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Digital Oscilloscope Market Size

ID: MRFR//3033-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Aarti Dhapte| May 2024

The digital oscilloscope market is impacted by several key factors that shape its growth and trajectory. Technological advancements stand out as a significant driver in propelling the expansion of this market. With continuous innovations in electronics and semiconductor technologies, digital oscilloscopes have evolved to offer higher bandwidths, faster sampling rates, increased memory depths, and enhanced signal processing capabilities. These advancements enable digital oscilloscopes to accurately capture and analyze complex signals across a wide range of frequencies, making them indispensable tools for engineers and researchers in various industries.

Furthermore, the increasing adoption of digital oscilloscopes in the education sector contributes significantly to market growth. As educational institutions emphasize hands-on learning and practical training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, digital oscilloscopes have become essential teaching aids in electronics and electrical engineering laboratories. Their intuitive user interfaces, versatile features, and ability to visualize abstract concepts such as waveforms and signal processing make them invaluable tools for students and educators alike, driving demand within the academic segment.

Moreover, the growing demand for digital oscilloscopes in the automotive and aerospace industries is another driving force behind market expansion. With the rising complexity of electronic systems in modern vehicles and aircraft, there is an increasing need for advanced testing and diagnostics equipment to ensure the reliability, safety, and performance of electronic components and systems. Digital oscilloscopes play a crucial role in troubleshooting electrical issues, analyzing sensor data, and validating the performance of communication networks and control systems in automotive and aerospace applications, thus fueling market growth.

Additionally, the trend towards the miniaturization of electronic devices and components is driving the demand for portable and handheld digital oscilloscopes. As electronic devices become smaller, lighter, and more integrated, engineers and technicians require compact and lightweight oscilloscopes that offer portability without compromising performance. Portable digital oscilloscopes enable on-the-go testing and troubleshooting in field applications, production environments, and cramped spaces where traditional benchtop oscilloscopes may be impractical, thereby expanding the addressable market for digital oscilloscope manufacturers.

Furthermore, the increasing adoption of digital oscilloscopes in research and development (R&D) activities across various industries contributes to market growth. From telecommunications and consumer electronics to healthcare and energy, researchers rely on digital oscilloscopes for prototyping, testing, and validating new technologies and products. The ability of digital oscilloscopes to capture, analyze, and measure electronic signals with precision and accuracy enables researchers to gain insights into the behavior of electronic systems, characterize components, and troubleshoot performance issues, driving demand within the R&D segment.

Moreover, the growing demand for wireless and IoT-enabled digital oscilloscopes is shaping the market landscape. As wireless communication technologies proliferate and IoT devices become ubiquitous, there is a need for oscilloscopes that can interface with wireless networks, capture RF signals, and analyze digital communication protocols. Wireless and IoT-enabled digital oscilloscopes offer flexibility, convenience, and remote accessibility, allowing engineers to conduct measurements and analyze data from anywhere, thereby meeting the evolving needs of connected industries and driving market growth.

Covered Aspects:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Growth Rate 6.82% (2020-2027

Digital Oscilloscope Market Overview 

The Digital oscilloscope Market is anticipated to augment slowly even though the market is having the highest Digital oscilloscope Market Share. In earlier, the oscilloscopes that were widely utilized in manufacturing, consumer electronics, and precision engineering, were mostly of the analog category. However, later there was a rapid increase in the Digital oscilloscope Market Share because of its ability to transform any category of energy such as sound, light, and heat into its digital form, which resulted in the formation of Digital Oscilloscope Software.  The conversion into digital form is not only done with only precision but also immense accuracy and that’s another key factor behind the massive share of the Digital Oscilloscope Market. 

Moreover, the USB Digital Oscilloscope displays way more detailed and better visuals that display the timing and shape of the pulses with absolute accuracy. Nowadays there’s an increased concentration towards density, security, and product design that is increasing the tendency of adoption of oscilloscopes by the Digital Oscilloscope Market Manufacturers. Moreover, it’s a fact that the USB Digital Oscilloscope is potentially more user-friendly than other similar measuring instruments that are utilized for measuring current and electric voltage. Along with that, there’s an ever-rising rate of R&D investments in electronics, healthcare, and automotive and this is facilitating new growth approaches for the major Digital Oscilloscope Market Manufacturers.

The Digital Oscilloscope market is expected to reach approximately 3.01 USD billion by the end of 2027 with 6.82 % CAGR during the forecasted period from 2020 ‚Äď 2027. The significant rise of end-users is facilitated by the arrival of Digital Oscilloscope Software. Nowadays, Oscilloscopes are utilized widely in IT, consumer electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, healthcare, defense, automotive, etc. The primary use of Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter is in manufacturing and designing activities. The Digital oscilloscope Market refers that the rise of end-users is resulting in a positive impact in the Digital Oscilloscope Market.

Industry News of Digital Oscilloscope Market:

September 2022- Rohde & Schwarz, a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, has launched a new range of oscilloscopes that, according to the company, has the quickest real-time update rate in the world and allows engineers to "see more signal detail and uncommon occurrences than with any previous oscilloscope."

The company highlighted the instrument's support for 16 times the resolution of conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes "at all sample rates without any tradeoffs for more precise measurements" as well as up to 100 times the standard acquisition memory of comparable instruments. The latest R&S MXO 4 series comes with a real-time update rate of more than 4.5 million acquisitions every second, the company claimed.

With 200, 350, 500 megahertz, and 1 and 1.5 gigahertz, the oscilloscopes are available in four-channel variants. They start at 7,600 euros, or slightly more than $7,400 using today's exchange rates.

A 200 Gbps processing ASIC, one of several new technologies that Rohde & Schwarz used for the foremost time in the MXO 4 series, is what allows the instruments' capacity to monitor minute signal activity and carry out quick testing, which the company claimed is "unparalleled in the industry."

Their development team was able to make a technical breakthrough that only happens once every ten years thanks to the new hardware & software technology blocks & architecture. According to Dr. Andreas Werner, vice president of oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz, "Our customers will enjoy a completely new level of performance, and all at a price more affordably than has ever been seen on the market."

A 13.3" full high definition capacitive touchscreen & an easy-to-use user interface are features of the R&S MXO 4 series. R&S MXO 4 oscilloscopes are perfect for any technical workplace thanks to their compact footprint, audible noise that is less than a whisper, VESA mounting, and a rackmount installation kit in integrated setups. Moreover, it contains supplementary memory that, when required, adds measuring capacity.

COVID-19 Analysis 

During the unexpected surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the worldwide electronics industry and semiconductors witnessed varied Digital oscilloscope Market Trends over the last two years with all the heavy industries including manufacturing industries facing several operational challenges because of limited cash flow in the course of the pandemic. There were also challenges like demand fluctuations, chain disruption, etc. Besides, cloud computing, online supporting sectors, and data center services gained significant revenue during the pandemic. However, end-users who were spending on Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter are anticipated to rebound majorly over the near future. 

However, Digital oscilloscope Market is reviewing their long-term strategies to come out with more efficiency in the post-pandemic scenario. The key companies of the Digital oscilloscope Market are reviewing their strategies via the modification in the R&D strategies, compositions of product portfolios, acquisitions, capital expenditures, mergers, and various other growth strategies. 

Market Dynamics 

  • Market Drivers¬†¬†

Various factors drive the Digital oscilloscope Market like opportunities, growth potential, industry-specific changes, risks, etc. There are also factors like competitive developments, agreements, acquisitions in the market, new product launches, and expansions. Moreover, increased concentration towards security, density, and product design is driving the rapid adoption of Oscilloscopes in the Digital oscilloscope Market Trends. Besides, the rapid expansion of the semiconductor industry, strong competition, and multiple alterations in government regulations and norms are also facilitating the growth of the Oscilloscope market. 

  • End-user Analysis¬†

Digital Oscilloscope Market Analysis proves that, among various segments of end-users, the consumer electronics division is responsible for 2017’s 34.30% Digital Oscilloscope Market Share. Moreover, it is anticipated to grow 6.83% CAGR in the course of the projection period. Another most prominent end-user of Digital oscilloscope Market Analysis is the electronics sector. Design development and manufacturing are the primary spheres where the vital Advantages of Digital Oscilloscope can be applied. 

  • Device Type Analysis

Among the different segments of devices, the Advantages of Digital Oscilloscope plays the key role in 2017’s 52.14% market share. Moreover, this particular segment is anticipated to cross at least 1,100 Million USD by the forecast period, which is way higher than 2018’s market share of 677.15 Million USD. Therefore, it reflects the strong growth of the Digital Oscilloscope Market. The key reason behind this is the widespread adoption of various Digital Oscilloscopes ensuring high performance. 

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis¬†

The Digital oscilloscope Market is anticipated to widen at a CAGR or Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.82% in the course of the forecast period, i.e. 2020-2027. By the end of 2027, the Digital Oscilloscope Market is anticipated to pass over 3.01 Billion USD.

  • Component Analysis¬†

The probes and devices segments were responsible for the 62.65% Storage Oscilloscope Market share with USD 813.67 Million valuations, in 2017. During the Digital oscilloscope Market Forecast period, both these segments are expected to hold a CAGR of at least 7.39% in the course of the forecast period. Both probes and devices of the Oscilloscope Market are vital for facilitating the accurate acquiring and analysis of frequency and time-based domains of the analog waveforms. 

  • Probe Type Analysis

The passive segment belonging to the different types of probes of Digital Oscilloscopes Market Analysis is responsible for the huge market share regarding its value. This particular segment is anticipated to grow at 7.80% CAGR in the course of the forecast period. The advantages of passive Oscilloscopes are that they are cost-efficient and user-friendly, and these are the key reasons behind their exponential growth. 

Market Segment Overview 

The Global Digital Oscilloscope Market is segmented into various divisions based on type, device, region, application, probe, and end-users. 

Digital Oscilloscope Region Outlook: 

The Digital Oscilloscope Market is classified into the following regions: 

North America 

  • Canada¬†

  • The U.S.¬†


  • Japan

  • India

  • China


  • South Korea


  • France¬†

  • Italy

  • The U.K.

  • Germany¬†

  • Rest of the world¬†


  • Middle East

  • Latin America

Digital Oscilloscope Application Outlook: 

Based on application, the Digital Storage Oscilloscope Market are classified into two divisions, such as: 

  • Data communication

  • Radar welfare

  • IP video¬†

  • Electronic welfare

  • Optical solutions

  • Power efficiency

  • 3D sensing

  • Energy efficiency¬†

Digital Oscilloscope Probe Type Outlook: 

Based on probe type, there are certain divisions of the Digital Oscilloscope Market such as: 

  • Active Oscilloscope Probe¬†

  • Passive Oscilloscope Probe

  • Current Probe

Digital Oscilloscope Device Types Outlook: 

Based on device types, the Digital Oscilloscope Market are segmented into the following parts: 

  • Stationary Digital Oscilloscope¬†

  • Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

  • Mobile Digital Oscilloscope¬†

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  • Analog Oscilloscope

  • Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

  • PC-based Oscilloscope¬†

This classification is based on mobile or handheld oscilloscopes as their mobility and convenience are the factors that include value to the product.

Digital Oscilloscope End Users Outlook: 

Depending on end-users, there are also some classifications of the Digital Storage Oscilloscope Market. 

  • IT & Telecommunication

  • Automotive Defense

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive Response¬†

However, among all those classifications, electronics is the most important. It incorporates everything from consumer electronics to component manufacturing. 

Regional Analysis

The APAC or Asia Pacific region is responsible for the 59.38% Digital Oscilloscope Market Share in 2017. This region is anticipated to remain a massively significant market of the Oscilloscope industry in 2021. Moreover, the oscilloscope market of APAC is expected to surpass 8.93% of CAGR and a total valuation of 1,200 Million USD in the course of the forecast period. The rising penetration of various oscilloscopes industries in the APAC nations is the foremost factor that’s influencing the growth of the Digital Oscilloscope Market. Besides, the enormous rise of automotive and electronics manufacturing sectors is also playing a significant role in driving the APAC oscilloscope market forward. 

Scope of report and segmentation table: 

  • Base year ‚Äď 2021

  • Forecast period ‚Äď 2020-2027

  • Historical data ‚Äď 2018

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