Air ambulance services market is estimated to own a market share of 12.6 Billion by 2032

Air ambulance services market is estimated to own a market share of 12.6 Billion by 2032

January 2023, Research Report on the Global Air Ambulance Services Market.

Air Ambulance Services Market Size Valued at USD 12.6 Billion, market Grow at a CAGR Of 9.30% by 2023 -2032

Air ambulance services market is composed of aircraft equipped with features useful in ambulances. They are useful in medical emergencies when air evacuation and transportation are required. The air ambulances are fitted with respirators, defibrillators, and monitoring systems. As chronic health problems are increasing at an all-time high rate, air ambulances reduce the risk of road congestion and blocks. This reduced travel time becomes the prerequisite during war break-out, epidemics, and/or natural disasters.

Market Drivers

Increased events of chronic illnesses generate a high demand for Air Ambulance Services. The need to reduce travel time, and avoid congestion are key drivers of the air ambulance services market. Air ambulances can also be fitted with an isolation pod to isolate critical patients along with the provision of safe transport.


To avoid violations and trespassing of the air space, governments must set up strict policies.

The air ambulance services market faces restraints concerning following the set charter and obtaining the correct permissions from the governing agencies in individual nations.

Impact of COVID-19

Restructuring the healthcare system is the conclusion driven post the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution to containing the spread of the virus was imposing lockdowns and which led to a broken transportation system. The air ambulance services market size grew during this period. Increased use of aircraft to provide emergency delivery services of medicines and medical equipment, as they provide a safer and quicker delivery has come into practice since then.

Market Overview

The investments in the healthcare system are increasing at a substantial rate because of an increased per capita healthcare expense. The market is divided based on vehicle type, service type, and application.


By vehicle type,

The technology used to build the aircraft is one segment of this market. The types of vehicles can be:

  • Rotary wing

  • Airplanes

  • Fixed Wing

  • Helicopters

  • Seaplane

By service type,

The service providers fall into this category. The service providers are:

  • Hospital services

  • Community services

  • Government service

  • Independent Service

By application,

Air ambulances are segmented based on application and the severity of the illness. The requirements could be:

  • Medical Care

  • Transport

Regional Distribution

The air ambulance services market analysis brought to attention that they are found to be concentrated in North America with a forecasted growth at a CAGR of 2.08% during 2020-2030, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific in the order. The Europe region is the top investor in research and development and is trying to cover the entire healthcare sector. India contributes to market revenues on a large scale. Canada has accelerated the growth of the air ambulance services market intending to safeguard pedestrians.

Competitive Analysis

Key players in the global air ambulance services market are:

  • Air Methods Corporation

  • Air Medical Group Holdings

  • PHI

  • Metro Aviation

  • Rega

  • DRF

  • ADAC Service GmbH

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service

  • REVA Air Ambulance

  • AMR

  • FAI

  • Capital Air Ambulance

  • Native American Air Ambulance

  • Lifeguard Ambulance


  • Scandinavian Air Ambulance

  • Airmed International

  • Yorkshire Air Ambulance

  • JAIC

  • Deer Jet

Air ambulance services can provide quicker and safer modes of relocating patients suffering from chronic illnesses and will also provide reduced delivery periods for supplying emergency medical resources. They have been tested to provide first aid, medical supplies, transfer of critical patients, and inclusion of isolation pods. The increased focus on the improvement of healthcare systems is a key driver in the air ambulance services market.

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