High Adoption Rate Fuels Global Virtual Customer Premises Equipment Market; Expects CAGR of 43% From 2016 to 2022 :

Pune, India, July, 2018 /press release/- Market Research Future Published a Half Cooked Research Report on Global Vehicle Electrification Market Research Report.

Market Insights

Virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) is a highly efficient way by which network services can be delivers. These services include routing, firewall security, and virtual private network connectivity and are offered through use of software as opposed to use of dedicated hardware devices offering flexibility, simplicity and accelerated rate of delivery. These factors work as strong drivers for the global vCPE market. In its recent report on the subject, Market Research Future projected an exceptional CAGR of 43% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2022. Additionally, MRFR has found in its market study that the global amrket is expected to reach an estimated evaluation of USD 3 Bn by the end of 2022.

The increasing need of mobility of IT services, increasing demand for virtual networking infrastructure solutions & services and the robust demand for private cloud is expected to drive the global vCPE market during ther assessment period. Virtual customer premises equipement additionally offer enhanced networking infrastruction which can be accessed for anywhere. The growing adoption and demand for cloud-based applications has been feulled by the high demand for private clouds to optimize IT infrastructure in organizations, particularly amond end-use industries. However, due to its use in private sectors and in end use verticals such a the banking, financial services and insurance sector, security concerns are high and not properly met, leading to hinderance in market growth. Moreover, the lack of a skilled workforce and issues regarding reliability are further expected to challenge growth of the market. However, virtualzation of technology is leading the a greater exchance of information, and due to the emergence of this market, appropriatly skilled professionals are expected to enter the market in the coming years. R&D investments are expected to lead to development and advancements of the technology, thus strengthening the market and leading to opportunity for future expansion.

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Market Segmentation

The global virtual customer premises equipment market is segmented on the basis of solutions, services, end-users and region. By solutions, the market is segmented into virtual switches, virtual routers, security, compliance, controller & application platform, orchestration, infrastructure management and others.

By services, the market is segmented into managed and professional. The professional segment accounts for the largest segment due to the high adoption of network virtualization which has led to the demand for network function virtualization (NFV) technology, furthering market growth.

By end-users, the market is segmented into BFSI, healthcare, retail, ecommerce and others. By region, the global market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest of the World.

Regional Analysis

Globally, North America accounts for the largest share of the total market with the U.S leding growth for the region. North America is primarily made up of develop economies which has an affinity toward the adoption of the latest technological advancements, as such, the region has a high number of vCPE service providers which offer custom services in an effort to meet the massive demand.

Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific is growing rapidly with countries such as China and Japan leading growth for the region. The large investments in the region toward the development of NFV and cCPE technologies and the rapidly increasing adoption of software defined virtual technology combined with significant IT hubs present in countries such as India are expected to accelerate market growth during the assessment period.

Key Players

Prominent players analysed for thier role in the global vCPE market include IBM Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc., Telco Systems, Ericsson Inc, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Other players include NEC Corporation, ALTEN Calsoft Labs, VNWare, Juniper Networks, and others.

Latest Industry News

Microsoft is offering a public preview of both Azure Virtual WAN and Asure Firewall in an effort to demonstrate the vCPEs for scure connectivity of offices and infrastructure.

Colt is working German company Adva to build and deploy a global vCPE platform (uCPE). Adva is providing Colt with its Ensemble Connector for its network operating systen and hosint platform for third-party applications which include virtual netowork functions, SD-WAN and firewalls.