Nutritional Bar Market Research Report - Forecast till 2030

Nutritional Bar Market Research Report Information by Type (Protein Bars, Meal-Replacement Bars, Snacks Bars, Whole Food Bars), Flavor (Chocolates, Fruits, Peanut Butter, Savory, Spices), Distribution Channel and Region - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/F-B & N/3439-HCR | January 2023 | Region: Global | 110 Pages         

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Nutritional Bar Market

Nutritional Bar Market Size is anticipated to reach USD 1.75 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 4% during 2022-2030.

By Type Protein Bars Snack Bars Whole Foods Car Meal Replacement Card Others
By Flavours Chocolate Peanut Butter Fruits Spices Others
By Distribution Channel Store-Based Non-Store-Based
By Region North America Europe Asia-Pacific Rest of the World
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Atkins Nutritionals Inc. (U.S.)    Clif Bar & Company. (U.S.)    General Mills Inc. (U.S.)    Kellogg Co. (U.S.)    Kashi Company (U.S.)    Quaker Oats Company (U.S.)    Mars Incorporated (U.S.)    GoMacro
Market Driving Forces   Growing Demand for On-The-Go Foods
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Nutritional Bar Market Overview:

The Nutritional Bar Market is expected to be worth USD 1.75 billion, growing at a 4% CAGR By 2030. A Nutritional Bar Market is a mixture of high protein, low sugar, high level of omega-3, and other nutrients. Nutritional bars are very healthy due to their high protein level and fiber content. Nutritional bars offer a healthy and convenient meal for health-conscious people. A nutritional bar is available in the form of an energy bar, protein bar, snack bar, etc. People eat nutritional bars as a dietary supplement. Nutritional bars are very effective before or after a workout as they can help to repair muscle, improve protein levels in the body, improve body performance, enhance metabolism, and reduce glucose levels and saturated fat levels in the body. Due to this, many athletes, people who try to eat healthy consume it. The nutritional bar can easily replace whole foods with a wide variety of nutrients.

The increasing consumer choice is one of the major factors that is helping the nutritional bar market to grow due to the steady rise in the number of health-conscious people across the world, along with increasing diseases that have a positive impact on the nutrition bar market analysis. The current nutritional bar market analysis shows that the market is expected to grow at a great CAGR rate in the coming years due to changing lifestyles, especially in the urban regions of the world. The rising demand of consumers towards on-the-go food products to meet the nutritional requirements will be a good sign for the market; additionally, the presence of a large number of players in the market in the last decade has been a good impact on nutrition bar market analysis. There are different types of flavors, nutritional content, and sizes are available across all the distribution channels to meet the consumer requirements.

According to the nutritional bar market analysis, the market will show rapid growth in the coming year. The high demand for gluten-free and vegan foods, along with the easy availability in a wide range of distribution channels, will expand the nutrition bar market analysis. Rising health concerns among the people with increasing population will also play a huge part in the nutrition bar market analysis growth. E-commerce platforms are supporting the growing trend of online shopping, so it has a great impact on the nutrition bar market size. The expansion in digital marketing is another factor that has a huge role in the popularity of nutritional bars. As brands are continuing to promote their products via all online platforms and social media platforms as its result, the products are gaining popularity in less time.

Covid-19 Analysis

The covid-19 pandemic has affected all the markets. The imposition of social distancing guidelines and lockdown caused major problems for the supply chain around the world. As a result, the pandemic highly impacted businesses around the world. The uncertain pandemic has severely affected the consumption rates of products and the revenue of associated business organizations. The disruption of the supply chain has highly affected retail and wholesale snacking. According to the data of bellrings brand, inc. The net sales of PowerBar, a brand of nutritional bar, have declined 19.7% during the second quarter of the company year 2022. Due to the lockdown across the world, the import and export and supply of raw materials have decreased; as a result, it affected the production of the product. Also, the stores were closed due to the pandemic, so the availability of nutritional bars across the distribution channel declined. People were going through a financial crisis to they didn’t invest their money in purchasing these products. And all these factors affected the market in a negative way. However, the nutritional bar market is expected to see positive growth in the coming years with the increasing demand for immunity-boosting products.

Market Dynamics

There are many factors that are driving the demand for nutritional bars, and these are called the market drivers. But there are some restraints and challenges faced by the market as well. The market key players and the drivers are trying their best to overcome these restraints and challenges.

Market Drivers

One of the major drivers of the nutritional bar market is the high popularity of nutritional bars in the developed regions. Due to the high popularity of these nutritional bars, there are many types of nutritional bars available in the market. The consumption pattern can vary from individual to individual. Due to a lack of adequate intake of nutritious foods, nutritional bars are gaining high demand. Many people even replacing their regular breakfast with nutritional bars. The popularity of protein bars are increasing, and it contains less sugar content; as a result, it will boost the nutritional bar market in the future. Also, the adoption of grab-and-go foods in consumers, increasing busy lifestyle, and the replacement of traditional eating habits with modern eating patterns driving the nutritional bar market. Along with that, people are aware of health diseases, and they are more concerned about their health, and it is boosting the nutritional bar market growth. Apart from that, brand promotion of nutritional bars across online channels and social media channels attracting consumer attention, and as a result, it is fueling the nutritional bar market.

Market Opportunity

After the covid-19 pandemic, people are now more concerned about their health than before. The government across the countries is encouraging people to eat healthy foods so that it will boost their immunity power; as a result, the demand for nutritional bars has increased. Apart from that, there are various types and flavors of nutritional bars are available, and changing the taste preference of people and government initiatives will bring more opportunities for the nutritional bar market. Also growing number of fitness and wellness centers across the globe will increase the nutritional bar demand.

Market Restraints

One of the biggest restraints in the market is changing the prices of raw materials for the nutritional bars. Apart from that, constantly changing consumer behavior and preference towards snack food items and fluctuating cost of the products restraining the market growth. Also, the presence of the local snack makers hampering the nutritional bar marker. The wide varieties of substitute products for these bars, such as energy drinks, cookies, and powder to hamper the growth of the market.

Market Challenges

The underdeveloped areas are not used to nutritional bars, and people in some regions eat the alternatives of a nutritional bar, and it has become a challenge for the market. Apart from that, the high cost of the bars can be a major challenge for the market. The key players are trying to overcome the challenges in the nutritional bar market and boost the demand of the market.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

The increasing demand for nutritional bars in consumers will drive the nutritional bar market in the future; the market will show rapid growth in the coming year, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 7.43% in the forecast period of the market according to nutritional bar market analysis.

Market Segmentation

The nutritional bar market is segmented on the basis of type, flavors, a distribution channel.

By type- On the basis of type, the nutritional bar market is segmented into protein bars, snack bars, whole foods car, meal replacement card, and others. And among these, a protein bar is dominating the market.

By flavors - The flavor segment of the market has chocolate z peanut butter, fruits, spices, and others. Chocolate is dominating the market.

Distribution channel- The distribution channel of the market includes stored-based and non-store-based.

Regional Analysis

The major regions of the global Nutritional Bar Market are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and others. The Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region, and it is expected to grow at the highest CAGR rate in the forecast period. India and China are the most contributing countries in this region due to the increasing population. North America is also growing at a faster rate due to the high demand for nutritional bars. Central market olive bar nutritional market contributes highly in this region. Additionally, the growing health-conscious individuals in this region will drive the market in this region. Europe is also growing at a rapid rate, and it will grow more in the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape

The major key players in the Nutritional Bar Market are:

  • Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (U.S.),

  • Clif Bar & Company. (U.S.),

  • General Mills Inc. (U.S.),

  • Kellogg Co. (U.S.),

  • Kashi Company (U.S.),

  • Quaker Oats Company (U.S.),

  • Mars Incorporated (U.S.)

  • GoMacro

Among these, gomacro share of Nutritional Bar Market is very high.

Recent Developments

In January 2022, SternLife GmbH & Co. KG launched vegan, organic bars making organically grown dates as a foundation for these bars.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size    USD 1.75 Billion
  CAGR    4% (2022-2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2020
  Forecast Units    Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage    Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   By Type, By Flavor, By Distribution Channel, and Region
  Geographies Covered    North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Atkins Nutritionals Inc. (U.S.),Clif Bar & Company. (U.S.),General Mills Inc. (U.S.),Kellogg Co. (U.S.),Kashi Company (U.S.),Quaker Oats Company (U.S.),Mars Incorporated (U.S.),GoMacro
  Key Market Opportunities   growing number of fitness and wellness centers across the globe will increase the nutritional bar demand
  Key Market Drivers   Growing Demand for On-The-Go Foods

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The growing demand for gluten-free nutritional bars is the major trend in the global market.

Key players in the nutritional bars market include Atkins Nutritionals, Clif Bar and Company, and Kashi Company, among others.

The growing demand for on-the-go foods that can satisfy the hunger of consumers and provide nutritional enrichment is the major driver for the nutritional bars market.

Asia Pacific is the leading regional market for nutritional bars.

Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, and Canada are the major exporters of nutritional bars.