Space Launch Services Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025

Global Space Launch Services Market Research Report: By Service Type (Pre-Launch Services, Post-Launch Services) and By End-Use (Commercial, Military and Government) – Forecast to 2025

ID: MRFR/A&D/7132-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 173 pages

Market Forecast

Global Space Launch Services Market is projected to reach USD 30.22 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2019 to 2025. Space launch services are provided for the successful deployment of spacecraft. They are carried out by launch service providers (LSPs) who are responsible for the construction of the carrier rocket, payload integration, assembly and stacking, and ultimately conducting the launch itself. The LSP may delegate or sub-contract some of these tasks to other companies.

Market Synopsis

The Global Space Launch Services Market has witnessed high growth in recent years owing to an increase in the deployment of small satellites and a rising number of space exploration missions by private firms. Moreover, the development of satellites for day-to-day communications, national defense, agricultural monitoring, and weather monitoring is driving the growth of the market. However, the increasing volume of space debris and stringent regulations for satellite launching are expected to hinder market growth to some extent.

Market USP

Frequent satellite launches

Market Drivers

  • Increase in deployment of small satellites: Small satellites are used for various military and commercial applications such as surveillance and communications. The development and deployment of these satellites have increased drastically in the last few years due to the rising use of satellites for surveillance and communications by commercial and military end-users. This is expected to drive the demand for space launch services during the forecast period.

  • Large-scale investments by private firms in space exploration missions

Market Restraints

  • Increasing volume of space debris

  • Stringent regulations


By Service Type

  • Pre-Launch Services: The segment includes services such as management, launch acquisition and coordination, integration and logistics, tracking and telemetry support, and insurance. The increasing demand for these services is expected to drive the growth of the segment.

  • Post-Launch Services: This segment includes services such as launch and early operations phase, re-supply missions, monitoring and operation, and stabilization. Increasing investments by satellite manufacturers in the development of their own facilities for some of these services, which is expected to restrain the growth of the segment during the review period.

By End-Use

  • Commercial: The segment is expected to register a higher growth rate during the forecast period owing to an increase in the number of space exploration activities by private firms.

  • Military and Government: The segment dominated the global space launch services market in 2018 due to the high investments in space exploration by government and military agencies across the world.

By Region

  • North America: North America dominated the space launch services market in 2018 and is projected to remain the largest regional market during the forecast period due to the high investments by space agencies and private firms in the development of advanced satellites.

  • Europe: Europe is expected to be the second-largest regional market. This can be attributed to the increase in space exploration activities in Russia, the UK, Germany, and France. Moreover, the presence of major LSPs Arianespace, Eurockot Launch Services, and Isc Kosmotras is driving market growth in the region.

  • Asia-Pacific: The market in Asia-Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing during the forecast period due to high investments in the development of new satellites for surveillance, communications, earth observation, and navigation in China and India. The presence of major market players such as Antrix Corporation Limited, China Great Wall Industry Corporation, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is also fueling market growth in the region.

  • Middle East & Africa: The market in the Middle East & Africa includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel. The increasing demand for communications and navigation satellites in the UAE and Saudi Arabia is expected to drive the growth of the market in the region.

  • Latin America: In Latin America, there has been an increase in the use of satellite imagery for intelligence gathering on drug trafficking and rebel groups, deforestation monitoring, and control of illegal migration, which is expected to drive market growth.

Key Players

  • Antrix Corporation Limited (India)

  • Arianespace (France)

  • China Great Wall Industry Corporation (China)

  • Eurockot Launch Services (Germany)

  • International Launch Services Inc. (US)

  • Isc Kosmotras (Russia)

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)

  • Orbital ATK (US)

  • SpaceX (US)

  • US Spaceflight Industries, Inc. (US)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

space launch services market is expected to scale at a rate of 14.9% in the near future.

space launch services market size by 2025 can be USD 30.22 Billion.

Space Launch Services Market can witness growth in the coming years on account of the increasing use of small satellites coupled with the surge in space exploration missions carried out by private companies. Also, the advancements in satellites for national defense, day-to-day communications, weather and agricultural monitoring can also benefit the global market.

The key growth deterrent in the global market can be the rising volume of space debris.

The high spending by private firms and space agencies on development of top quality satellites make North America the leading market.

Space Launch Services Market