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Opioids Market Size

ID: MRFR//6157-CR | 110 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| March 2019

The global Opioids Market is predicted to be worth USD 6.93 Billion in 2032; at that time, the market is expected to grow at the rate of 5.4% per year (CAGR) from 2023 to 2032. Like a spider's web, the Opioids Market is a conglomerate of many varying threads and strands that together gives this market its form and shape. The primary driver involved in chronic conditions is the widespread of chronic pain conditions globally. Potent pain killers that are in the opioid category have been prescribed commonly for dealing with moderate-to-severe pain issues.

The rules and regulation of opioids markets are highly shaped by the concerns that authorities see about misuse, addiction, and the drug abuse as well. Strict rules of prescription, distribution and monitoring of opioid medications are to emend. Regulatory frameworks aimed at achieving a balance between providing patients with the means to treat pain and at lessening the involved risks have become a most dynamic and intricate ground for opioid manufacturers and health care providers.

The vital factor of public awareness and education impacts on opioid’s market almost in all spheres. Amid the risks associated with prolonged opioid use, an awareness of the impact opioid epidemic, implement some measures to combat this pandemic, prescription practices, and patient preference has a lot to do. Educational techniques encompass promoting opioid use with care, acknowledging alternative approaches for pain management, and making people aware of risks that are related to opioid medications, which in turn lead to a new perception within society about opioid drugs.

The new market of opioids has vividly risen to the technological advances in the management of pain. The innovative drug delivery systems that employ the use of extended release formulations and abuse deterring technologies considers challenges of abuse while on the same hand improving patients’ care as well. Such Technological tools give birth to global options of opioid drugs and therefore dictate prescribing behavior within the medical Community.

Healthcare finance, which involves spending on healthcare and insurance coverage, are part of the market equation. The affordable and accessible nature of opioid medications influence the majority of Americans whether they are getting to pain management options or not. Investigate economic factors, the contributions to healthcare practices, and the changes in medication fees, all of which influence providers’ decisions regarding pain management.

The consumerism of the opioid market arises because of the existence of a number of pharmaceutical firms that produce opioid medicines. It is the intense competition that leads to the development of unique formulations, which are more favorable compared to the incumbent products in terms risk profile and abuse potential. Competition likewise encompasses non opioid pain management options whereby the healers strive to discover other mechanisms to address pain and manage these other forms of pain with lower risks of opioid addiction.

Covered Aspects:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Growth Rate   5.4%

Opioids Market Overview

The opioids market size is expected to reach USD 6.93 billion at CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period 2023-2032. Opioids interact with the opioid receptors in the nervous system and decrease the pain of treatments and injuries. With its help, the other parts of the body are blocked from reaching pain signals. Health professionals, patients, and others opt and recommend opioids due to their reasonable cost and availability.

Cancer, lower back pain, and many other treatment pains are reduced by opioids hence considered as an effective solution for such health conditions. The orthopedic market is increasing due to the rise in orthopedic diseases and acute pain. Additionally, the aging and elderly population at a global level have projected an improvement in disposable income. The growth of opioid analgesics is expected to rise during the forecasted time frame due to the vast increase in the market in several countries.

The increase in ailments including cancer, lung infections, HIV, and a few others has fueled the growth of the opioids industry. In the past, it led to an increase in opioid demand and increased growth. The expansion in surgical procedures is another element driving the demand for opioid drugs.

In order to tackle the opioid crisis, specific tactics for abuse-deterrent formulations (ADFs) were developed, leading to an increase in research and development of Vivo/Vitro efficacy. As a result, the rise that raises the anticipated number of opioid market participants would be advantageous for the opioid industry. Additionally, the market growth rates for opioids may significantly accelerate with the development of novel methods to manage side effects and reduce the negative impact through opioid-tolerant medications.  There will be many more potential for future development as the usage of opioid analgesics rises across the board.

Due to a rise in demand for the best solutions to treat pain, cough, and diarrhea, the opioids market is predicted to increase significantly throughout the projected period. Increased use of these painkillers and an increase in the elderly population, which is particularly vulnerable to orthopedic pain, are the main drivers driving the market's expansion. Additionally, there has been a marked increase in the number of persons worldwide who have chronic pain. The worldwide opioid industry is expected to rise as a result, according to predictions.

August 2023,Emergent BioSolutions will introduce an over-the-counter version of its opioid overdose therapy Narcan. With the slogan "anyone can save a life," the company will emphasize the possibility that the medicine will keep loved ones safe. Maryland-based Narcan was given FDA approval by Emergent in March, and it is now a key component of the company's aspirations to become profitable again in August. The business recently increased its full-year prediction for Narcan sales, adding $65 million at the top and bottom end to expand the goal range to between $425 million and $445 million in response to variables such as the OTC launch.

COVID 19 Analysis

Opioids are one such market that has a positive effect on the COVID 19 as it acts as a pain-reducing agent. Also, a large number of the population started to accumulate and save opioids medicine due to government restrictions. During the pandemic, the market grew because of increased health concerns, rising chronic diseases, and growing demand for opioids. The opioids market is estimated to grow significantly and have a huge effect during the COVID 19 era.

Opioids Market Trends


Cancer, lung infection, HIV, and some other diseases are on the rise which has driven the expansion of the opioids market growth. In the past, it resulted in a demand surge for opioids and boosted growth. Another factor for the growth of the opioids drug market is the spike in the number of surgeries.

In 2018 the US market saw an upward trend of cosmetic surgical procedures of up to 1.8 million. The forecast year shows a notable increase in surgeries, drug approvals, chronic disease treatment awareness, research initiatives, and others leading to an estimation of the growth of the opioids market.


However if not used correctly then the opioid drugs can have major side effects including constipation, sedation, urinary retention, falls, vomiting, nausea, and others. The forecasted period illustrates a decrease in the opioid market growth due to the adversities and the negative effects of opioids. Due to a drug overdose in the year 2018, 657 deaths were on record. Researchers and experts have considered this and are making constant efforts to reduce and minimize the negative and side effects of opioids.


Special strategies for abuse-deterrent formulations (ADFs) were designed to combat the opioid epidemic which increased research and development of Vivo/Vitro effectiveness. The opioid market thus stands to benefit from the growth leading to an increase in the expected opioid market players. Also, with the new strategies to combat side effects and slow down the negative effect, through opioid-tolerant drugs, the opioids market growth rates can show a significant increase.  With the increase of opioid analgesic consumption in all regions, there will be a lot more opportunities in the future for further growth.


Many challenges can slow the progress of the opioids market, even though it is expected to grow in the forecast period. There is an increase in opioid side effects, overdoses, and misuse. There are not enough funders or investors in all regions to fund more research. All these challenges are expected to be overcome and the market will show a high growth rate.

Technology Analysis

The major factor that will act as a lucrative growth factor for the opioids industry is the rise in acute diseases, awareness of serious health diseases, and surgeries. In the forecast period, the opioids market is expected to grow very rapidly due to increasing product approvals, research into removing or minimizing the side effects, and technological advancements.

Opioids Market Segment Insights

Products, drug class, indication, and distribution channel are the 4 factors of segmentation of the opioids market. The subdivision of these factors has been categorized as follow:

Opioids Market Product Insights

The major products that the opioids market is segmented into include oxycodone, codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and methadone.

Opioids Market Drug Class Insights

The Drug Class constitutes opioids, COZ-2 inhibitors, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and others.

Opioids Market Indication Insights

Indication involves many reasons but a few that are the primary causes constitute inflammatory conditions, musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain.

Opioids Market Distribution Channel Insights

The distribution of opioids is primarily done through two channels that are hospitals and retails pharmacies and online pharmacies with the advent of advancement and technology and the lucrative growth of online selling of medicinal drugs.

August 2023:Although the new Mu opioid receptors (MOR) agonists have potent anti-nociceptive effects, their propensity to develop physical dependency and tolerance raise severe concerns and restrict their usage. Recent studies have demonstrated that activating the opioid-related nociceptin receptor 1 (OPRL1), a recently identified branch of opioid receptors, can increase MOR agonist-induced analgesia while reducing tolerance and adverse effects.

June 2023:Supported by a new funding, UVA Health's opioid-use disorder clinic increased access to therapy by giving patients financial aid for basic necessities like food, housing, and transportation that prevent them from receiving treatment. The Essential Hospitals Institute will grant up to $50,000 to UVA Health, one of ten hospitals and health systems nationally, to develop social medicine programs in an effort to lower obstacles to treatment for opioid use disorder. Inpatients at UVA Medical Center may be started on U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs for opioid use disorder, connected with a social worker, and connected to the proper treatment with the help of the new social medicine program.

Regional Analysis

The world on a global basis is high on demands of opioid drugs leading to a lucrative growth of the opioids market. With a rise in cases of acute diseases at around 47.79%, North America dominates the opioids market share. The UK region however misuses and abuses it as compared to other regions. It is not recommended by experts and doctors to use opioids for a long period of time because it results in physical dependence, addiction, and other symptoms, hence it is advised to use them very carefully and under the supervision of a doctor and a practitioner. In Canada, the increase in cases of opioid drug overdose, strict government policies, and other things are preventing the growth of the opioid market. 

Opioids are the fastest-growing drug market in the Asia Pacific. Many health care professionals and patients associate opioid use with stigmas such as addiction and other side effects. To deal with the situation, the Chinese government has launched a "good pain management" campaign. Cancer patients in China have benefitted from the use of these opioid drugs since 2011. The Middle East & Africa, as well as Europe, are among the many other regions that have a large market share for opioids.

Competitive Landscape

Opioids are a growing market, with strong players such as Allergan PLC, AbbVie Inc., Bayer, etc. Every year, there are new companies entering this market due to its rapid growth. These companies often introduce drugs that are technologically advanced. In their research, they continue to identify the best solution to minimize the negative effects and complications caused due to the use of opioids.

Companies that make opioids market share include Sanofi (France), Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel), Bristol-Myers Squibb (US), AbbVie Inc. (US), Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH (Germany), Purdue Pharma (US), Astellas Pharma Inc. (Japan), Pfizer Inc. (US), Astellas Pharma Inc (Japan), Biogen Idec (US), Bayer (Germany) and GlaxoSmithKline (UK).

Recent Developments

November 2023Purdue Pharma, the company responsible for OxyContin, releases its first quarterly financial report since emerging from bankruptcy. The report shows that the company is still struggling financially, but that it is making progress in paying off its debts and compensating victims of the opioid crisis.A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that the number of opioid overdose deaths in the United States decreased by 10% in 2022. This is the first decline in opioid overdose deaths in six years.The FDA announces that it is taking steps to make it more difficult for people to obtain prescriptions for opioids. These steps include requiring doctors to get more training on the risks of opioids and making it more difficult for people to get multiple prescriptions for opioids simultaneously.October 2023A new study published in the journal JAMA Network Open finds that a combination of two drugs, including a buprenorphine and naltrexone combination, is effective in reducing the risk of opioid overdose deaths. The study found that the combination of drugs was more effective than buprenorphine alone.Another study published in the journal Pain Medicine finds that a new type of implantable opioid overdose prevention device is effective in reducing the risk of opioid overdose deaths. The study found that the device was effective in preventing opioid overdose deaths in patients who were at high risk of overdose.The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) releases a new guideline on the use of buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid addiction. The guideline recommends that buprenorphine be used as the first-line treatment for opioid addiction in most patients.September 2023The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announces that it is suing three major opioid distributors, including McKesson, Cardinal Health, and AmerisourceBergen, for their role in the opioid crisis. The DOJ alleges that the companies knowingly distributed opioids to pharmacies that were diverting the drugs for illegal use.The FDA approves a new drug called naloxone rescue nasal spray for the treatment of opioid overdose. The drug is designed to be used by non-medical personnel, such as family members or friends of people who are at risk of opioid overdose.

Report Overview

  • The opioids market analysis report gives an inside and out an overview of the estimated and future growth of the opioids market.

  • Each section includes a challenge, restraint, opportunity, COVID analysis, segment overview, driving forces, company listing, recent developments, and more. Additionally, it is useful to know which companies are supporting the growth of the opioids market with research and new products. The report gives a proper analysis for investors to make decisions before making lucrative investments in opioids market. Using both primary and secondary sources of information, the opioid market is forecasted to grow well during the forecast period globally and regionally.

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