Europe Advanced CO2 Sensor Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% from 2022-2030 :

Pune, India, October 14, 2016 /MRFR Press Release/- Market Research Future published a cooked research report on Europe Advanced CO2 Sensor Market.

Market Highlights

Increased Institutional Usage of CO2 Sensor and Increasing Government Initiatives and Regularizes for Controlling Air Pollution are some of the major drivers that exhibits the growth of Europe Advanced CO2 sensor market. The potential, demand, and usage of advanced CO2 sensor in various applications have increased support from governments worldwide. Recently in July 2016, The U.S. Department of Energy invested $11.5 Million to Advance Geologic Carbon Storage and Geothermal Exploration which will capture the carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels and improves renewable geothermal resources – both of which will help to make the air purify.

With the increase in population there is drastic increase in the infrastructure. So with the increase in the real estate industry, there are many different indoor pollutants came into picture that includes from volatile organic compound such as paints and new furnishing to pollutants from chemical uses, equipment and cleaning processes. Carbon-dioxide is a part of every breath we take, and as we emit it, then it becomes a proxy for other pollutants and shows that the ventilation systems are working properly or not. While CO2 is not a pollutant it have an effect on humans, with increase in the level humans feel sleepy and sluggish, due to which it becomes difficult for the person to focus on the work and results into less productive.

Thus, to overcome with the above concerns the need of air pollution measurement systems has been increased. These systems are enabled with sensors like advance CO2 which helps to purify the air, which leads to the proper ventilation.

In this market analysis, analysts estimate the non-dispersive infrared (NIDR) CO2 sensors segment to account for nearly 83% of the total market share by 2016.  The long lifespan, stability, and high humidity and dirt-withstanding nature of IR sensors are responsible for its high market share during the forecast period.

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Europe Advanced CO2 Sensor Market Segmentation
Advanced CO2 sensors help to monitor the intensity of CO2 in different mediums like air or water and can adjust automatically to changes in temperature, humidity, and altitude. This market is an integral part of the global sensors market and is heavily influenced by the augmented demand for location-based advanced CO2 sensors, which results in its impressive CAGR. Rising need for better air pollution measurement systems, to drive market growth during the forecast period. The market is segmented into by manufacturers, by type and by application. By manufacturers Honeywell Inc,is expected to gain the largest market share followed by Amphenol Corporation, Simens AG and others. By Type the market is segmented into NDIR and others, where NDIR is expected to gain the largest market by the end of the forecasted period, followed by others i.e Chemical CO2 Sensor. Whereas, Application consists of Building Automation and Domestic Appliance, Industrial, Automotive, Petrochemical, Medical, Environmental and Others. Automotive sector is expected to gain the highest market share followed by building automation, industrial and others.

The key players of Europe Advanced CO2 Sensor market are Amphenol Corporation (U.S.), Honeywell International Inc.(U.S.), Johnson Control (Ireland), Simens AG (Germany), Ati Airtest Technologies Inc. (U.S.), Sick AG (Germany), Gas Sensing Solution (U.K), Trane ( Subsidary Of Ingresoll Land) (Ireland), Senseair AB (Sweden), E+E Elektronik (Austria), Bluesens (Germany), Digital Control System Inc. (U.S.), Vertiss Industries (U.S.) and among others.