Infrastructure & Metalworking Industry in emerging economies to offer lucrative opportunities for Construction Chemicals by 2030 :

Construction Chemicals Market – Market Overview

Construction chemicals are specialty chemicals used in various construction activities residential, non-residential and renovation. These chemicals enhances the overall performance of end products used in the building and construction. The construction chemicals can be broadly classified into concrete admixtures, waterproofing chemicals, flooring compounds, and adhesives & sealants among others.

As the name suggests, the market is highly dependent on the dynamics of construction industry across the globe. On a holistic, the emerging economies such as Asia Pacific and Middle East is expected to be the sweet spot for construction chemicals. For instance, India’s vision “Housing For All by 2030” initiatives is expected to boost the demand. Whereas, regained stability of housing market and increasing reconstruction activities in developed economies is expected to drive the demand.

The market consumption trends vary region to region, for instance, the economic downturn in 2008-09 in the U.S which had an adverse effect on the housing industry in the country witnessed sharp decline in the ceramic tile industry. However, the recent stats showing a positive outlook for housing market in the U.S for 2017-18 with low mortgage rates in the country beefing up new construction activities. Hence, a positive prospect for the ceramic tile players operating in the region. Since, the construction chemicals are majorly consumed in its close vicinity of production.

Construction chemicals are widely consumed among new residential and non-residential constructions along with the reconstruction and renovation activities. With the increasing population, urbanization, and industrialization in the emerging economies such as Asia Pacific and Middles East are stimulating the construction activities. These are some of the protuberant market compelling factors for construction chemicals.

Amidst the decline in oil prices in the GCC the construction activities in the region still remains as a strong indicator for economic growth in the region. The construction activities is expected to stimulate in the coming years with an overall capital spending in GCC estimated at USD 480 billion of which 65% will be towards infrastructure development. Accounting for the latter mentioned factors it is healthy to assume a pool of market opportunities for construction chemicals in the Middle East adding value to the global construction chemicals market as a whole.

Protuberant trend in the construction chemicals market includes. Furthermore, government initiatives in the emerging economies for infrastructural developments is expected to stimulate the market for construction chemicals. For instance, government of India’s proposed spending in infrastructure accounting for 10% of the country’s GDP in its 12Th five-year plans will boost the demand for construction chemicals in the country.

Key Players:

BASF SE (Germany), Arkema SA (France), Ashland Inc. (U.S.), Fosroc International Limited (U.K.), Mapie S.p.A (Italy), Pidilite Industries Limited (India), RPM International Inc. (U.S.), Sika AG (Switzerland), The Dow Chemical Co.(U.S.), and W.R. Grace & Company (U.S.) among others.  are some of the prominent players at the forefront of competition in the Global Construction Chemicals Market and are profiled in MRFR Analysis.

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Construction Chemicals Market – Competitive Analysis

The construction chemicals is a fragmented market, the competition is intense among the players operating in this market with increasing demand for construction chemicals players operating in the market wants to capture maximum share in the market. Some of the strategies adopted by the players operating in the market includes, capacity expansions, product launches and expanding geographical presence.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

August, 2016 – BASF opened its first production plant in Sri Lanka for the production of standard and custom-made performance based construction chemicals. The plant was in line with company’s geographic expansion strategy to cater the increasing demand from customers in Sri Lanka

April, 2016-, BASF expanded its construction chemicals division in Russia. This expansion was in line with expanding the waterproofing chemicals portfolio for the Russian market.   

April, 2016-, In line with the rapid growth of construction industry in India, BASF launched three new constructions solutions in the India market. Low-viscosity concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions and waterproofing solutions for parking structure. The solutions launched are cost-effective, durable thus minimising the resources used in construction and repairs. 

February, 2016- Sika AG, opened two construction chemicals plant in Southeast Asia addressing the increasing construction activities in the region. The plants are located in Myanmar and Cambodia. This expansion was in line with company’s strategy 2018, which involves penetration into new markets by opening new factories.