Jellies & Gummies Market is New Trend and to Expand at Exponential Rate by 2030 :

August, 2023 - Market Research Future has Published a Research Report on the Global Jellies & Gummies Market.

Market Insights

According to Market Research Future Reports, the global jellies & gummies market is expected to reach USD 43,588.2 million by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.00% by the year 2030 end. The new forms of vitamin, organic, and sugar-less jellies & gummies category are one of the major trends that are being witnessed in the global jellies & gummies market. The new trend of health and wellness is scoring a real transformation in the food industry, where now production of sugarless jellies & gummies is high. This production is thus creating a high demand for jellies & gummies among the population concerning with awareness of harmful health effects from excessive sugar consumption. Such awareness has created a buzz which is triggering the global jellies & gummies market to expand in positive ways till 2030.

Global Jellies & Gummies Market: Drivers & Trends

Gummies and jellies are made using hydrocolloids gel, which impacts the texture, appearance, and flavor release of the products. With the use of technological things, the preparation of jellies and gummies are now catered according to consumer’s choice, whether its size, shape, and color personalization. This has become easy for the production companies, and this has led to extraordinary demand for jellies & gummies on a global level, which has propelled the global jellies & gummies market to expand significantly during the forecast period. Besides this, factors such as a reduced amount of sugar in jellies and gummies have added an extraordinary reason for the exceptional growth of the global jellies & gummies market.

Furthermore, more factors such as the establishment of several supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty stores, and retailing has grown at an unprecedented rate worldwide since past years, as jellies & gummies are majorly sold by retailers, vendors in the market.  Due to the ease of availability of jellies & gummies, the growth in global jellies & gummies market has fueled up double-digit and is expected to expand more in the future timeline.

There has also been a significant rise in demand for jellies & gummies among kids of all age groups in developed regions, and this is one of the driving forces that is taking the market towards positive growth. Even the major market players are investing heavily in research & development to develop new product lines with improved formulations. As jellies & gummies are prepared from interesting fruits, vegetables, liqueur, and other sources, these have attracted many consumers since years, which has supported the market to expand at a steady pace. Therefore, the accessibility of low-priced products from different brands is also expected to drive the market during the forecast period. Also, added preservatives in jellies are also making them remain stable and fresh for consumption after a long time. These factors are ensuring for the global jellies & gummies market to rise at a higher CAGR  by the year 2030.

Key Players

Market Research Future Reports has listed up some of the key players in the global jellies & gummies market. The names are  Haribo (Germany), Jelly Belly Candy Company (U.S.), Mondelez International, Inc (U.S.), MARS Inc (U.S.), and European Food Co.Ltd (Thailand). Casa Del Dolce SRL (Italy), Cloetta (Netherlands), Confidas (Belgium), Decoria Confectionary Co.Ltd (South Korea), Hatops Food Co.Ltd (China), Meiji (Japan), Perfetti Van Melle (India), and The Ferrero Group (U.S.) and others.

Global Jellies & Gummies Market Segmentation

According to the reports by MRFR, the global jellies and gummies market has been segmented by type and distribution channel.

By the mode of type, the global jellies and gummies market is segmented into fruits, vegetables, liqueur, herbs and flowers, and others. Wherein, the fruits segment is leading the segment owing to their favorite flavors. Fruits are the most popular product used for flavoring in the confectionary industry, which makes it a leading segment within the global jellies and gummies market.

By the mode of distribution channel, the global jellies and gummies market is segmented into store-based and non-store-based distribution. Among these, store-based distribution is leading to the global jellies and gummies market owing to their strong presence in countries worldwide and with the availability of a wide variety of jellies and gummy products in stores.

Regional Outlook

On a geographical note, the global jellies & gummies have covered the major regions are Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and the rest of the world (RoW).

Among them, the North American region is leading in the jellies & gummies market and is expected to remain as a leader during the forecast period. Due to increased consumption among kids in this region, the global jellies & gummies market has expanded rapidly since some years back, which in turn, is expected that the market will spur with higher CAGR in the future timeline.

Likewise, the growing consumer awareness towards jellies & gummies prepared from fruits and vegetables, this factor is driving the growth of jellies & gummies market in the Asia Pacific region significantly. Furthermore, increasing demand for confectionery products in countries such as China and Japan is likely to boost the growth of the jellies & gummies in the forecast period.