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Anti-Graffiti Coatings Market Research Report Information by Type (Sacrificial, Semi-Permanent, and Permanent), Substrate (Metal and Wood), End-Use Industry (Construction and Transportation), and Region (Asia-Pacific, North America, and Others) - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/CnM/6162-HCR | 140 Pages | Author: Anshula Mandaokar| June 2024

Anti-Graffiti Coatings Market Overview

The anti-graffiti coatings market value is estimated to reach a CAGR of 3.5%. The market had reached USD 70 Million in 2022, and it is expected to reach a significant value in the forecast period.

The anti-graffiti coating is composed of charged polymeric coatings, which form a gel at the substrate's surface. These coatings have various benefits such as cleaning efficiency, hydrophobicity, substrate adherence without damage, UV aging and weathering resistance, and are environmentally friendly. Due to these properties, the anti-graffiti coatings market is driving at a higher pace.

These coatings are used as cover protection methods, which are used to prevent graffiti paint from clinging to the surfaces. Graffiti removal in the buildings of historical sites, government buildings, corporate buildings, rail coaches, schools, public stations, and buses, among other places, may cost expensive costs. Hence anti-graffiti coatings are used for the protection of structures and monuments. It can be used on both the inside and outside of the buildings. There are various types of anti-graffiti coatings. These advantages are propelling the demand for the anti-graffiti coatings market.

These coatings also have other advantages, such as extended shelf life, and are suitable for porous and non-porous substrates like plastics, stone, bricks, metals, glass, and concrete. The rising popularity of graffiti has resulted in the need for graffiti removal, and this factor is driving the anti-graffiti coatings market growth. In residential and commercial construction, used for protecting substrates against graffiti wreaking havoc. The increased rate of commercial construction such as departmental stores, supermarkets, malls, and specialty stores in developing countries is fueling up the anti-graffiti coatings market size demand.

A new anti-graffiti coating was released in January 2023 by GraffShield Coatings, which claims to be the best defense against all types of materials used for making graffiti. The formulation uses advanced nanotechnology, creating a barrier that spray paints and markers cannot adhere to, therefore making it easier to remove any tagging without damaging the underlying surface.

In March 2023, ProCoat Solutions launched an enhanced system designed particularly for protecting metal surfaces found on public goods such as benches or litter bins but can also be applied onto cladding used in private buildings; this is suitable for both public and private buildings, including fences, railings as well as signs commonly defaced with spray cans or markers - especially in high traffic areas like train stations or buses where people may accidentally rub against walls leaving marks behind. This next-generation product provides better strength and resilience against heavy rain or snowfall, among other weather conditions – thus can withstand outdoor use too! Besides being self-cleaning thus reducing frequent maintenance work required while extending its life span simultaneously.

ShieldTech Coatings unveiled an environmentally friendly anti-graffiti coating in May 2023 made from bio-based materials; according to them, it contains renewable resources and no harmful chemicals, so it’s safe for our environment, too! They claim that their formula works well against most forms of street art but is still easily wiped off using eco-friendly methods, thus minimizing pollution caused by chemical cleaners often employed when dealing with stubborn stains left after unsuccessful attempts at removing tags cleanly. ADAPTA announced its new range, Anti-Graffiti HCR, on December 1st, 2020. A powder-based product developed specifically for protecting metal surfaces found on public goods such as benches or litter bins, but can also be applied onto cladding used in private buildings.

COVID-19 Analysis

During the pandemic period, the anti-graffiti coatings market outlook faced a difficult situation due to the global lockdown. When the industrial verticals remained closed for a longer period, it resulted in huge revenue loss, which disrupted the supply chain process. The sales rate decreased and resulted in a downfall in the growth graph. The demand eventually dropped, and the market faced the worst situation.

But later, when the lockdown was lifted, and the industries started to resume their operations, the market got a chance to get back to its position. Further, the market noticed good growth with necessary developments. In the post-pandemic period, the anti-graffiti coatings market will show strong performance, and it will lead to achieving a significant growth rate.

Chief Factors Existing In The Market

Key Market Drivers

The anti-graffiti coatings market has many driving factors that are propelling the market's growth at a higher pace. The higher usage of protective anti-graffiti systems in vehicles for protection against graffitiing is accelerating the market's growth. The growing emphasis on nanotechnology-based anti-graffiti coatings will drive the market. The growing demand for anti-graffiti coatings in the construction industry globally is another driving factor.

Market Challenges

The anti-graffiti coatings market is facing major challenges during its progress period. The pandemic period was a major challenge for the market. Regulatory rules based on graffiti coatings are another challenging factor of the market. 

Market Opportunities

The rising opportunities of the anti-graffiti coatings market are boosting up the market's demand. The growth of construction activities is setting huge opportunities for the market. The increased rate of automobile sectors in prominent reasons are also accelerating the market's demand.

Market Restraints

The restraining factors are limiting the growth of the anti-graffiti coatings market due to its negative impact. The anti-graffiti coatings are made from which is a major restraining factor. Moreover, the chemical companies are opting for bio-based coatings in concern with environmental security, which is hampering the market's growth.

Cumulative Evaluation Of The Market

The cumulative evaluation of the anti-graffiti coatings market states that it will successfully reach a strong CAGR value in the forecast period. The market will result in good growth value due to the presence of key drivers and opportunities. Despite the presence of growth limiting factors, the market will reach its estimated revenue due to the players' efforts. The pandemic has been highly challenging, but the market overcame the situation by grabbing the opportunities. The effects of the market dynamics will show their respective impacts on the market's sales rate. Therefore, the anti-graffiti coatings market forecast is expected to reach a healthy CAGR during the evaluation period.

Market Segmentation

The anti-graffiti coatings market is segmented into type, substrate, and end-use industry. These major segments are further sub-divided into various fragments.

By Type

Based on the type fragment, the market is sub-categorized into sacrificial, semi-permanent, and permanent anti-graffiti coatings. All these types are utilized as per the requirement in industrial verticals.

By Substrate

The substrate is sub-divided into segments such as metal, wood, concrete, pre-existing coatings, and others.

By End-Use Industry

The end-use industry of the market is categorized into construction and transportation. These industrial verticals highly demand anti-graffiti coatings due to their beneficial properties.

Regional Analysis

According to the regional status, the anti-graffiti coatings market is showing its growth in major regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

The North American market occupies the largest share of the anti-graffiti coatings market share, and it is projected to register a strong CAGR during the forecast period. Due to the increase in construction activities in the region. The improved advancement in nanotech coatings is another crucial factor driving the regional market.

Asia-Pacific is considered a prominent market due to the rise in residential and commercial construction and rising urbanization and lifestyle changes. Moreover, the higher investment by the government in nations like India, China, and ASEAN for infrastructure development is increasing the construction activities, which is further driving the market.

The European market will witness healthy growth due to the development of the construction industry in Western and Northern Europe for renovation and maintenance. The growing automotive industry is also driving the regional market.

The Middle East & Africa, and Latin American market will notice a significant growth rate due to the rise in investments in construction activities and development of transport industries.

Competitive Intensity Within The Industry 

The emerging industrial players of the anti-graffiti coatings market are showing tremendous performance based on their recent developments. The competition between the players allows the global market to flourish at the global level. The agreements between the players are upgrading for newer and improved products. If any growth limiting factors are hampering, the players implement effective marketing strategies to overcome the issues. The players' efforts will let the market achieve its estimated value during the forecast period. Below listed are the chief players of the anti-graffiti coatings market trends.

  • Wacker Chemie AG (Germany)

  • The Sherwin-Williams Company (US)

  • Teknos Group (Finland)

  • CSL Silicones Inc. (Canada)

  • BASF SE (Germany)

  • 3M (US)

  • Akzo Nobel N.V. (The Netherlands)

  • Sika AG (Switzerland)

  • Watson Coatings, Inc. (US)

  • NanoTech Coatings (US)

  • A&I Coatings (Australia)

  • DuluxGroup Ltd (Australia)

  • Hydron Protective Coatings (UK)

  • Axalta Coating Systems (US)

  • Performance Solutions NZ Limited (New Zealand)

Recent Market Developments

  • In November 2020, Beardow Adams announced their single-coat sacrificial coating, which can protect the buildings and structures against graffiti and pollution. They promoted an improved version of the anti-graffiti coating that is ecologically friendly. According to the business, the coating, created in Beardow Adams' Swedish plant, is considered a 100 percent natural sacrificial coating system derived from the polysaccharides of vegetables and water.

  • In September 2020, Marabu launched clear shield anti-graffiti liquid coating protection, a liquid laminate for protecting digitally printed signs, billboards, and banners from graffiti damage. The unique layer will protect against the latex and aerosol paint. It is designed for extreme exterior applications that demand flexibility, hardness, and outstanding protection.

  • Kier and Connected Places Catapult launched an innovations competition for trialing three pioneering ideas which tackle graffiti alongside roads and on bridges. A wall-climbing paint-spraying robot, an anti-graffiti coating, and technology for detecting vandals at graffiti hotspots are the relevant three ideas chosen from the innovations competition as a potential solution for the continuing problem for the unsightly graffiti.

Report Overview

The studied report of the anti-graffiti coatings market forecast stated the recent and present growth of the market. Even the future estimated value was predicted in the report. The growth influencing factors were discussed alongside the growth limiting factors such as restraints and challenges. The segmentation study shown about the major segments while the regional status covered the major regions and their regional market growth. The key players' developments and their efforts were discussed briefly. The COVID-19 report stated about the market's performance in the tough situation. The anti-graffiti coatings market will witness a strong growth rate during the forecast period.

Key Industrial Segments

By Type

  • Sacrificial Coatings

  • Semi-Permanent Coatings

  • Permanent Coatings

By Substrate

  • Metal 

  • Wood 

  • Concrete

  • Pre-existing Coatings

  • Others

By End-Use Industry

  • Construction

  • Transportation

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size 2022: USD 70 Million 2030: Significant Value
  CAGR   3.5% (2022-2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2019 & 2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage    Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   type, substrate, end-use industry, and region
  Geographies Covered    North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Wacker Chemie AG (Germany), The Sherwin-Williams Company (US), Teknos Group (Finland), CSL Silicones Inc. (Canada), BASF SE (Germany), 3M (US), Akzo Nobel N.V. (The Netherlands), Sika AG (Switzerland), Hydron Protective Coatings (UK), Axalta Coating Systems (US), Performance Solutions NZ Limited (New Zealand), Watson Coatings, Inc. (US), NanoTech Coatings (US), A&I Coatings (Australia), and DuluxGroup Ltd (Australia).
  Key Market Opportunities   The growing emphasis on nanotech anti-graffiti coatings is likely to create lucrative opportunities for the players operating in the global anti-graffiti coatings market
  Key Market Drivers   The demand for anti-graffiti coatings is majorly driven by the growth of the construction industry globally

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The outlook of the global anti-graffiti coatings market looks highly profitable.

The global anti-graffiti coatings market is estimated to register 3.5% CAGR during the forecast period.

By end-use industry, the construction segment is a major revenue generator in the global anti-graffiti coatings market.

North America holds the largest share in the global anti-graffiti coatings market, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific, respectively.

Teknos Group (Finland), The Sherwin-Williams Company (US), Wacker Chemie AG (Germany), 3M (US), BASF SE (Germany), Akzo Nobel N.V. (The Netherlands), Hydron Protective Coatings (UK), CSL Silicones Inc. (Canada), Axalta Coating Systems (US), NanoTech Coatings (US), Watson Coatings, Inc. (US), Sika AG (Switzerland), DuluxGroup Ltd (Australia), A&I Coatings (Australia), and Performance Solutions NZ Limited (New Zealand), are some of the major players operating in the anti-graffiti coatings market.

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