Laptop Skins Market is Expected to Showcase Rampant Growth Over 2032 :

November 2022, Market Research Future has published a Report on the Global Laptop Skins Market

Market Forecast

Global Laptop Skins Market size is projected to be valued at USD 0.098 Billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 3.81% between 2023 and 2032. Generally, laptop skins are made from vinyl material that is 5.5 mm thick. However, market players have started to introduce a wide array of materials in laptop skins to meet consumer demands and convenience. Additionally, every individual maintains a unique style based on personality, clothing, belongings, etc. These consumers use laptop skins with prints of their choice to reflect their style. Laptop skins are available for different parts of the laptops, such as wrist palm rest skin, touchpad skin, top & bottom cover skin, and full-body skin. Top & bottom cover skins are the most sold products as the top & bottom parts of a laptop are generally visible when not in use. Laptop skins are also available in a wide variety of prints. Prints such as floral, landscape, icons, quotes, brands, abstracts, and custom pictures are available. However, several local and private label brands offer inferior quality products at low cost. These products are less durable and have high chances of adhesive residue peeling off. Therefore, the growing presence of private label brands aiding the unorganized market is expected to restrict the global laptop skins market growth during the years to come.

Market USP

Laptop skins aid the safety of laptops by protecting them from external scratches

Growth Opportunities in the Market

Increasing Fan Base of Sports Games: Sports is one of the most powerful forces globally. Since the early paleolithic period, sports have been part of human culture. In modern times, professional sports teams face tough competition to build and sustain a viable fan base. Consumers enjoy sports to a great extent. For instance, according to the MRFR survey in 2019, 3.2 billion people viewed the last World Cup in 2019. Sports fans believe they are a part of the team and exhibit a strong emotional connection with the teams. With years going by, fans are no longer limited to local sports and tune into any game played across the world. Owing to this, the rate of fan base is growing across regions from the Premier League in Asia to the NFL in Europe. For instance, Manchester United boasts 669 million social media followers worldwide by the end of 2019. Out of 669 million, only about 1% reside in Manchester. Therefore, a growing sports fan base is leading to the rising sales of laptop skins with prints of sports team logos, celebrities, and moments across the globe.

Growing Sales of Laptops: The rapid developments in the IT sector has fueled the demand for portable devices. The growth of laptops over desktops has increased remarkably owing to their portability and convenience. Moreover, in modern times, certain schools and colleges are distributing laptops to their students to promote e-learning. According to MRFR analysis in 2019, Dell sold the maximum number of laptops, followed by HP, Toshiba, IBM, and Acer. Additionally, new product launches, rapid developments in nanotechnology, and integrated wireless networking are further aiding to the sales of laptops worldwide. Therefore, growing sales of laptops, especially among students, is fueling the growth of the laptop skin market across the globe.

Non-Store-Based Distribution Channels Gaining Popularity Across the Globe: The non-store-based segment is projected to register a higher growth rate during the forecast period. Manufacturers of laptop skins are inclined towards non-store-based distribution channels for the extensive sales of their products. Moreover, the impact of COVID-19 has led to the implementation of lockdown in the majority of the countries and has resulted in the forced closure of retail stores. Companies are opting for online distribution platforms as they want to extend their consumer reach considering the present situation. Also, consumers can choose the right product from an extensive list of similar products along with a detailed description, demonstrated with images of selected skins on laptops for reference.

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Key Players

  • DecalGirl (US)

  • Redbubble Ltd (Australia)

  • GelaSkins Inc. (US)

  • iStyles Pte. Ltd (Singapore)

  • MightySkins (US)

  • Skinit Acquisition, LLC (US)

  • Macmerise (India)

  • XtremeSkins (UK)

  • Slickwraps, Inc. (US)

  • Happy Wagon (India)