Cold Insulation Market Will Cross $5 Billion Mark By 2021 :

Pune, India, July 15, 2016/MRFR Press Release/- Market research future published a cooked research report on Global Cold Insulation Market. Cold Insulation market is expected to grow with the CAGR of about 7-8% from 2016 to 2021, and due to this it is projected to cross USD $5 billion by 2021. For the Global Cold Insulation market drivers are increased application of renewable content for cold insulation, growing industrialization in developing economies, and rising demand for cryogenic insulation to facilitate LNG trade.

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The Oil & gas segment witin the Global Cold Insulation Market is projected to acheive the highest growth as compared to other applications, during the forecast period 2016 to 2021.

Major end-users of cold insulation include industries such as il & gas, chemicals, refrigeration, and Heating-Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC). Cold insulation have been increasingly gaining importance over the years, on the account of ever-increasing energy prices, rising environmennat concerns, and increasing applications in industries. The growth in oil & gas, chemicals storage transportation, refrigeration & air conditioning applications has led rise in the demand for low temperature insulation materials.

Oil & Gas and Chemical industries are two largest end-users within the Global Cold Insulation market

Industries spent huge amount on insulation to reduce their operating costs, and increse the functional efficiency. Insulation can be applied on pipes, ducts, tanks, fittings, and valves. A huge amount of insulation material demand will be seen in future due to increasing applications for food storage, chemicals storage, LNG storage and some amount of cryogenic medical applications.

 Polyurethane material held the major share within the Global Cold Insulation market

Cold insulation employs different materials such as fiberglass (glass wool), polystyrene, polyurethane, phenolic foams, and aerogels. Out of the different materials classified, polyurethane held a major share within the cold insulation market. Its advantanges such as suitability with majority of cold insulation applications and excellent thermal insulating properties, is a major factor contributing towards its dominance.

Asia-Pacific and Europe and regions dominated the Cold Insulation Market in 2015

The European region was the largest market for Cold Insulation in 2015, followed by Asia-Pacific and North America. Countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and the U.K are major consumers within the cold insulation market. Asia-Pacific  region holds the cond larhest share within the cold insulatin market. North America Being in a state of maturity, the market landscape will become increasingly challenging thus resulting in modest growth of heat exchangers market. Brazil and Argentina are also the active countries for plate heat exchanger device. Asia-Pacific countries are at their fastest growth stage in this market.

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This report includes a study of strategies, of major market players. It includes the product portfolios, developments of leading major players such as BASF SE, Bayer Material Science, The Dow Chemical Company, Evonik Industries, Dongsung Finetec Corporation, Fletcher Insulation Group, Huntsman Corporation, and others.

This research report has provides the insights, on various levels of analyses such industry analysis, market share analysis leading market players and their profiles. This report also helps in studying the target segments by providing views on emerging & high-growth segments and market conclusion. Together the market data comprise and discuss with the basic assessments on the competitive scenerios & strategies, of the global cold insulation market, including the high-growth regions, countries and their political, economical and technological environments. Furthermore the project report also provides the views over the historical market values as well as, pricing and cost analysis of the same.