Rose Oil Market Research Report – Global Forecast till 2027

Rose Oil Market Size, Share, Industry Analysis Research Report: Information by Type (Rose Otto, Rose Absolute, and Others), Category (Organic and Conventional), Application (Food & Beverages, Fragrances & Perfumes, Cosmetics & Toiletries, and Others), Region - Global Forecast till 2023

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Rose Oil Market

Rose Oil Market is expected to grow at a 8.19% CAGR and reach USD 620.5 Million by 2030.

By Type Rose Otto Rose Absolute Others
By Category Organic Conventional
By Application Food & Beverages Fragrances & Perfumes Cosmetics & Toiletries Others
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Sigma-Aldrich Inc.    Ernesto Ventos SA    Alteya Organics LLC    Givaudan SA    irmenich International SA    Symrise AG V.    MANE FILS SA    Robertet SA    International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.    BERJÉ INC
Market Driving Forces   Increased usage of rose oil in massage oils and body creams    Increasing application areas
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Rose Oil Market overview

Rose oil is being used more often and in larger quantities in many products including cosmetics, food, drinks, and personal care products. Customers love these products when rose oil is incorporated into them because it makes the products smell nicer.

Covid-19 analysis of Rose Oil Market

Covid-19 struck the world last year and created a global pandemic when it did so. Governments soon realized that this virus was dangerous when a few people who got it had to be hospitalized and some people died from it. The governments sought to contain the pandemic by imposing quarantines and lockdowns. These were temporary since they proved to be only partially effective.

Many companies in many markets suffered. The rose oil market was no exception. Many manufacturers of rose oil found the raw materials to make this oil harder to source. It was also more expensive. This drove up their overall manufacturing costs. Thus, they were forced to charge consumers more for the products to recoup their expenses.

Rose Oil Market dynamics


What’s driving growth in the rose oil market is the increased usage of rose oil in massage oils and body creams. Rose oil also has many valuable therapeutic properties since it has been known to make skin look softer. It can also make skin look younger and have more vitality and resilience.

Rose oil also is an antibacterial substance. This, when combined with its many antimicrobial substances, makes it a popular candidate to use in many food and drink products. The manufacturers promote it as a substance that can help improve digestive and liver functions. These two properties explain why pharma majors are incorporating it into more and more powerful blockbuster drugs.

Another important driver in the rose oil market is the fact that many women (and men) who buy cosmetics and personal care products care about their ingredients. They only want to buy those products that contain organic and safe ingredients.

The third factor that is driving the industry is the fact that rose oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and healer. Once again, its many antibacterial and antimicrobial properties account for this. It has been observed that skincare products that have rose oil as one of the main ingredients help skin diseases heal better and faster.

Many perfume companies are using rose oil in their products. Rose oil has a great fragrance and this is believed to give it therapeutic properties.


Many manufacturers of rose oil are enticed by the immense money that can be made in this market. After all, the rose oil market has a respectable CAGR. They are investing heavily in research and development to come up with rose oils that smell nicer and have better healing and therapeutic properties. They can also justify selling these for more money.


Rose oil is not easy to extract. Thus, it is more expensive than other types of oils. This is a major restraining factor.


Perhaps the greatest challenge that manufacturers face lies in finding ways that are cost-effective in terms of extracting rose oil while retaining as many of its beneficial properties as possible. Another challenge lies in keeping the price point in the affordable range.

Cumulative growth analysis

The CAGR for the rose oil market is 6.8%. The rose oil market is expected to be worth USD 440 by 2025.

Technology analysis

Sigma-Aldrich is a major player in the rose oil market. It has managed to create a superior position by investing heavily in research and development. This has allowed it to come up with a new generation of more effective rose oil products that cost less on the final market and have more benefits and uses.

Regional Market Summary

Global Rose Oil Market Share (%), by Region, 2017

Rose Oil Market

Source: Secondary Sources and MRFR Analysis

Segment overview

By type

The rose oil market can be categorized into the following sub-segments based on type:

  • Rose otto

  • Rose absolute

  • Others

By category

The rose oil market can be categorized into the following sub-segments based on category:

  • Organic

  • Conventional

By application

The rose oil market can be categorized into the following sub-segments based on application:

  • Food and drinks

  • Fragrances and perfumes

  • Cosmetics and toiletries

  • Others

By region

The rose oil market can be categorized into the following regions:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • The rest of the world

Regional analysis

The region with the largest rose oil market share was the European Union in 2018. People in this region are more into products that use organic/natural ingredients. Therefore, they are demanding that rose oil be used more and more in the products that they buy and consume. The European Union has been further divided into the following nations:  the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.Many companies in this region are also initiating their own launches of products that use rose oil. The European Union currently has the greatest number of consumers for rose oil and for products that use rose oil.The Asia-Pacific market has the largest numbers in terms of rose oil market growth until 2025. What’s accounting for this is the dramatic increase in the number of products that pharma majors are selling until 2025. Many key countries in the region like India, China, and Japan have middle classes that are increasingly clamoring for these products because they want products that are more organic in nature and have more natural ingredients.The Asia-Pacific rose oil market can be separated into the following nations: Japan, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.Many nations in the Asia-Pacific market are trying to lower their import duties so that they can make rose oil products and products that contain rose oil cheaper for the masses.Rose Oil Market- Competitive landscape

The rose oil market remains highly competitive. What accounts for this is the fact that the market has a respectable CAGR for the next few years. The fact that there is a lot of money to be made in this market is also a contributing factor. Since there are many new entrants into the market every year, companies find that they must do one or more of the following three things to remain competitive and to develop a sustainable competitive advantage that will allow them to make more money:

  • Invest heavily in research and development

  • Merge with/acquire other companies

  • Enter into strategic partnerships/joint ventures with other companies.

Companies broaden their future horizons when they invest heavily in research and development. They find that by investing millions, if not billions, in various global currencies they can develop the next generation of products that have more extensive and better healing properties and many more benefits for the end consumer. Incidentally, they can also justify charging more for these products.

New product development also allows these companies to develop and implement better and more effective marketing plans and strategies. This allows them to enter into new markets and sell more products to new customers better. They also increase their chances of getting referrals from these new customers. One other benefit of this is to turn new customers into loyal customers and to turn prospects into new customers.

When companies enter into mergers and acquisitions they increase their overall resource pool. They find that they become more efficient and leaner. These companies also increase their human resource and capital pools. They are able to then invest more in research and development. This allows them to come up with the next generation of more effective and newer products.

These companies are then in the right position to implement the digital and traditional marketing plans, strategies, and campaigns that will allow them to find new customers in new markets easily. They find that they can turn prospects into new customers with little effort and that they can turn new customers into loyal customers, again with little effort.

They can also strengthen their positions in existing markets.

Companies do the same when they enter into joint ventures with other companies.

Sigma-Aldrich is a major rose oil manufacturer. They have managed to stay competitive by investing heavily in research and development. This has allowed them to develop new generations of products with new and more innovative/useful applications.

List of companies

  • Sigma-Aldrich, Inc.;

  • Ernesto Ventos SA;

  • Alteya Organics, LLC;

  • Givaudan SA;

  • irmenich International SA;

  • Symrise AG; V.


  • Robertet SA;

  • International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.; and


Recent developments

  • Biotech participates during the slow food movement in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Report overview

The CAGR for the rose oil market is 6.8% until 2025. The market is expected to be worth USD 440 million by then. The European Union has the largest rose oil market share. The market will soon make more profits.

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