Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Market forecast to 2030

Global Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) market Research Report by Deployment (Web based, Server) By Product type (Information processing, data mining, Analytical processing) by data (Billings, documents, Patients Records, financials) - Forecast to 2030

ID: MRFR/ICT/0347-HCR | February 2023 | Region: Global | 135 Pages         

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Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Market

The enterprise data warehouse market share is expected a rise to USD 9.13 Billion towards the end of 2030. The CAGR for the same period is approximately 23.38%. Forecast By 2020-2030
Market Size
Dominating Region
Forecast Period
$9.13 Billion
North American
By Deployment
By Product type
By data
  • Web based
  • Server
  • Information processing
  • data mining
  • Analytical processing
  • Billings
  • documents
  • Patients Records
  • financials
Companies Profiled
Key Players
Health Catalyst
Seven Technologies
tata consultancy services (tcs)
fusion consulting
citius tech.
Market Driving Forces
The increasing need for storage systems
The warehousing of the logical data
there is a need for a warehousing opportunity in the market.
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Market Overview

The enterprise data warehouse market share is expected a rise to USD 9.13 Billion towards the end of 2030. The CAGR for the same period is approximately 23.38%. 

Decision-making is facing many hurdles and challenges when it comes to enterprise data warehouse healthcare systems, mining of data as well as the analysis of information. Be it the community hospitals or the health systems in various regions, the organizations have well understood the need of leveraging the data with context to the initiatives of the population health management. The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) market emerged as a critical solution for management in the field of healthcare. Therefore, the expected growth rate is at an impressively high CAGR from the period of 2020-2030. 

The enterprise data warehouse market is gaining a lot of traction on the global level. The demand of the market is for solutions that are efficient in nature in order to challenge the data as well as the information prevailing within the industries. 

COVID 19 Analysis 

The COVID 19 global pandemic has affected more than just the way how a normal person leads his/her life. As far as the businesses are concerned, they now have to fight 2 simultaneous battles that are owing to the health sector as well as the economic front. This is the time of forced recession and the downfall for businesses is more than that of a trillion dollars. For the EDW market, there are speculations related to the first quarter of the new financial year being the time of recovery. 

Owing to the situation, the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) market is switching and opting for technical and real-time solutions. The electronic data warehouse is aiming to take up measures that are cost-effective and generate the required demand. The increased use of digital transformation, consultations, services, and solutions for business reengineering and technical upgrades as aides to the enterprise data warehouse healthcare sector will help in generating and boosting growth. 

Market dynamics 


The increasing need for storage systems 

A need for a dedicated system of storage is felt in order to keep pace with the data’s volume. Also, the market needs a low rate of latency, the number of views in real-time as well as the analytics for the big data. Additionally, for the warehousing of the logical data, there is a need for a warehousing opportunity in the market. The adoption emerged as the highest in the BFSI Industry in the financial year of 2017. The enterprise data warehouse market size was valued at $18.61 billion in that year and estimated at a high CAGR growth. 

Cumulative growth analysis 

The rise in demand for warehouse solutions 

There is an expectation of rising in the enterprise data warehouse market share over a period of the next 5 years. The demand related to cloud data warehousing solutions inclusive of both the structured and the unstructured data comes from different types of industries. Also, there is an increase in the quantum of the adoption that is related to the data warehouse that is column oriented. The main reason behind this is the increase in the growth of data volumes, performance in the analytics, regulatory compliance increasing as well as the rise of the use of private clouds. 

Value Chain Analysis 

The enterprise data warehouse market was seen as the largest category in the service market during the period of 2014-2019. These were the solutions for the classification and accessibility of data from as many sources as possible. The small, as well as the medium enterprises, are all set to be a part of a fast integration in context to the warehousing solutions in the next period. The main focus is on the leverage of new technologies for storage as well as analysis of huge data sets. 

The forecast period also predicts that the analytics tools will be a part of the highest quantum of CAGR. The businesses will be witnessing artificial intelligence (AI) as well as data analytics to study and cater to the needs of the preference and behavior of a consumer. 

Segment Overview 

The enterprise data warehouse market has segments that are based on different data, offerings, deployment, organization size, industry verticals, regions, etc. 

By the type of data 

By the type of data, the enterprise data warehouse market is divided into unstructured data, semi-structured data as well as structured data. The type of data for the enterprise data warehouse market caters to the requirements of different groups for different periods. The oriented data is a major component for the performance of advanced analytics as well as provide warehouse solutions. 

By the type of organization size 

Depending upon the size of an organization, the segregation of enterprise data warehouse market is done in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale enterprises. There are different EDW data requirements for each of these enterprises and the growing data volume for each, also varies. 

By the type of industry verticals 

The segmentation of the enterprise data warehouse market is done on the basis of the industry verticals as well. BFSI, e-commerce, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, telecom and IT, travel, manufacturing, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and other media, government as well as the public sector, energy, and utilities along with academia and research. 

Regional Analysis 

The North American continent is set to the biggest share in the enterprise data warehouse market during the set period. The main reason behind this is that it responsibly took over the EDW market in the form of service. The huge industry players in the market also are known for taking up initiatives. These initiatives were an adaptation in the form of partnerships with the players belonging to different technologies in one particular region. 

The USA, as well as Canada, are the emerging markets in North America. These are very well witnessing the adoption of advancing technologies like cloud data warehousing solutions in a very healthy way. The enterprise data warehouse market share is set to cover as many as 5 regions namely North America, Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East, and the American continent (MEA), as well as Latin America.  

Competitive Landscape 

The key market players of the enterprise data warehouse market are as follows: 

  • Action Corp

  • Health catalyst 

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

  • Microsoft 

  • SAP

  • Teradata 

  • Snowflake 

  • Oracle Corporation 

  • IBM Corporation 

  • Google 

  • Cloudera 

  • Amazon 

There are many enterprises that are currently operating in the market and undergoing changes in the form of collaborations, launching of new data centers, and developments in products. This is done for the enhancement of the currently prevailing offerings and portfolio expansion also. 

Oracle is one of the most prominent players in the market and is undergoing the best-in kind of developments in the field of electronic data warehouse software. 

Recent Developments

  • The complex data marts act as a subset of the enterprise data server warehouses and are designed to address the requirements of the specific functions of the business.

  •  The recent developments are going to allow an amalgamation of the enterprise data as well as the web. 

  • The trend of retrieving the analytical queries is gaining a lot of momentum. The reason behind this is the efficiency that is attracted out of the column-based stored. It is much higher than the alternative that is row-based. 

  • Data warehousing is extending its ways to ingesting, analyzing as well as extracting data.

  •  Acceptance, as well as the implementation of the trends in the industry, can help the organizations in better business decisions as well as improve the levels of productivity. 

Report Overview 

This enterprise data warehouse market report covers the following: 

  • Market Overview 

  • COVID 19 Analysis 

  • Market Dynamics 

  • Value Chain Analysis 

  • Market Segmentation overview

  • Regional Analysis 

  • Competitive Landscape 

  • Recent developments 

This report revolves around the analysis of the functions of the enterprise data warehouse market in the past. The impact of the global pandemic COVID 19 and the forecast growth to 2027 is also estimated and mentioned. 

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2030: USD 9.13 Billion
  CAGR   2020-2030: 23.38% CAGR
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2030
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Deployment, Product Type, Data
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Health Catalyst, Seven Technologies, teradata, cognilytics, tata consultancy services (tcs), fusion consulting, amitech, citius tech.
  Key Market Opportunities   high Degree of Adoption of Warehousing Solutions
  Key Market Drivers   New product launches and R&D Amongst major key Players

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Yes, there is an expectation of gain to the cloud data warehousing solutions in the forecast period to 2030. As per the MRFR, through 2030, there is an expectation of nearly 23.38% CAGR.

Yes, large enterprises can expect a high degree of adoption of warehousing solutions. A dedicated and professional IT staff, in-house located data centers, as well as a prior availability of the finances and other resources will work as a push to adopt the warehousing solutions within the large enterprises.

The Asia Pacific is one of the most prominent and emerging regions when it comes to enterprise data warehouse data. From the period of 2019-2027, the Asia Pacific has an expectation to witness a growth of over 15% in quantum. There is an expected growth in IT as well as infrastructure. There are also going to be increasing data centers as well as the adaptation of the cloud technologies on a large scale.