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Airport Security Market Research Report Information by Type (Access Control, Perimeter Security, Screening, and Others), Systems Equipment (Metal Detector, Backscatter X-Ray System, and Others), Technology (RFID, Biometrics, and Others), and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East Africa, and Latin America) - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/A&D/4837-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Sejal Akre| April 2024

Airport Security Market Overview

Airport Security Market size Anticipated to Reach at a USD 11.45 billion by 2030, at CAGR of 9% By 2020-2030

Airport Security Market is expected to grow at a Significant CAGR During Forecast Period. Airport security encompasses an umbrella of devices, systems, and technologies that keep passengers safe both when they’re in the airport and when they’re flying.

Some of the many devices, systems, and technologies that comprise airport security include x-rays, scanners, metal detectors, 3D scanners, biometrics scanners, etc. these are designed to safeguard passengers from possible threats from bombers, terrorists, and other dangerous elements of society.

Covid-19 Analysis of Airport Security Market

COVID-19 is a dangerous virus that is currently a global pandemic. That that it could make some people very sick and even cause a few casualties prompted governments around the world to take immediate action. Governments responded by imposing temporary lockdowns and quarantines. These had some success, but they were detrimental for most industries and markets.

The airport security market is no exception. Many airlines began to mandate that people who wanted to fly wear masks to do so. This combined with the fact that many people were afraid to fly during the pandemic translated into far fewer passengers over the past few years. This has negatively impacted the airport security market since the devices, systems, and technologies that are needed to keep airports and passengers safe are not needed nearly as much or as often.

Market Dynamics


What’s driving growth in Airport Security Market is the need to keep passengers safe from explosives and other results of cross-border terrorism, smuggling, and trading of illegal drugs. Another important driver is the increased need for certain personnel to have access to restricted control areas in airports.


The fact that demand is starting to pick up now that a vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed and given to the masses creates many opportunities for manufacturers in Airport Security Market. They are investing millions in research and development. This is allowing them to develop and market a new generation of more effective airport security technologies, systems, and devices that do a much better job of protecting passengers and airport personnel. These companies can also justify charging more for these.


These devices, systems, and technologies can be expensive. It can also be very costly to install and maintain them. These are some of the factors that are holding back growth in Airport Security Market.


One of the main challenges that manufacturers of airport security equipment face lie in creating newer generations of devices, systems, and technologies that are more and more advanced while keeping their prices in the affordable range for most airports around the world.

Technology Analysis

Autoclear LLC is a major American player in the airport security market. It has managed to create and sustain its superior position by investing heavily in research and development. This has allowed it to develop and market a new generation of more effective products and technologies that do a much better job of keeping airport passengers safer.

One such technology is the x-ray metal detector. This uses subtle x-rays to detect the presence of metal on anyone who walks through it.

Segment Overview

By Technology

The airport security market has been segmented into the following by technology:

The 3-D scanning subsector will have the highest CAGR of all of the subsegments in the technology sector. 3-D scanners are useful in detecting items that may be hiding in bags made out of various types of materials. They also are useful in detecting dangerous items in full bags. This is possible because these scanners are able to rotate and give the scanner a 360-degree view of the contents of a particular bag. It can do all of this with all of the contents in the bag being scanned.

By Region

The airport security market is separated into the following regions:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Latin America

  • The Middle East

The North American region had the highest market share one year before 2018. What accounted for this was the fact that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the agency that governs and sets the standards for passenger security and travel. It has strict standards, rules, and regulations that manufacturers must follow. Manufacturers find these easy to follow since they’re straightforward.

Also, many manufacturers of airport security systems, devices, and technologies are in America.

Regional Analysis

  • Covid-19 notwithstanding, the North American region will have the largest Airport Security Market share. Part of this is because most of the manufacturers of airport security products and technologies are located in America. However, another important reason is that America and Canada still have the largest middle classes in the world. These middle classes still have substantial purchasing power. This means that they can afford to fly, and they can afford to fly often.

  • Indeed, the North American region may well have the largest number of flyers in all of the regions in the world. That said, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to have the highest regional CAGR. The reason being that the middle classes in India and China are growing rapidly. These middle classes want and need to travel by airplane much more often.

  • This is what is accounting for growth in travel. More than half of the world’s population has never flown before and most of these people live in India and China. The fact that India and China are building more and more airports in the region is also a contributing factor. However, they are not the only countries in the region that are going on large-scale airport building operations - just the largest.

  • The European Union is seeing respectable growth in the airport security market. The reason for this is that more people in Europe are flying. This is especially the case as European economies recover and people, in general, become richer. The same is true in the Middle East and Latin America.

Competitive Landscape

The global airport security market remains highly competitive despite moderate barriers to entry. The reason for this is that many large companies are entering the market. They are largely motivated to do so by the market’s high CAGR and relative lucrativeness. Companies find that they must do one or more of three things to survive in this market:

  • Invest heavily in research and development

  • Merge with/acquire other companies

  • Enter into strategic partnerships with other companies

Companies invest in their futures when they invest heavily in research and development. The reason why is that they are able to develop a new generation of systems, devices, and technologies that are much more effective and have a wider range of new and innovative uses than their predecessors. They are able to justify charging much more for these. This allows them to make much more money by selling more of these devices, systems, and technologies to more customers. They can also strengthen their customer base when they do so.

When companies merge with and acquire other companies, they acquire the other companies’ human and capital resources. This allows them to do better marketing and better quality research and development. They are able to develop better devices, systems, and technologies for the reasons mentioned above. They can also justify charging much more for these devices. Having a larger marketing department which they have acquired through the recent merger and acquisition allows them to do deeper marketing in more target markets. They can sell much more.

Companies do the same when they enter into strategic partnerships or joint ventures with other companies.

FLIR Systems is a major North American player. It has managed to retain its superior position through extensive investment in research and development this allowed it to come up with a new generation of technologies, systems, and devices that are giving it a sustainable competitive advantage.

List of Companies

  • American Science and Engineering, Inc. (US),

  • Autoclear LLC (US),

  • C.E.I.A. SpA (US),

  • FLIR Systems, Inc. (US),

  • L3 Security & Detection Systems (US),

  • OSI Systems, Inc. (US),

  • Robert Bosch LLC (US),

  • Siemens AG (Germany),

  • Smiths Detection LLC (US), and

  • Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd (UK).

Recent Developments

  • Teledyne FLIR introduces new generations of infrared cameras

  • FLIR introduces thermal VLIR that’s based on powerful pixels

Report Overview

The CAGR for the airport security market is 8.9%. The United States has the largest market share but the Asia-Pacific region has the largest CAGR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Airport Security Market size was USD 11.45 billion by 2030, at CAGR of 9% By 2020-2030

American Science and Engineering, Inc. (US),,Autoclear LLC (US),,C.E.I.A. SpA (US),,FLIR Systems, Inc. (US),,L3 Security & Detection Systems (US),,OSI Systems, Inc. (US),,Robert Bosch LLC (US),,Siemens AG (Germany),,Smiths Detection LLC (US), and,Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd (UK).

The North American region had the highest market share one year before 2018

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