along with its durability and ease of maintenance, has led to broad adoption in the production of appliances, kitchenware, and furniture. Consumers appreciate the modern and clean look of stainless steel products, contributing to a rising market for these items. Furthermore, the healthcare industry depends on stainless steel for its hygienic properties and the resistance to corrosion, making it an important material in surgical instruments, medical devices, and pharmaceutical equipment. The rising emphasis on healthcare infrastructure development and advancements in medical technology is boosting the demand for stainless steel in this sector.

The recycling-friendly nature of stainless steel adds another dimension to its attractiveness, aligning with sustainability trends. As environmental concerns become more prominent, industries are increasingly inclined to choose materials that offer long-term durability and recyclability. Thus driving the Stainless Steel market revenue.

Stainless Steel Market Segment Insights

Stainless Steel Grade Insights

The Stainless Steel market segmentation, based on grade, includes 200 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series, Duplex Series, and Others. The 300 series segment dominated the market, accounting for the largest market revenue, particularly grade 303 in the series, as it is utilized for every part that requires polishing, machining, and grinding, where the property of good corrosion resistance is important. Its properties are non-galling and non-seizing, which makes it ideal for moving parts. It being an austenitic steel makes it useful where low magnetic permeability is required. It is also needed for architectural purposes. Further, the grade 304 in 300 series is suited for all kinds of dairy equipment, inclusive of containers, milking machines, homogenizers, sterilizers, and storage & hauling tanks, including milk trucks, railroad cars, valves, and piping.

Stainless Steel Product Insights

The Stainless Steel market segmentation, based on product, includes flat and long. The flat category dominates the market due to its capacity for energy absorption and high strength-to-weight ratio to enhance the crash effectiveness of the coach. Flat products are mainly comprised of sheets/coils and plates. SS flat products, along with construction and structural applications, are broadly utilized in mechanical parts and industrial tools. These products are hot-rolled and cold-rolled with properties like high strength, corrosion resistance, and great thickness. Railways is one of the important applications, where Corten steel is being replaced by the SS for coaches. Therefore, demand for SS products is likely to be boosted by the growth of the transportation and automotive industries. Long products are broadly utilized in industries like textiles, defense, shipbuilding, fabrication, automotive, cement, paper & pulp, and earth-moving machinery.

Figure 1: Stainless Steel Market, by Product, 2022 & 2032 (USD Billion)
Stainless Steel Market, by Product, 2022 & 2032
Source: The Primary Research, Secondary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Stainless Steel Application Insights

The Stainless Steel market segmentation, based on application, includes Building and construction, Automotive and transportation, Consumer Goods, Mechanical Engineering and heavy Industries, and Others. The consumer goods category dominates the market due to the widespread use of material in the production of kitchenware, appliances, and furniture. The popularity of stainless steel in consumer goods is fueled by its aesthetic durability, appeal, and ease of maintenance, which makes it a preferred choice for households globally. The demand for sleek and modern stainless steel products in homes contributes significantly to the growth of the market and underscores the dominance of material in the consumer goods sector.

Stainless Steel Regional Insights

By region, the study gives market insights into the North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World. The North American Stainless Steel market area dominates this market due to a widespread demand fueled by key industries like automotive, construction, and aerospace. Further, the advanced infrastructure projects of the region, thriving automotive manufacturing, and aeronautical advancements contribute to the market growth.

Further, the primary countries studied in the market report are the US, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil.

Source: The Primary Research, Secondary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Europe's Stainless Steel market accounts for the second-largest market revenue share due to its extensive utilization in automotive manufacturing, construction projects, and the aerospace industry. Further, the German Stainless Steel market held the largest market share, and the UK Stainless Steel market was the fastest-growing market in European region.

The Asia-Pacific Stainless Steel Market is expected to rise at the fastest CAGR from 2023 to 2032. This is due to the rapid infrastructure development, industrialization, and increasing demand from sectors like automotive, construction, and consumer goods. Moreover, China’s Stainless Steel market held the largest market share, and the Indian Stainless Steel market was the fastest-growing market in Asia-Pacific region.

Stainless Steel Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

Leading market players are investing heavily in the research and development in order to expand their product lines, which will help the Stainless Steel market grow even more. Market players are also undertaking several strategic activities to expand their footprint, with important market developments inclusive of new product launches, contractual agreements, mergers and acquisitions, higher investments, and collaboration with other organizations. To expand and survive in a more competitive and rising market climate, the Stainless Steel industry must offer cost-effective items.

Manufacturing locally to minimize the operational costs is one of the key business tactics used by the manufacturers in the Stainless Steel industry to benefit clients and increase the market sector. In recent years, the Stainless Steel industry has offered some of the most significant advantages to several industries. Major players in the Stainless Steel market, including Acerinox S.A., Aperam Stainless, ArcelorMittal, Baosteel Group, Jindal Stainless, Outokumpu, POSCO, ThyssenKrupp Stainless GmbH, Nippon Steel Corp., Yieh United Steel Corp., and others, are attempting to raise the market demand by investing in research and development operations.

LindFast Solutions Group is a company that specializes in offering fasteners and components for different industries. LindFast Solutions Group caters to broad sectors like construction, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing, providing a broad range of quality fastening solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers. They are popular for their expertise in the distribution of fastening solutions, inclusive of screws, nuts, bolts, and other related products. In October 2023, LSG, a distributor of fasteners and industrial supplies, raised its stainless steel offerings by acquiring Star, a well-respected manufacturer of stainless steel screws, strengthening the position of LSG in the construction and marine industries.

ELG is a company specializing in the recycling of stainless steel and high-performance alloys. ELG is a prime player in the metal recycling industry, with an aim to recover and process scrap materials to offer high-quality recycled metals for different industries. ELG has a pivotal role in addressing environmental concerns and resource conservation by efficiently recycling and supplying stainless steel and alloy materials, supporting industries looking for more sustainable and responsible production practices. The company operates on a scale, with many facilities and offices globally, contributing to sustainable practices by promoting the circular economy. In December 2021, ELG, a recycler of stainless steel and superalloys, was acquired by Aperam, a European stainless steel leader. This strengthens Aperam's commitment to sustainability and offers them improved control over their raw material supply.

Key Companies in the Stainless Steel market include

  • Acerinox S.A.

  • Aperam Stainless

  • ArcelorMittal

  • Baosteel Group

  • Jindal Stainless

  • Nippon Steel Corp.

  • Outokumpu


  • ThyssenKrupp Stainless GmbH

  • Yieh United Steel Corp.

Stainless Steel Industry Developments

July 2023: Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (Baosteel) and POSCO collaborated for stainless steel production in order to build a new stainless steel mill in Indonesia. This collaboration focuses on meeting the rising demand for stainless steel in Southeast Asia and uses both companies' expertise.

December 2023: ThyssenKrupp, a German industrial giant, partnered with Tata Steel, an Indian steel producer, to develop and supply innovative stainless steel solutions for the automotive industry. This collaboration emphasizes high-performance and lightweight stainless steel grades, focusing on meeting stricter emission regulations.

April 2023: ArcelorMittal acquired an 80% interest in Voestalpine's Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) facility in Texas. This acquisition secures ArcelorMittal access to an important raw material for steelmaking, minimizing its dependence on traditional scrap-based methods.

Stainless Steel Market Segmentation

Stainless Steel Grade Outlook

  • 200 Series

  • 300 Series

  • 400 Series

  • Duplex Series

  • Others

Stainless Steel Product Outlook

  • Flat

  • Long

Stainless Steel Application Outlook

  • Building & Construction

  • Automotive & Transportation

  • Consumer Goods

  • Mechanical Engineering & Heavy Industries

  • Others

Stainless Steel Regional Outlook

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • UK

    • Italy

    • France

    • Spain

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • South Korea

  • Latin America

    • Brazil

    • Argentina

    • Rest of Latin America

  • Middle East & Africa

    • GCC Countries

    • South Africa

    • Rest of Middle East & Africa

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Market Size 2022 USD 120.8 Billion
Market Size 2023 USD 129.4 Billion
Market Size 2032 USD 225.8 Billion
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 7.20% (2023-2032)
Base Year 2022
Market Forecast Period 2023-2032
Historical Data 2018- 2022
Market Forecast Units Value (USD Billion)
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, The Market Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
Segments Covered Grade, Product, Application, and Region
Geographies Covered North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World
Countries Covered The US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil
Key Companies Profiled Acerinox S.A., Aperam Stainless, ArcelorMittal, Baosteel Group, Outokumpu, Jindal Stainless, Nippon Steel Corp., POSCO, ThyssenKrupp Stainless GmbH, Yieh United Steel Corp.
Key Market Opportunities Technological advancements and innovations in stainless steel manufacturing processes.
Key Market Dynamics Increased demand across various end-use industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The Stainless Steel market size valued at USD 120.8 Billion in 2022.

The market is foreseen to rise at a CAGR of 7.20% during the forecast period, 2023-2032.

North America had the biggest share in the market

The key players in the market are Acerinox S.A., Aperam Stainless, ArcelorMittal, Baosteel Group, Nippon Steel Corp., Outokumpu, POSCO, ThyssenKrupp Stainless GmbH, Jindal Stainless, Yieh United Steel Corp.

The 300 series category dominated the market in 2022.

Consumer goods had the largest share of the market.

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