Windsor Framework to Impact the Political and Economic Condition in Britain: Survey Reports

By Snehal Singh, 10 March, 2023

The withdrawal process of Britain from United Kingdom is regarded as Brexit. A final solution has been levied upon to the problem of the movement of goods and services between the European single market and the united kingdom through northern Ireland.

With recent meeting between the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, Windsor Framework, the new framework looks set to go through with less friction.

The new Windsor Framework gives assurance about the significantly smoother trade within the UK’s internal market. The focus area was the northern Irish imports of goods from Great Britain. According to the reports, customs processes are supposed to be reduced drastically and considerably. Thus, UK standards can be used for food and drink to be sold in Northern Ireland.

Again, wider regulatory changes to remove daily live differences between Britain and Northern Ireland. In that way, Northern Ireland may benefit from the Value Added Tax and alcohol duties applicable in the rest of the United Kingdom other than abiding by the EU rules. Similarly, medicines for Britain can also be sold in the region whether it is approved in the EU or not.

But after all these major political and economic ramifications, according to a survey conducted since Windsor Announcement shows a significant lack of interest in the case among the British public. According to the reports, 72 percent said they were following ‘not very closely’, 22 percent said ‘fairly closely’ with the developments and 6 percent said ‘very closely’.

NI imprts from Ireland
The image shows NI imports from Rep of Ireland

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