Global Cladding System Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027

Cladding System Market Information by Materials (Wood, Metal, Vinyl, Brick & stone and others), by Components (Window, Doors, Wall, Roof Light, Vent and Others), by Application (Residential and Non-residential) and by Region - Forecast to 2027

ID: MRFR/CO/1373-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 119 pages

Cladding System Market Overview: 

The cladding system market analysis shows that the market growth is 6% in the forecast period. 

A good cladding system will protect the building from weather conditions. The cladding panels can resist water, moisture and heat from entering the building structure. The phenomenal advance of the cladding system is thermal efficiency. The cladding system market is experiencing higher demand. The construction of modular, energy-efficient and smart-building is impacting the cladding system market growth. The cladding system can offer high performance at a low cost. All these factors benefit the cladding system market. 

Cladding is a crucial aspect of any construction project. The cladding is an additional fixture to the exterior of the building. It changes the primary structure of the construction. It is a material that enables the shifting back of snow, wind loads and impact loads. It is exceptional safety equipment that protects the structure of the building.

Covid analysis 

The covid 19 cladding system market trends is declining. The decrease in demand is the reason for the less demand for the product. The economic fluctuations are massive during this period. Also, the investment in the construction industry is less. Due to covid 19, the demand and supply chain is affecting the cladding system market revenue is affectedDue to the less demand, the price of the cladding system is decreasing. It affects the profitability of the cladding system market. 

The industrialization and construction market is facing several challenges. It creates a negative impact on the cladding system market. Furthermore, the spread of covid 19 has caused a global shutdown of cladding system manufacturing facilities. Also, the shortage of raw materials is affecting the overall production. These are all the challenges that affect the cladding system market during covid 19. 

The key players of the cladding system market are 

  1. Rockwool International A/S

  2. Saint-Gobain S.A

  3. Everest Industries Limited

  4. DowDuPont

  5. Westlake Chemical,

  6. SIKA

  7. Tata Steel Limited

  8. James Hardie Industries PLC

  9. Arconic

  10. Etex Group

Market dynamics 

  • Crucial market drivers 

There are three crucial drivers of the cladding system market. The aesthetics, exceptional performance low cost of maintenance are the three factors that propel the cladding system market growth. The exterior part of the building can cause high energy loss in the residential and commercial building. There are a few factors that affect the building due to poor insulation. The demand for the cladding system is due to its attractive designs and styles. These cladding panels are available in plenty of variations. They can make the exterior of the building impressive. Most of the building incorporates the cladding system due to the excellent appearance and texture they offer to the building exterior.

However, the construction industry is inclined to the cladding system due to its high performance. These high performing panels provide ultra protection to the building. They are resistant to moisture or any other external factor that can damage the building. The high performance of cladding panels is a crucial driver for the market. Lastly, the cladding panels are low maintenance equipment. Due to its features and low maintenance benefits, most of the building constructors incorporate this equipment. These crucial drivers can have a positive impact on the cladding system market. Also, these factors are the crucial reasons for high cladding system market revenue

  • Market growth opportunities

Innovation in the cladding system market will lead to plenty of growth opportunities. The launch of an innovative cladding system will secure the future of the market. Also, the ongoing high demand trend will sustain. In the upcoming years, the use of eco-friendly cladding panels will receive much recognition. The cladding system panels from agricultural waste and recycled paper will stir the attention of end-users. 

The launch of these eco fetidly cladding system will open new growth possibilities in the forecast period. Moreover, the key players of the cladding system market are trying to introduce cladding systems with longevity. The longevity of cladding panels is highly essential in the construction industry. The launch of these new products will spark future growth opportunities. These hybrid cladding panels are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant. All these growth opportunities of the cladding system will lead to market expansion.  

  • The market restraints 

The cladding system market has few restraints that affect the growth in the forecast period. The cladding system is an additional cost to the building. By using the system there are several cost benefits. However, the installation cost of the system is expansive. The cost is a major challenge to the market. With product efficiency, most end-users require cost-effectiveness. However, the installation prices and operational cost adds up to the overall cost of the construction work. Therefore, the cost can have a declining effect on the market. The key payers of the market are taking initiatives to fix these issues. 

  • The market challenges 

The cladding system market has some uncertain challenges. The lack of product awareness is a major challenge. Brand awareness is also less in the market. Most of the contractors do not look into the brand before purchasing him cladding panels. Wore, the lack of brand awareness is a threat to the market. This challenge results in purveys of poor quality alternatives of the cladding panels. It earns a bad reputation and revenue losses in the market. The lack of promotion for the brand is a significant threat. During the forecasts period, this challenge can adversely affect the market. 

  • Cumulative growth analysis 

The cladding system market trends are stable. The future of the cladding system market value depends on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the product. However, the installation rates are crucial concerns in the market. There are also plenty of crucial drivers that enhance market growth and expansion. The product variation, high-end features and performance of the panels are the crucial market drivers. Moreover, the innovation in the cladding system market will provide growth prospects. During the forecasts period, the growth of the market is stable. Further, the positive market trends will continue the forecast period. 

  • Value chain analysis 

The Asia Pacific region will dominate the market by possessing maximum cladding system market shareThe plentiful raw material to manufacture cladding system is the crucial driver in this region. Also, the technological advancements in the cladding system market are high in this region. The continuous rise in the industrialization and construction industry will fuel the demand for a cladding system. Also, the investments in the construction market are high in this region. All these aspects have a positive impact on the cladding system market in the forecast period. 

Segment overview 

By material type 

  • Fibre cement 

  • Ceramic 

  • Wood 

  • Brick and stone 

  • Stucco 

By application 

  • Instructions 

  • Residential 

  • Commercial ‘

  • Industrial 

  • Offices 

  • Roofs and walls 

Regional analysis 

The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing cladding system market in the world. Other countries that are expected to have a massive demand Europe and North America. The Asia Pacific countries market growth rates are China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. These regions are suitable to set up and manufacture cladding system market. The availability of raw materials and fewer labour costs are the reasons for growth in the regions. Also, industrial activities and governmental support are exceptional assistance for the growth of the cladding system market. There are plenty of R& D programs that are also the driving factors of the Asia pacific that drive even more demand. The escalating population and industrialization provide more future growth opportunities for the market in North America. The Middle East and Latin America are emerging market with incredible growth possibilities. 

The recent developments 

  1. The key players of the market are partnering with the local construction companies in their regions. It enables them to get more offers both in the local and international areas. Moreover, it is an excellent way to create cladding system brand awareness among the local constructions. 

  1. The key players of the market are launching new cladding system panels that offer high insulation benefits. These panels are suitable for high-end sophisticated building construction. It is an exception that will benefit plenty of residential and commercial spaces. 

  1. The key players of the market are introducing the co friendly cladding system and panels. It offers added benefits to energy-efficient building constructions. 

Report overview 

  1. Market overview highlights 

  2. Analysis based upon COVID 19

  3. Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  4. Value chain analysis

  5. Market segmentation overview

  6. The regional analysis

  7. Competitive landscape analysis

  8. Recent Developments

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2027: Significant Value
  CAGR   6% CAGR (2020-2027)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2020-2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Materials, Components, Application
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Tata Steel Ltd, Alcoa Inc., Etex Group, James Hardie Industries Plc., Boral Ltd, Axiall Corporation, CSR Ltd., Nichiha Corporation, Cembrit Holding A/S, and Compagnie de Saint Gobain SA.
  Key Market Opportunities   It provides thermal insulation, helps create controlled environment condition, protect the building from external environment, prevent the spread of fire and so on, fuel the growth
  Key Market Drivers   Increasing infrastructure and construction activities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The overall growth rate of the market is estimated at more than 6 %.

The key players of the market are Rockwool International A/S, Saint-Gobain S.A, Everest Industries Limited, DowDuPont, Westlake Chemical, SIKA, Tata Steel Limited, James Hardie Industries PLC, Arconic and Etex Group.

The crucial drivers of the cladding system market are the exceptional performance and low maintenance of the cladding system.

The crucial segments in the market are by material and by application. The types of cladding system material are vinyl, metal, ceramic, wood and brick.