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Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2030

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Trends, Growth and Insights By Type (Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, and Others), Product (Hardware, Software, and Service), Application (Financial Analytics, Clinical Analytics, Operational & Administrative Analytics, Population Health Analytics, and Others), Mode of Delivery (On-Premise Model, Cloud-Based Model), End User  (Healthcare Provider, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnology Industry, Academic Organizations, and Others), and Region (Americas, Eu...

ID: MRFR/HCIT/0255-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 80 pages

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Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Overview

With a 24.26 percent CAGR, the healthcare big data analytics industry is expected to be valued at USD 7,89,404.77 million by 2030. Big data analytics in healthcare is the difficult process of analyzing large amounts of data to identify unknown correlations,  hidden patterns, market trends, and customer preferences that can assist companies in making educated clinical and business decisions. The use of electronic health records (EHR), the healthcare IT sector, and a rise in government initiatives are reshaping the healthcare big data analytics market. Factors driving expansion include a rise in diversity and the volume of healthcare data.

Population health management necessitates the integration of clinical and claims data on the same platform for data analysis, resulting in complete patient care with cost-effective pharmaceutical practices. In the future, worldwide big data analytics in the healthcare market is expected to develop due to an increase in demand for improved care management, prediction of early illness factors, and hospitalization procedure. Currently, healthcare organizations ranging from single-physician practices and multi-provider groups to huge hospital networks are increasingly embracing big data analytics. Due to the several benefits of this service, which include efficiently detecting healthcare fraud and assessing clinical trials and patient records.

Covid 19 Analysis

The sudden outbreak of the Covid19 analysis has been a tremendous burden to the healthcare analytical industry. The pandemic situation has contributed towards the adoption rate of the analytical solution by the key team players. For instance, Verily and CVS Health has launched the app in 2020, June and it incorporates local, mail testing and the app attempts to record the exposure of the Covid 19 situation for the employees. Therefore, the utility of advanced analytics and hybrid computing has levelled the incidence rate of chronic disease. Further, the analytical solution has been widely utilized those revenues the cyclic management of the programs with population management health programs in the Healthcare analytical market.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Dynamics

  • Drivers

The key marketing driving factor enacts to be an important segment and it details that the increase in the adoption of the electronic health analytical record as well as the electronic medical analytical record in the healthcare big data analytics market. Apart from that, the rise in investment along with the rise in the healthcare sector has been visualized under the IT sector.

  • Opportunities

In this section, the key market opportunity states the inability of skilled in-house resources and it details the technical complexity of the market. It also details the complexity involved that has the authority to hamper the growth of the market. This escalates the importance of the market growth of the healthcare analytical market.

  • Challenges

One of the most challenging factors that arose the entire healthcare analytical market tends the component insights and it mainly includes the segment that has been dominated. Further, deploy analytics has been outsourcing the services and that led to the complexities of the analytical changes in the healthcare sector. In this situation, this market had a tremendous load of work and that demands the surging of the solutions of the infrastructure.

  • Restraints

With practical reference to the market analysis, the entire pricing the important solutions for details the process and the controls. Therefore, it is considered to be in a high position with suitable management as well as it states that the other systems have been within the better supply chain management.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Cumulative Analysis

Hence, various drivers such as an increase in the demand for healthcare analytics throughout the world.  The diverse usage and its production of other products have a positive impact on the growth of the market.

Value Chain Analysis

An increase in the emphasis on using electronic records for a basic impact on the market positively. Also, the further growth of the initiatives by the government for the development and research has improved the value chain of the healthcare big data analytics market in the forthcoming years.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Segmentation

According to the market segmentation, the healthcare big data analytics market has been segmented under the basis of the type, mode of delivery, application, end-user, and regional analysis. Further, the big data analytical approach has been based on predictive analysis, descriptive analytics, and the entire analysis is done accordingly. This clearly states that the segmentation based on product depicts the importance of the software, device, and hardware. Apart from that, based on application, it states that the market has been categorized under financial analytics, operational analytics, and administrative analytics as well. This clearly portrays the importance of the population health analysis, which mainly denotes the segmentation thoroughly. Further, based on application, it clearly states the importance of the categorization and that includes financial analytics, operational analytics, administrative analytics, and clinical analytics for the better management of the access. On the mode of delivery, the healthcare big data analytics market has been based on delivery, the market has been segmented into the cloud-based model and the on-premise model facility. This portrays the importance of the market dynamics and the entire segmentation accordingly. Thus, based on end-user, the market tends to be classified under financial analytics, administrative analytics, operational analytics, and population health analytics. This clearly states the current scope of the entire study and based on the four global regions, it is classified under Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and other regions as well.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Regional Analysis

The global healthcare big data analytics market states the share of the regional analysis of the market based on the four basic regions. Therefore, the market share and its analysis have been centralized that depicts that America has been dominated by the global market share and it owns to the rising adoption of big data analytics. On the other hand, the analytics solution has been based upon the data-driven, and its increase in the healthcare expenditure details the importance of the well-established healthcare faculty in this organization. Apart from that, Europe stood in the second position and its increase in the adoption of the healthcare insurance for the data management along with the growing investment in this particular healthcare industry. Asia-Pacific has expected to make the witness the fastest growth within the market throughout the forecast period. The middle east and Africa tend to be expected to hold the position at the least share of the data analytics market.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Competitive Landscape

The key players have managed to play a crucial role in the better upliftment of the market. This mainly includes mergers, acquisitions, and new ventures for better collaboration of the data analytics market.

Some of the major key players include to be:

  • Allscripts Healthcare solution

  • Cerner Corporation

  • Health Analyst

  • Epic System Corporation

  • IBM Corporation

  • McKesson Corporation

  • Mede Analytics

  • SAS Institute INC\

  • Verscend technologies

  • Tableau Software

Recent Development

  • Mar 2022 Verana Health, a digital health firm that provides medical practice insights and excellent medication lifecycle via an exclusive real-world data network, announced the launch of QdataTM Glaucoma. Qdata Glaucoma is the first and only data module that reflects a complete, real-world glaucoma patient path, allowing for faster quality insights. More than 5 million de-identified patients are included in the fit-for-purpose data module, ranging from suspect diagnosis to treatment and outcomes. Verana Health employs a unique team of clinicians, data scientists, and research design professionals that collaborate to assure accuracy while acknowledging some limitations in real-world big data.

  • Mar 2022 UpStream Healthcare, based in Greensboro, has developed a technological platform based on data analytics to determine who is living with what ailment, how severe it may be, what gaps in care exist, and how to fix those gaps. UpStream can use these insights to take action through drug optimization, illness management, and care coordination tools.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Report Overview

This report mainly includes all the details and it tends to initialize growth along with the better efficiency of the companies with particular management. It states that the driving factors have been interrupted due to the covid 19 situation. The entire analysis is based upon the Covid 19 analysis, regional analysis, market overview, segmentation analysis, market dynamics and it mainly includes the challenges, opportunities, restraints, and drivers. Further, the competitive landscape and the other sections are been presented. Hence, all of the information, that has been collected is from the primary as well as the secondary sources.

By Geographically

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Another region of the world


By Type

  • Descriptive Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Others

By Product

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Service

By Application

  • Financial Analytics

  • Population Health Analytics

  • Clinical Analytics

  • Operational & Administrative Analytics

  • Others

By Mode of Delivery

  • Cloud-based model

  • On-Premise Model

By End-User

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Biotechnology Industry

  • Academic Organization

  • Healthcare Provider

  • Others

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2030: USD 7,89,404.77 Million
  CAGR   24.26% (2020-2030)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2020-2030
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units    Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage    Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   By Type, Product, Application, Mode of Deliver, End User and Region
  Geographies Covered    North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Cerner, Cotiviti (Verscend Technologies), Citiustech, Health Catalyst, IBM, Inovalon, McKesson Corporation, Medeanalytics, Optum, 3M, Oracle, SAS Institute Inc., and SCIO Health Analytics (An EXL Company)
  Key Market Opportunities   A lack of skilled in-house resources and technical complexity involved in the process can hamper market growth
  Key Market Drivers

  • The increasing adoption of electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) in healthcare
  • Rising investments in the healthcare IT sector

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The global healthcare big data analytics market is predicted to touch USD 7,89,404.77 million by 2030.

    The healthcare big data analytics market is predicted to grow at an 24.26% CAGR between 2020-2030.

    The Americas is predicted to have lions share in the healthcare big data analytics market during the forecast period.

    Increasing use of EHR and EMR in healthcare, increasing government initiatives, and increasing investments in healthcare IT sector are boosting market growth.

    Technical complexity and scarcity of skilled in-house resources may hamper market growth.