Organic Curcumin Market to Expand Significantly In The Forthcoming Years :

Pune, India, March 26, 2018 /press release/- Market Research Future Published a Half Cooked Research Report on Global Organic Curcumin Research Report.

Organic Curcumin – Definition & Importance

Organic curcumin is a very important and beneficial organic compound. It is the main constituent of turmeric, however, it is also found in other plants. At its heart, curcumin is a bright yellow colored chemical that is produced by certain plants. It belongs to the ginger family and is scientific terms it is known as curcuminoid. In earlier times, people mistook it as turmeric but later it was discovered that is an integral component of it but differs from conventional turmeric. In the last few years, this compound has made quite a reputation for itself and has been recognized for its beneficial qualities. Due to this, the global organic curcumin market has gained momentum.

Organic curcumin is available in the market in various forms. It ranges from herbal supplements, cosmetic ingredient to food flavoring and coloring. Hence, it can be concluded that the general public has finally realized the potential of this compound and has given it the attention it deserves. Owing to this fact, it can be asserted that the in the coming years the global curcumin market will achieve new heights.

Market Scenario

The current population has become overtly health conscious, people have started keeping tabs on what they use and they shy away from chemical products and have started giving preference to organic items. Thanks to the change of mind, the global curcumin market has gained momentum and several doors of opportunity have opened for it. Experts of the industry believe that given the favorable circumstances during the forecast period of 2017-2023, the conversion rate of the market will double up. Even the CAGR rates looks promising and will support growth.

The success and development of this market can be attributed to a number of growth propellers. Organic curcumin is completely natural, it does not contain any kinds of chemical or toxic elements and this is one of the most important growth drivers. Owing to its organic nature people prefer it over other products and hence the market gets benefitted.

Additional aspects that further positively affect the growth of the market are higher consumer awareness, upsurge in the demand for nutritional supplements, changing lifestyle patterns, rise in the necessity for natural and dietary food items, beverages and pharmaceuticals, technological advancements, better manufacturing facilities and increased awareness about health benefits of curcumin against diseases like cancer, tumor and arthritis.

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Market Segmentation

The worldwide organic curcumin market has been segregated into five main divisions. They can be listed as types, applications, geographies, forms and distribution channels.

On the basis of types, the market has been separated into licorice extract, red clover and reishi extract.

On account of applications, the industry is trifurcated into personal care, food and healthcare.

Region-wise the market has its reach across several areas of the world like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.

When it comes to forms the market has been segmented into powder, oil, capsules, creams and tablets.

Lastly based on distribution channels, the industry is bifurcated into non-store based and store based.

Industry Trends

The global organic curcumin market is governed by certain industry trends that aid the industry to achieve success and development. Some of the main ones are listed as below:

  • Hike in the usage of turmeric products.
  • Higher demand for organic curcumin as a supplement.

Market Players & Key Strategies

Some of the most prominent players of this market can be listed as Curcumex BV, Arjuna Natural Extracts, Synthite Industries Ltd., and Herboveda. The major strategies used by these brands to stay ahead of the competition are strategic expansion and new product development.