Dupuytren’s Contracture Market is Projected to Witness grow at a CAGR of ~ 4.4 % by 2023 :

Pune, India, Sept, 2017 /MRFR Press Release/- Market Research Future has a half cooked research report on the global Dupuytren’s contracture market.

Market Highlights:

Dupuytren's contracture is a condition primarily of the fingers of the hand in which there is difficulty in articulating fingers due to formation of knots of tissue form under the skin which may worsen to a degree that fingers become permanently bent in a flexed position. The exact causes of Dupuytren's contracture are unknown however the risk factors include alcoholism, smoking, thyroid problems, liver disease, diabetes, previous hand trauma, epilepsy, family history etc. Dupuytren's contracture has a higher rate in males over the age of 50. There is also a genetic propensity with Caucasians being affected more while it is rare among Asians and Africans. Dupuytren's contracture has a regress rate of approximately 10 % of patients. The annual incidence proportion of this disease was estimated at about 3 cases per 10,000 adults. The occurrence rate in the United States is about 5% of people, while Scandinavian nations has a higher rate of about 30% of men over 60 years old have the condition.

Needle aponeurotomy (NA) is the preferred surgical treatment of choice and used in the majority of patients. It is less invasive than the open hand surgery which is now reserved for the most severe conditions. The collagenase injection segment is however expected to grow the fastest due to minimum invasive nature and the lesser hospitalization stay.

The market drivers for Dupuytren’s contracture market are increasing cardiac cases such as heart attack, other factors includes cancer, kidney failure, end-stage lung cancer, hypothyroidism, rising screening and penetration of healthcare, growing awareness about cardiac diseases and growing income and healthcare expenditure etc. The market restraints are cost of Dupuytren’s contracture surgery, complications and risk of the surgery, invasive nature of treatment etc.

Global Dupuytren’s contracture Market Players

Key players profiled in the report are Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co, Fresenius Kabi, Merck & Company, Pfizer Inc., West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, Spear Pharmacueticals, Actiza Pharmaceutical Private Limited, Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Endo International plc. Pfizer Inc., and others.

Regional Analysis

Europe account for a significant market share owing to extensive use of medications and high expenditure on the health care. Additionally, the greater prevalence of Dupuytren’s contracture in Europe drives the Dupuytren’s contracture market. Also, concentration of major research companies in the developed countries of this region is adding fuel to the market growth. The highly developed healthcare system of the Scandavanian region coupled with high expenditure on healthcare, cruises the sale of Dupuytren’s contracture treatment. Europe is led by countries such as Germany and France. Norway is expected to be the fastest growing market.

US is the second largest market in the world due to high income and healthcare penetration. The presence of large healthcare players in the US benefits the market coupled with the high public expenditure on healthcare which comes to be approximately 16 % of the GDP. Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a slower rate with China and India are likely to lead this market due to fast growing healthcare sector during the forecast period. The lower prevalence of Dupuytren’s contracture in the Asian populations acts as a drag on the market.

Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are estimated to drive the Middle East & African market. The development of large hospitals such as the King Fahd hospital in Riyadh is driving the market. The African region is expected to witness a moderate growth owing to poor economic and political conditions and poor healthcare development. Also the lower prevalence of Dupuytren’s contracture in the Asian populations acts as a drag on the market.

Taste the market data and market information presented through more than 50 market data tables and figures spread over 80 pages of the project report. Avail the in-depth table of content (TOC) & market synopsis on “Global Dupuytren’s contracture Market” Research Report – Forecast till 2023.


The global Dupuytren’s contracture market has been segmented on the basis of types, diagnosis, surgery, drugs, therapy and end users.

Based on type, the market has been segmented as type I, type II, type III.

Based on diagnosis, the market has been segmented as physical examination, x-ray and others.

Based on drug, the market has been segmented as steroids, collagenase injection, immune-modulators and others.

Based on therapy, the market has been segmented as radiation therapy, physiotherapy and others.

Based on the end user, the market has been segmented as hospitals & clinics, academic and research and others.

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