Europe, Middle East & Africa  Blood Glucose Test Strip Market Research Report Forecast to 2027

Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip market information by types (Glucose Oxidase, Glucose Dehydrogenase, Other), End User (Hospital, Clinic, Household), by technology (Wicking technology and Channel technology) and by region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) - Forecast to 2027

ID: MRFR/MED/0157-HCR | August 2022 | Region: Global | 85 Pages         

Table of Contents
1 Report Prologue

2 Market Introduction

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Scope of Study

2.3 Research Objective

2.4 Assumptions & Limitations

2.4.1 Assumptions

2.4.2 Limitations

3 Research Methodology

3.1 Research Process

3.2 Primary Research

3.3 Secondary Research

4 Market Dynamics

4.1 Drivers

4.1.1 Improving Medical Device Regulation

4.1.2 Growing incidence number of Diabetes

4.1.3 Increasing prevalence of diseases

4.1.4 Increasing inclination towards home healthcare

4.2 Restraints

4.2.1 Risk Associated with design, power and safety

5 Market Factor Analysis

5.1 Porterโ€™s Five Forces Model

5.1.1 Bargaining power of suppliers

5.1.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers

5.1.3 Threat of New Entrants

5.1.4 Threat of Substitutes

5.1.5 Intensity of Rivalry

5.2 Supply Chain Analysis

6 Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Stripes Market, By Type

6.1 Glucose Oxidase

6.2 Glucose Dehydrogenase

6.3 Others

7 Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Stripes Market, By End Users

7.1 Hospitals

7.2 Clinics

7.3 Homecare

8 Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Stripes Market, By Technology

8.1 Wicking technology

8.2 Channel technology

9 Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Stripes Market, By Regions

9.1 Europe

9.1.1 Germany

9.1.2 France

9.1.3 UK

9.1.4 Italy

9.1.5 Spain

9.1.6 Rest of Europe

9.2 Middle East & Africa

10 Competitive Landscape

10.1 Pricing of Medical Blood glucose test stripes

10.2 Production Capacity of Major Players

11 Company Profile

11.1 Abbott

11.1.1 Overview

11.1.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.1.3 Financial Updates

11.1.4 Key Developments

11.2 Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings

11.2.1 Overview

11.2.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.2.3 Financial Updates

11.2.4 Key Developments

11.3 AgaMatrix

11.3.1 Overview

11.3.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.3.3 Financial Updates

11.3.4 Key Developments

11.4 ALL Medicus and Hainice Medical

11.4.1 Overview

11.4.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.4.3 Financial Updates

11.4.4 Key Developments


11.5.1 Overview

11.5.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.5.3 Financial Updates

11.5.4 Key Developments

11.6 Braun

11.6.1 Overview

11.6.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.6.3 Financial Updates

11.6.4 Key Developments

11.7 Elektronika

11.7.1 Company Overview

11.7.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.7.3 Financial Updates

11.7.4 Key Development


11.8.1 Overview

11.8.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.8.3 Financial Overview

11.8.4 Key Development

11.9 I-SENS

11.9.1 Overview

11.9.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.9.3 Financial Overview

11.9.4 Key Development

11.10 Infopia

11.10.1 Overview

11.10.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.10.3 Financial Overview

11.10.4 Key Development

11.11 Nipro Diagnostics

11.11.1 Overview

11.11.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.11.3 Financial Overview

11.11.4 Key Development

11.12 Panasonic (Bayer)

11.12.1 Overview

11.12.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.12.3 Financial Overview

11.12.4 Key Development

11.13 Omron

11.13.1 Overview

11.13.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.13.3 Financial Overview

11.13.4 Key Development

11.14 Roche Diagnostics

11.14.1 Overview

11.14.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.14.3 Financial Overview

11.14.4 Key Development

11.15 Terumo

11.15.1 Overview

11.15.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.15.3 Financial Overview

11.15.4 Key Development

11.16 SANNUO

11.16.1 Overview

11.16.2 Product/Business Segment Overview

11.16.3 Financial Overview

11.16.4 Key Development

11.17 Others

Market Synopsis of Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip:

Market Scenario:

Blood glucose test strip are small disposable strips which are used along with blood glucose meter for supervising and controlling diabetes. These strips have Glucose Oxidase, Glucose Dehydrogenase and other types of impregnated on them which reacts with glucose present in blood and helps in identifying the blood glucose level. Advances and the development in technology in the European countries has brought the new and innovative devices in the market for monitoring of the glucose level. Also in the Middle East and African market the market is slow growing but in coming it will gain good market as the number of diabetic patients is rising. Simultaneously increase in the number of diabetic patients boosted the demand of such a devices in market. Beside this increase in awareness of healthcare facilities and preventive care also driven the market. The important drivers for the glucose test strip market are convenience of continuous glucose monitoring over conventional monitoring, Increasing awareness and need for early detection of hypo and hyperglycaemic diabetes and technological advances.

Prevalence of Diabetes is rising day by day and to monitor blood glucose levels regularly with glucose monitoring devices is an important part of the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. People suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes can live longer and better lives by means of carefully monitoring and regulating their blood glucose levels. High cost and lack of knowledge in handling such devices are the major restraining factors for the growth of blood glucose test strip market. Europe, Middle East & Africa market share of blood glucose test strip market and is expected to grow at the CAGR of 2.8% during forecasted period 2017-2023.

Study Objectives of Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip Market:

  • To provide detailed analysis of the market structure along with forecast for the next 6 years of the various segments and sub-segments of the Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip market

  • To provide the detail information about drivers and factors restraining the market growth.

  • To analyze Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip market based on various factors- price analysis, supply chain analysis, porters five force analysis etc.

  • To provide historical and forecast revenue of the market segments and sub-segments with respect to three main geographies and their countries of Europe like Germany, France Italy, Spain U.K and Rest of Europe. And the other two regions Middle East & Africa

  • To provide the trends and opportunities in Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip

  • To provide country level analysis of the market with respect to the current market size and future prospective

  • To provide overview of key players and their strategic profiling in the market, comprehensively analyzing their core competencies, and drawing a competitive landscape for the market 

Figure 1:- Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip Market, by type 2016 Europe Blood Glucose Test Strip Market

Key Players for Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip Market:

Some of the major players in this market are: Abbott, LIFESCAN, Panasonic (Bayer), Omron, Roche Diagnostics, Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings,  Nipro Diagnostics, ARKRAY, I-SENS, Braun, 77 Elektronika, Infopia, Terumo, AgaMatrix, SANNUO, EDAN, Yicheng, Yuwell, ALL Medicus and Hainice Medical


Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip market are segmented, by types, Glucose Oxidase, Glucose Dehydrogenase and Other. On the basis of End User, Hospital, Clinic and Household. On the basis of technology, Wicking technology and Channel technology and on the basis of region, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Regional Analysis

On regional basis, market is segmented into countries of Europe like is Germany, France, Italy, Spain U.K and Rest of Europe. While the other two major segments are Middle East and Africa. European region accounts the largest market due to a huge diabetic population.  And adoption of advanced technology for medical devices. European market is the second largest revenue generator after the American market, while Middle East and Africa market witness slower growth.

The report for Europe, Middle East & Africa Blood Glucose Test Strip market of Market Research Future comprises of extensive primary research along with the detailed analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects by various industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain the deeper insight of the market and industry performance. The report gives the clear picture of current market scenario which includes historical and projected market size in terms of value and volume, technological advancement, macro economical and governing factors in the market. The report provides details information and strategies of the top key players in the industry. The report also gives a broad study of the different markets segments and regions.

 Intended Audience

  • Product manufacturers

  • Government and private research companies

  • Research and Development (R&D) Companies

  • Hospitals and Laboratories

  • Medical Research Laboratories

  • Academic Medical Institutes and Universities 

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