Autonomous Robots Market Research Report - Forecast 2027

Autonomous Robots Market Research Report, By Mode (Autonomous, Human-Operated), By End User (Forest & Agriculture, Industrial & Manufacturing, Logistics & Warehouse, Mining & Minerals) By Mobile Product (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)– Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/5447-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

Autonomous Robots Market

Autonomous Robots Market is Expected to Showcase Rampant Growth Over 2023.


By Type professional services personal and domestic ones as well
By Operating environment ground aerial marine environments for functioning
By Component software hardware electrical sensors power supply mechanics actuators power supply control system
By Application domestic market public relations entertainment logistics military defense medical construction educational personal

Key Players

  • Hi Tech Robotics Systemz Ltd. (India)
  • Oceaneering International
  • Inc. (US)
  • and Locus Robotics (US)


  • Autonomous robots can simplify activities
  • which otherwise are mundane for humans.
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Autonomous Robots Market Overview

Autonomous Robots Market is Expected to Showcase Rampant Growth Over 2023.The curated report helps in discovering and discussing 4 major activities of the market that have a major role to play in depicting the market size for the current and the future. The use, development, and implementation of various kinds of autonomous robots across an array of fields and services promise an excellent yield when it comes to effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity with rendering reliable market devices and solutions to the worldwide target audience. Also, the investment in robots promises a huge return on investment for the market for years to come. The various sizes and features of robots are deployed in various functional areas that will enhance the production and functional ability of the autonomous robots market and lead the way towards regional expansion during the forecast period. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being deployed across various industry verticals and the autonomous robots have been designed with similar features and technology that are likely to help in the enhancement of the global market operations and help the market grow as per the predicted figures as laid down by the autonomous robots market experts and leaders during the forecast period that ends in 2028. The current forecast period of 2021-2028 has excellent growth prospects. 

COVID 19 Analysis of Autonomous Robots Market

Since the initial positive cases of the novel coronavirus were reported, the fatality and deteriorating health condition of the patients followed. The healthcare and medical infrastructure of the vast economies of the world are witnessing major challenges. Some gave in and witnessed the collapse of the system on a huge scale, while others were struggling to meet the wide demand for important medicines and drugs that helped in improving the patient’s health. The pandemic has introduced the large unavailability of skilled labor and logistic support that is hampering the supply chain mechanism of the global market. This is resulting in a declined demand and the unavailability of raw material to produce the finished goods has hampered the ability of the production and manufacturing units thus, harming the growth potential of the autonomous robots market.

The government and public sector are dedicating a large sum of money in the form of investment to enhance production and expand the market size so that various robots can be employed across a series of verticals. This promises the transformation of huge opportunities into profitable business ideas that help to positively impact the set objectives of the autonomous robots market during the forecast period.

Autonomous Robots Market Dynamics

  • Drivers

One of the major market players - KUKA, purchased another company with the name of Swisslog. The company’s future is likely to witness a promising return on investment and growth. Also, the rising demand for the employment of robots across other mushrooming industries like healthcare and warehouse logistics owing to the large scale benefits like excellent technical knowledge and expertise, better and judicious use of the available and employed resources are likely to present the market with factors that will help the market in expanding its services and operations during the ongoing forecast period of 2021-2028. Also, the market is developing a need for employing the kind of workforce that promises on-time delivery of services with proper technique will help the autonomous robots market to grow.

  • Restraints

However, the cost of acquiring the market devices and employ the rendered operations by the global market players is quite high. The new and small enterprises do not have a high degree of capital to invest in acquiring these robots and employ them across various verticals and departments. This is likely to restrain the autonomous robots market from growing as per the prediction.

  • Technology Analysis

Based on the autonomous mobile robots market that is functioning and aiming for global expansion, the market has KUKA as one of its leading market players that will drive the market for worldwide growth. The company is understood to operate in a dynamic environment that is driven by creativity and innovation pouring from various sides. The company has also gained entry in China, as a part of the APAC regions’ domestic market. The company and the global market operations undertaken are witnessing the employment of innovative and technical leadership skills that are driving the market towards growth as per the predicted figures during the forecast period that ends in 2028. 

Autonomous Robots Market Segment Overview

To have an idea about the autonomous robots’ market share, it is imperative to have an idea about the revenue potential of the autonomous robots market segments. The market has been segmented based on the following:

  • Type

The type segment of the autonomous robots market includes professional services, personal and domestic ones, as well.

  • Operating environment

The autonomous robots market segment includes ground, aerial, and marine environments for functioning.

  • Component

The autonomous robots market components include software, hardware, electrical, sensors, power supply, mechanics, actuators, power supply, and control system amongst others.

  • Application

The autonomous robots market extends its services to applications like domestic market, public relations, entertainment, logistics, military, defense, medical, construction, educational, and personal amongst others.

Autonomous Robots Market Regional Analysis

Based on the geographical bifurcation of the global market, the market players extend the market devices and services in 4 major regions. These are the North American region, the APAC region, the European nations, alongside the rest of the world (RoW). With an excellent growth of the development of the information technology ecosystem alongside a well-established infrastructure to cater to the demand of the existing customer base and expand the same, the APAC region is likely to emerge as a dominant market force. China and its neighboring regions have a significant role to play that will help the market grow in the region. The global autonomous robots market predicts the growing contribution of companies like Alibaba, Walmart, and Amazon which develops a growing need for AGVs for warehouse automation on an expanded scale for the smooth conduction of the market operations. Also, the government is playing a very good role by rolling exemptions for a reliable operation of commercial drones and thus, help the APAC region emerge as a clear winner amongst the global competition during the period that ends in 2028.

Autonomous Robots Market Competitive Landscape

The global autonomous robots market is witnessing a high increase in the competitive degree. To access the same, it is important to discuss the prominent players of the market which are as follows:          

  • Northrop Grumman (US)

  • Honda Motor (Japan)

  • Bluefrog Robotics (France)

  • GeckoSystems (US)

  • LG (South Korea)

  • Softbank (Japan)

  • Promobot (Russia)

  • iRobot (US)

  • DJI (China)

  • Mayfield Robotics (US)

  • Parrot (France)

  • Lockheed Martin (US)

  • 3DR (US)

  • Amazon Robotics (US)

  • Kongsberg Maritime (Norway)

  • KUKA (Germany)

  • Bluefin Robotics (US)

  • Samsung Electronics (South Korea)

Recent Developments

  • Softbank and Lippo Group’s PT Link Net Tbk. (Link Net) - a Japanese market player agreed to agree to collaborate and come together as a single for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. This will help in enhancing the operations, developing the services, and making them available across various Japanese cities to help the target audience at a large scale during the forecast period that ends in 2028.

  • Northrop Grumman identified the target audience in Illinois, US, and went on with the launch of a new functional facility in the region. This motivated expansion is likely to help the company enhance its global services and develop an ability to serve its target audience and fulfill the motives of supporting national security at a reliable grade during the period.

  • Another important market player - Honda went on with the launch of the E-A18 (Empathy, Empower, and Experience) Robotics Concept. The company has diverted the concept of artificial intelligence to its device and it helps in enabling the robots to establish better communication skills and cooperate with the target audience and other seekers of the robotic services. This will go on to help the company establish a dominant hand over the global autonomous robots market operations during the forecast period that ends in 2028.

Report Overview

The autonomous robots market report helps in providing the market insights that help the potential investors make better decisions that will help and enhance the global market operations. The report discusses the impact of the pandemic on the market and the growth prospects available to the market. The report also discusses the performance of the segments worldwide that help in depicting the growth rate and reachable market valuation for the global forecast period that ends in 2028.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The worldwide market autonomous robot poised to expand at a high CAGR in the assessment period.

Hi Tech Robotics Systemz Ltd. (India), Oceaneering International, Inc. (US), and Locus Robotics (US) are some well-established names in the autonomous robot market.

Recently, developers are making constant effort in designing autonomous robot that can operate independently the depth of ocean and in space.

Autonomous robots can simplify activities, which otherwise are mundane for humans. Thus, drive the autonomous robot market growth.

The US boasting of the presence of eminent tech companies can cause the North America autonomous robot market to soar.

Autonomous Robots are intelligent robots that can perform tasks independently without the requirement of human interference.