Splendid Growth of Liquid Biopsy Market and the Game Changers :

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Cancer diagnosis and monitoring have now become an important part of the healthcare system. The increasing burden of cancer has led to a need for development of new diagnostic and treatment methods. The researchers are now interested in determining the root cause of various types of cancer such as bone cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and others. Furthermore, there is also need to introduce new diagnostic and treatment options due to increasing prevalence of rare cancer and late diagnosis of the diseases. Late diagnosis thus reduces the chances of curing the disease as it spreads throughout the body.

Liquid biopsy is one of the promising non-invasive method for the diagnosis of cancer. It involves the sampling of tissue in the liquid state. It is a simple and painless method for cancer diagnostic as compared to other diagnostics methods. Therefore, liquid as well as solid biopsy are important for cancer management, and creates excellent growth opportunities in the market. The technology is further applicable for monitoring cardiac and neurologic disease, early detection and evaluation of drug resistance, and prenatal testing. It can now be applied to organ transplant monitoring to bridge the gap between need of new technology, and rising demand.

Driver & Restrains

Increasing awareness about personalized cancer care is ruling the global liquid biopsy market. The market is driven by increasing demand for non-invasive testing, increasing prevalence of cancer, and extensive research and development in the cancer diagnosis and treatment. The market is also driven by number of advantages of liquid biopsies such as quick analysis, identification of specific mutations, low cost, and r less labor required. Furthermore, rising awareness about the diagnosis of various types of cancer stimulate the market growth. However, tumor heterogeneity, remaining the biggest challenge in cancer research, may restrain the growth of the market.

Strategic Approaches by Key Players:

Guardant Health, Inc., Trovagene, Inc., Agena Bioscience Inc. Inc., Admera Health, Biocept, Inc., Circulogene Theranostics,  Inivata Ltd.,  SAGA Diagnostics AB,  Exosome Diagnostics, and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Agena Bioscience Inc. Inc. are major players in the liquids biopsy market. The key players in the market are focusing on the development of new diagnostics methods and tools, as well as various strategic approaches such as acquisitions, partnership, and collaboration. Fund raising for cancer research is one to the important tasks for the key players to development new diagnostics devices and technologies as well as hold their position in the market.

Guardant Health:

  • In January 2017, Guardant Health Inc. and MD Anderson and announce partnership to make comprehensive liquid biopsy part of oncology standard of care.

  • In September, 2016, Guardant Health Inc. expanded the distribution of Guardant360, a genomic cancer test, to gain grounds in the Middle East

  • In June, 2016, Guardant Health Inc. and Oncotest-Teva entered into a distribution and marketing partnership for Guardant360 in Israel

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.:

  • In January, 2017, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. acquired RainDance Technologies outreach next generation sequencing applications and strengthen their position in the area of Droplet Digital PCR.

These developments help to determine the growth of the market across the globe, which is significantly lighted by partnerships and geographical expansion.

Cancer Research and Liquid Biopsy:

In February 2016, Circulogene Theranostics entered into a research agreement with the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In December 2015, for example, researchers at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium reported the use of cfDNA liquid biopsies to evaluate the prognosis after treatment in breast cancer patients enrolled in two phase III clinical trials.

Additionally, researcher have now successfully applied liquid biopsy to determine the prognosis of patients with colon cancer in phase II. Therefore, increasing applications of liquid biopsy in cancer research is another important driver for the growth of the market.

Game Changers In The Market:

  • Admera Health:

Admera Health is an advanced molecular diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine and non-invasive cancer testing. In October, 2017, the company the launched laboratory developed test, named, PGxOnco; for cancer supportive care, and LiquidGx, a suite of liquid biopsy based tests for tumor profiling and drug resistance monitoring. This product launches strengthened the position of Admera Health in the market and expand their existing tissue based tumor profiling tests portfolio.

  • Biocept, Inc.:

Biocept, a molecular diagnostics company, entered into marketing agreement with Miraca Life Sciences to expand target selector testing in the U.S. 

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