Recreational Vehicle Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Recreational Vehicle Market Research Report: Information by Product Type (Fifth Wheel Campers, Folding Camper, Truck Campers, Travel Trailers, Class A Motorhomes, Class B Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes), by Application (Leisure, Business) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/AM/6068-CR | October 2020 | Region: Global | 87 pages

 Recreational Vehicles Market Overview

Recreational vehicle Market Growth would register an estimate of 10% CAGR during the forecast period till 2025.

There has been estimation that the Market Share would take a sharp rise in the next few years. Recreational vehicles are a kind of hotel on wheels where the touring long distance is as eat as possible. No one has led of packing or unpacking bags, and you get every facility right beside you. It has been taken into account that travelers who chose recreational vehicles as their means of roaming around for vacations spend more than half of those who plan their holidays in an orthodox way. With sufficient space to sleep, eat and enjoy, these vehicles are becoming popular each day. These are indeed the most comfortable and enjoyable homes for spending vacations.

COVID-19 Analysis:

What are those major changes that the COVID 19 pandemic has bought into the lives of every individual? The changes are, in fact, major, and getting back to track will take time after the pandemic period gets over. Not just the individuals, every business a toss the globe has suffered major setbacks in these tough times. The need of the hour for every company and organization is to think of ways and measures to ensure that they start taking their business slowly towards the path of success. This might seem easy, but there are loads of factors associated with rebuilding the lost time, finances, and much more. The reports contain everything required by the companies to take the road to success. They are given the experts' in-depth analysis and the current situation in the recreational vehicle Market Trends and the research about their competitors. These reports ensure that every business owner knows what they have in store and works accordingly to reach the top thereby increasing the global Market Size.

Competitive Landscape

A market that is still new and is looking forward to growing faster, there are not many let competitors in the field. The ones that exist are as follows: Forest River Inc., Burstner Gmbh &Co. kg, Thor industries Inc., NeXus RV, Winnebago industries, REV group Inc., and the swift group.

All these key players in the recreational vehicle Market Analysis have been planning strategically towards their growth and the recreational vehicle Market Revenue altogether to make sure that the trend shifts from orthodox vacation planning to these recreational vehicles. Developments are being made each day, and they have been able to make it a success.

Market Dynamics:

The market's major players are either in production or assemble the raw materials into recreational vehicles, which are delivered to the users. The process begins by designing like every other product. This is where the manufacturers work according to the client to ensure that they provide what they are looking for. This is the most important, time taking and expensive phase of the entire process of manufacturing. The manufacturer has to make sure that the size, specifications, color, quality, and everything else are custom-made according to the client's needs. After the designing part is completed, the designers and the clients' finalized requirements are then passed over to the tram, who manufacture the raw materials according and finally get into the team's hands that assemble the vehicles and gives them the finalized looks. This subsequently then reaches the hands of the users.

Value Chain Analysis

The value chain analysis of the global recreational vehicle Market Growth is based on how well the designers understand the clients' needs, how well the manufacturer implements those, and how well the marketing team makes sure that the client is satisfied with the vehicle delivered to them. The recreational vehicle Industry Share is all about these few simple steps, which look easy but are associated with a lot of study, guidance, and research. The increasing needs and demands of the people towards the recreational vehicle industry Trends have led to the market's growth without a doubt. However, one thing that still needs to be considered by the key players in the recreational vehicle industry Value is that till the time they deliver the best of the quality and the services, clients would make sure they come back to them and no one else.

Segment Overview:

The global recreational vehicle market is divided into two subtypes.

  1. Based on the type of product.

  2. Based on the application.

Based on the type of product: This is further divided into the following:

  1. Class A motor homes.

  2. Class B motor homes

  3. Class C motor homes.

  4. Folding camping

  5. Fifth wheel campers

  6. Travel trailers

  7. Truck campers

The segment that dominates among all is the travel trailer segment. This is because the demand for the enhanced comfort and travel features, including long distances, has increased each day. The fifth-wheel campers is another sub-category that is expected to gain popularity in a short period. These are the kind of vehicles that can be fixed on the camping sites permanently. With a master bedroom in the front and the options to slide out, it makes the place spacious.

Based on application: This segment is future divided into two subcategories:

  1. Business

  2. Leisure

The leisure portion dominates along with the two. This is because people of all age groups have now been fonder of adventure on the trips. These vehicles, along with giving a new experience, have all the comfort and are pocket-friendly. With the increasing trends, the companies are even adding recreational activities. I did the vehicles to make the trip even for enjoyable.

Regional Analysis

Based on region, the market is divided into:

  • Europe

  • North America

  • Asia pacific

  • Rest of the world

There has been a tremendous increase in the rate of sale of recreational vehicles in North America in the last few years. The main reason behind the growth has been that North American authorities have been encouraging eco-friendly products to save the environment. These vehicles are one small step—recreational vehicles like motorhomes and caravans, which have better fuel efficiency and eye-catching designs. With the increased demand for such vehicles, the investment has also seen growth and substantial increase in recreational vehicle Market Size.

The Mexican Market Value is also growing at a fast pace. This steady growth is expected to stay for a longer period. Manufacturing companies have also increased in the Mexican market.

With the increased demand for transportation and strategies to plan for lesser fuel emission, these vehicles have proved to eve a blessing for the population of Europe. The recreational vehicle makers are expecting a boost in the European recreational vehicle Market Analysis.

Recent Developments 

Recent developments in the field of Recreational vehicles are:

  1. Vehicles with low initial costs have been designed.

  2. Leading companies have manufactured recreational vehicles that provide maximum comfort with recreational activities inside.

  3. Low fuel cost vehicles have been bought in the recreational vehicle Industry.

  4. Ultra-modern facilities in the recreational vehicle have been introduced.

  5. Emphasis has been laid on recreational vehicles that are environmentally friendly.

Report Overview:

After being segmented based on the type and their applications, the global recreational market is one of the most growing markets globally. It is highly competitive, but the major competitors in the market have adopted means to strategically analyze and work on the points that would make them successful and gain a good amount of recreational vehicle Market Revenue. Most of them have focused on taking their operations throughout the world and strengthening their ties with strong partner relations. Considering the increase in the demand for these vehicles, it has been expected that the recreational vehicle Market Outlook would flourish and see higher standards of success shortly. While people are looking forward to the alternatives for the environment alarming fuel emissions, these recreational vehicles have been the best options for them by far.

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2027: Significant Value
  CAGR   10% CAGR (2020-2027)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2020-2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   By Technology, By Application, By Vehicle type, By Product
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Forest River Inc., Burstner Gmbh &Co. kg, Thor industries Inc., NeXus RV, Winnebago industries, REV group Inc., and the swift group
  Key Market Opportunities

  • Government initiative
  • Developing commercial sectors globally
  •   Key Market Drivers

  • Demand for the enhanced comfort
  • Travel features
  • Long distances

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The recreational vehicles market can thrive at 7.0% CAGR by 2023.

    By 2023, the recreational vehicles market can generate a decent valuation.

    HYMER (Germany), Yutong Bus (China), Knaus Tabbert GmbH (Germany), CHALLENGER (France), and Adria Mobil, d.o.o. (Slovenia) are some reputed names in the recreational vehicles market.

    The growing need for environmental friendly cars can prompt the recreational vehicles market growth.

    The North America recreational vehicles market can thrive on high sales of luxury cars.

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