ECC Memory Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

ECC Memory Market Research Report: by Memory Error (Hard Error, Soft Error), by Type (DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, DDR1, Others), by Application (Data Centers, Workstation Servers, Cloud Servers, Others) and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/6863-HCR | February 2023 | Region: Global | 111 Pages         

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ECC Memory Market

ECC Memory Market will exhibit a CAGR of 6.6% in the forecast period of 2020-2027 and is expected to reach USD 13.08 billion by 2027

By Memory Error Hard Error Soft Error
By Type DDR4 DDR3 DDR2 DDR1 Others
By Application Data Centers Workstation Servers Cloud Servers Others
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Micron Technology Inc.    Lenovo Group Limited    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.    Other World Computing (OWC)    Kingston Technology Corporation    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company    Dell Inc    Transcend Information Inc.    SK Hynix Inc.    I'm Intelligent Memory Limited    Intel Corporation    IBM Corporation    Nemix RAM    Black Diamond Memory    Brute Network    Adamanta Memory
Market Driving Forces   Increasing number of social networking platforms    loT devices    and other devices   Growing need for cloud computing has increased the overall size and economic impact of data centers
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ECC Memory Market Overview

The Global ECC Memory Market Size was valued at USD 8.55 billion during the historic forecast period and the ECC Memory Market Share is expected to reach USD 13.08 billion by the end of the ECC Memory Market Analysis period at a CAGR of 6.6%. The error-correcting code (ECC) is a technique for detecting and fixing faults in single-bit memory. A hard error is usually caused by physical damage to the memory chips, such as temperature, voltage, or current changes. The increasing demand for ECC memory is directly related to the growing demand for big data, which places a strain on memory due to data compression. As a result, ECC memory helps to reduce data loss due to physical or data writing errors. ECC memory is most commonly used in DRAM and cache memory, where data is temporarily held. Some non-ECC memory can identify errors, but they are unable to rectify them. As a result, ECC memory is costly and essential for large-scale data transmission and storage applications including data centers, cloud servers, and workstations.

COVID-19 Analysis

The COVID-19 outbreak is expected to have a substantial impact on storage devices, as China is one of the key suppliers of raw materials and completed goods. Production is being cut, the supply chain is being disrupted, and prices are fluctuating throughout the industry. In the following months, major electronic companies' revenues are projected to be impacted. In the short term, this would stifle the market's expansion, ECC Memory Market Opportunities, and ECC Memory Market Demand. The epidemic also hastened the emergence of telemedicine, forcing the medical/healthcare industry to ramp up efforts to meet demand and deal with overcrowding. This shifted the focus even more toward improving and streamlining telehealth capabilities. The ECC memory market is expected to develop significantly during the forecast period and change the ECC Memory Market Outlook, owing to rising ECC Memory Market Demand.

Market Dynamics


The rise in the number of social networking platforms, IoT devices, and other data-generating platforms has resulted in increasing ECC Memory Market Size and ECC Memory Market Share in the development of various data center facilities throughout the world. Furthermore, the growing demand for cloud computing has boosted data center size and economic impact. The US data center market is growing in terms of new development and absorption, according to the Washington State Department of Commerce. The largest data center market in the United States is in North Virginia. The availability of new mobile computing devices has raised the value of data centers among diverse enterprises. As a result, big active companies are searching for new data center development projects to invest in, thus increasing the ECC Memory Market Opportunities during the ECC Memory Market Analysis and changing the ECC Memory Market Outlook. During the forecast period, demand for ECC memory is likely to be driven by the rise of data centers and servers, and also because of the ECC Memory Market Key Players.


ECC Memory is intended to be more stable than regular RAM, and the failure records confirm this. Using ECC RAM, on the other hand, has a few drawbacks. The first and most obvious disadvantage is that ECC memory is not compatible with all computers. The majority of server and workstation motherboards require ECC RAM, whereas the majority of desktop systems will either not work with ECC RAM at all or will have the ECC feature deactivated.

Second, ECC RAM is more expensive than non-ECC RAM due to the additional memory chip and the intrinsically more sophisticated architecture of ECC RAM. The price varies, but depending on the size of the memory stick, you should anticipate paying about 10% to 20% more. The higher the price premium, the larger the stick.

Technology Analysis

ECC is also appropriate for latency-sensitive applications such as financial trading applications, analytics, applications leveraging direct-attached storage, and databases because of its ability to perform at near-memory speeds, as well as its ultra-high endurance and persistence through power outages. Thus, Technology has played a significant role in the market. Furthermore, during the projected period, technical developments for the implementation of ECC memory are expected to propel the ECC memory market forward.

Segment Overview

The ECC Memory Market has been bifurcated into various segments that will help the market to achieve the highest CAGR during the forecast. The ECC Memory Market Key Players have also helped in the segmentation which is as follows:

ECC Memory Market, By Memory Error

  • Hard error

  • Soft error

ECC Memory Market, By Type

  • DDR4

  • DDR3

  • DDR2

  • DDR1

  • Others

ECC Memory Market, By Application

  • Data centers

  • Workstation servers

  • Cloud servers

  • Others

ECC Memory Market, By Region

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • The Middle East & Africa

  • South America

Regional Classification

Because of the presence of prominent players such as Micron Technology Inc, Intel Corporation, and Integrated Silicon Solution Inc, North America is a significant contributor to the growth of the ECC memory market. These firms are pioneers in memory and storage solutions, introducing disruptive technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and self-driving cars. Furthermore, the growing use of high-end smartphones, as well as new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, is pushing ECC memory demand across a variety of end-use applications. Cloud service companies such as Google and Amazon, on the other hand, use ECC memory and DRAM in their data centers to enhance scalability and improve memory capacity and correction coding for cloud computing applications.

Competitive landscape

The presence of multiple global vendors characterizes the global ECC memory industry. The fight for market share among the existing players is fierce. Cost, quality, accuracy, and product reliability are just a few of the elements that help suppliers stay afloat in a fiercely competitive industry. Because there are so many significant companies in the ECC Memory industry, there is a lot of competition. They have gained a competitive advantage over their competitors due to their capacity to continuously reinvent products by investing extensively in R&D. Based on their place of origin, presence, recent key innovations, product diversity, and industry experience, the key players in the ECC memory market are identified across all major regions. The major key players in the market are as follows:

  • Micron Technology Inc.

  • Lenovo Group Limited

  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

  • Other World Computing (OWC)

  • Kingston Technology Corporation

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

  • Dell Inc

  • Transcend Information Inc.

  • SK Hynix Inc.

  • I'm Intelligent Memory Limited

  • Intel Corporation

  • IBM Corporation

  • Nemix RAM

  • Black Diamond Memory

  • Brute Network

  • Adamanta Memory

Recent Developments

  • Samsung Devices has introduced the 10-nanometer class, 8-gigabit DRAM chips, which have enhanced energy efficiency and data processing performance and are aimed towards data-crunching electronics like cloud computing centers.

  • Exertis, one of the top technology distributors, has signed a distribution arrangement with Kingston Technology. Kingston Technology's DRAM, Flash, and SSD products are distributed internationally through this firm.

  • Samsung has unveiled the T7 Touch, a portable SSD that sets a new standard for speed and security in external storage devices. In a compact, robust package, the new pocket-sized external solid-state drive offers the fastest speeds currently available based on the USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard, as well as easy fingerprint security.

Report Overview

The study includes thorough information on emerging trends, market drivers, development opportunities, and market restraints that have the potential to change the industry's market dynamics. It provides a detailed analysis of the market segments, which include various segments and subsegments. The Market research study includes a detailed analysis of the leading competitors as well as a strategic analysis for the future. Significant actors, large collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as trending innovation and corporate policies, are all examined in the study. The study provides a thorough evaluation of the market. It accomplishes this by giving detailed qualitative insights, historical data, and accurate market size estimates. The figures in the report are based on well-known research assumptions and methodologies. As a result, the research study serves as a clearinghouse for market analysis and data from all angles. The study also examines the maker's competitive environment. The report was prepared after a thorough investigation and assessment of every aspect of the market using data analysis to achieve exceptional market growth during the current forecast period, which will end in 2025. The key players in the ECC Memory Market have also been thoroughly discussed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The growth in data centers and servers are to drive the demand for ECC memory during the assessment period.

The market gained a valuation of USD 8.55 billion in 2018.

Memory error, type, application are the segments on which the market’s segmental analysis has been done.

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America are the key regions included in the regional analysis of the market.

It is the North American region that has been a significant contributor to the growth of ECC memory market.