Fertilizer Additives Market Research Report - Forecast to 2030

Fertilizer Additives Market Research Information by Type (Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate), Form (Powder, Granular, Prilled), Function (Anti-Foaming, Anti-Caking, Corrosion Inhibitors) and Region – Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/AGR/3875-HCR | February 2023 | Region: Global | 110 Pages         

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Fertilizer Additives Market

The fertilizer additives market is expected to grow USD 4.60 billion at a 3.90% CAGR During the Forecast 2022-2030.

By Type Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Sulfate Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
By Form Powder Granular Prilled
By Function Anti-Foaming Anti-Caking Corrosion Inhibitors
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Amit Trading Ltd.   ArrMaz   BASF SE   Clariant AG   Corteva Inc.   Dorf-Ketal Chemicals India Private Limited   Holland Novochem B.V.   Hubei Forbon Technology Co Ltd.   KAO Corporation
Market Driving Forces   Increase in yields    Increase in Population
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Fertilizer Additives Market Overview:

According to the expert research, the demand for the fertilizer additives market is expected to grow USD 4.60 billion at a 3.90% CAGR During the Forecast 2021-2030. The research & study of the market is very much considered in terms of in-depth investigations. The fertilizer additives market size is growing rapidly due to constant improvements in chemicals and materials. Furthermore, the research analyses the challenges that reduce the market growth and expansion of strategies used by leading corporations. It also helps in creating technical developments on the different challenges that occur in the market sectors. The information provided by the expert research will definitely help the customers to improve their knowledge which gives a lot of confidence to make the right judgments on the fertilizer additives market.

With the increased global population & rapid growth in the urban sectors, there is a considerable shortage of food in the present market sectors. For this reason, many fertilizer industries are continuously thinking about improving their production rates. The rising awareness of soil degradation caused by the traditional agricultural techniques & the limitation of agricultural land is one of the major factors which is positively affected the sales of fertilizers additives market share throughout the world. Due to the rapid growth of environmental awareness caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the government agencies from various regions are going to take several resources which spread the awareness on the farmers to choose value-added fertilizers & gain knowledge on the benefits of fertilizers additives. They also continuously offer & supports the expansion of agriculture with grants, subsidies which help to modify the strength of fertilizers additives market growth. From all the above statement, there are one more major factors that is very much essential to look after, and that is technical innovation. The increasing demand for urea-based fertilizers is growing significantly for the farmers to spend on improving crop productivity in the successful agricultural sectors, which are expected to make an outstanding fertilizers additives market outlook.

Covid-19 analysis:

The impact of a global pandemic on the fertilizer additives market occurs huge. As a result, the governments from most of the nations released these market sectors for lockdown restrictions. However, this fertilizer additives market has faced a lot of challenges due to the shortage of laborers & raw materials. Many fertilizer industries, including the major investors in these sectors, face a huge loss during this pandemic period. Due to the lockdown restrictions, most of the international cargo tonnage & flights have been stopped for a specific period of time. According to this, the raw materials didn’t receive on time & productions work of market have been stopped. Due to the increased global health emergency for covid-19 & the insufficient raw materials for the product makeover procedure, most of the fertilizers industries shave been closed permanently, which directly impacts the shortage of foods globally.

Chief Factors Existing in the Market:

Key Market Drivers:

The global market has been opened hugely just after the release of the lockdown situation in several regions. In addition, all the international cargo ships & cargo planes have gained a clear allowance to reach their destination with the unloading of raw materials & products. Due to this, many fertilizer additives market started the production procedure in accordance with the increase in demand for food.

Market Challenges:

Like many companies, this fertilizers additives market sectors also face a huge challenge during the lockdown situation of covid-19. The major challenges are to overcome from this covid-19 situation & meets the demand of the present market condition.

Market Opportunities:

The highest price of fertilizer additive prices, a lack of understanding, and government subsidies on traditional fertilizers might all stymie market expansion. High-growing agriculture-dependent economies such as China and India will provide fertilizer additives makers with lucrative expansion possibilities.

Market Restraints:

The most major considerable factors in the fertilizer additives market sectors are the expenses & cost of the raw materials. Moreover, the governments of several regions are bound to release the lockdown. Most of the industrial sectors have started the production according to the increasing demands of the foods.

Cumulative Evaluation of the Market:

To meet the expectations of an ever-increasing population is extremely challenging with the limited resources & the limitation of foods. The loss of soil fertility, pests, and nutrient shortages have all contributed to a reduction in agricultural production. As a result, fertilizers have become much more essential in agriculture. Nitrogen and hydrogen are the major raw materials utilized in the production of nitrogenous fertilizers. Nitrogen is the most commonly used ingredient in fertilizers, and plants require massive amounts of it. It is an essential element of the photosynthesis process, which enables plants to produce food from sunlight. It is necessary for practically every aspect of plant physiology. Plants with a nitrogen shortage might grow slowly and have yellow leaves. The expenditures and cost of raw materials are some of the most important elements in the fertilizer additives market sectors. Furthermore, the governments of numerous regions are required to remove the lockdown, as a result of which most industrial sectors have begun production in response to the rising demand for foods.

Market Segmentation:

There are three main categories in the fertilizers additives market segmentation: Product, application, & by region. In terms of product, type is further divided into 5 different sections Anti-caking agents, dust suppressors, dry agents, granulation agents, & others. In the application category, the fertilizer additives market sectors are further segmented into four main forms: Nitrogen, P205, K20 & others. The regional analysis is also further divided into 5 main categories: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Regional Analysis:

Asia Pacific regions perform a major part of the worldwide fertilizer additives market. Because of the huge agricultural zones, China and India are important & most dependable countries on this market growth. The North American region is the home of numerous big manufacturers of the fertilizer additives industry. Most of the fertilizer industries are based in the United States and want to do business throughout the world with a focus on sales. On the other hand, the small and medium-sized regional players are working to increase the regional usage of fertilizer additions.

Competitive Intensity within the Industry:

Due to the expansions of the market, some of the prominent market players are included in this industrial sector. According to this, the competition has begun within this fertilizer additives market industry. Some of the major or key players are:

  • Amit Trading Ltd.

  • ArrMaz


  • Clariant AG

  • Corteva Inc.,

  • Dorf-Ketal Chemicals India Private Limited,

  • Holland Novochem B.V.,

  • Hubei Forbon Technology Co Ltd.

  • KAO Corporation

The fertilizer additives market investigation includes a study of the economic agency's commercial enterprise organization agency, monetary statements, product description, and strategic goals. The research contained in the report includes excellent market contributors who may be customized to the needs of the customer. These key players are investing in new goods and higher increases and expansions and agreements to help the growth of their business.

Recent Market Development:

The global industry has been facing several challenges due to the pandemic. According to the United Nations, the global population is expected to grow tremendously within the year 2050. According to this, many companies want to prepare the increasing of food production procedure for the estimated period. This will put huge pressure on the agricultural business, which is already suffering from productivity losses due to lack of labor and decreasing agricultural lands as a result of rising urbanization. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, urban areas will contain more than 70% of the world's population. Farmers are being forced to use fertilizers to enhance agricultural production due to a loss in agricultural land across countries.

Report Overview:

According to the fertilizer additives market analysis, the research analyses the challenges affecting market growth as well as the expansion strategies used by leading firms. It also helps in the development of solutions to industrial problems. The information provided in the study will help customers improve their information to make the right decisions& judgments about the fertilizer additives market.

Key Industrial Segments:

By Product:

  • Anti-caking agents

  • Dust suppressors

  • Dry agents

  • Granulation agents

  • Others

By Category:

  • Nitrogen

  • P205

  • K20

  • Others

By Regional Analysis:

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Middle East & Africa

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Fertilizer additives market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 3.90% from 2021-2030.

Increase in yields and the large global populace are major drivers of the global fertilizer additives market.

APAC dominated the global fertilizer additives market due to government efforts in increasing crop production and the large population.

North America is the second largest region in the global fertilizer additives market due to demand for agricultural products.

Michelman, Inc., Hubei Forbon Technology Co. Ltd., ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, Inc., Amit Trading Ltd., Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd., Chemipol SA, Kao Corporation, Holland Novochem B.V., Tolsa SA, and Clariant AG are notable players of the global fertilizer additives market.