North America Caloric Test Market To Grow due to Novel Applications :

Pune, India, August, 2018 /press release/- Market Research Future Published a Half-Cooked Research Report on Global North America Caloric Test Market Research Report.

Market Insights

Caloric testing has some very niche applications which are increasing the markets value. Market Research Future has performed an extensive analysis of the market to find that it is expected to witness steady growth over the forecast period. MRFR has narrowed the market research to the North American market which has been found to be the largest market across the globe.

There are two broad types of caloric testing namely water and air calorics. Air caloric testing is performed to test the function of the acoustic nerve, which is key in hearing. This nerve is also highly important to the body as it assists balance and spatial orientation which is required for coordinated movements. Commonly known as the vestibular system, air, and water caloric testing is used extensively to perform tests and diagnose any possible problems that may be present. Moreover, with the widespread adoption of headphones and the common practice of playing loud music, can contribute to inner ear problems which ultimately affect the vestibular system. Increasing hearing problems are expected to contribute significantly to market growth. Air and water caloric testing is also finding novel applications in easing phantom limb pains in amputees and paraplegics. Increasing occurrences of spinal injuries are expected to contribute significantly to the growth of the North American caloric testing market. Growing requirements for caloric testing are expected to provide market expansion opportunities.

Market Segmentation

MRFR has segmented the North American caloric test market on the basis of devices, end-user, and region. By devices, the market is comprised of water caloric stimulator, ice water caloric stimulator, and others. The water caloric stimulator device leads the market with the largest share. Water is highly effective, and various temperatures can stimulate various desirable results in the required medical application. Based on end-user, the market is categorized by hospital, clinic, research laboratories, and others. North America is segmented by region and includes U.S & Canada.

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Regional Analysis

The U.S accounts for the largest share of the North American market. The presence of several leading market players, high use of advanced healthcare technology and ongoing R&D investments are expected to encourage market growth. According to the Reeve Foundation in 2013, it was recorded that roughly 1 in 50 Americans are paralyzed to some degree. With such high numbers of paraplegics, the demand for caloric testing to relieve phantom limb pains is growing. The presence of a world-renowned and highly populous military means that there are a high number of veterans who are either paraplegic or affected by trauma that led to amputation. Moreover, the Amputee Coalition in 2015 found that over 2 million people are living with limb loss in the U.S. at least 54% of this number are affected by limb loss due to vascular diseases and diabetes. The high prevalence of diabetes in the region is expected to encourage market growth. The regional market carries high opportunities for growth, as the use of caloric testing in treating phantom limb pain is a novel application which is expected to grow in popularity.

Key Players

Prominent players included in MRFR's report and analyzed are Mirage Health Group, Medi-Care Solutions Ltd., Happersberger otopront GmbH, GN Otometrics, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Interacoustics USA, CHAMMED, Instrumentation DIFRA, Entermed, and others.