Upcoming World’s Megaproject All Over the World

By Garvit Vyas, 26 April, 2023

The megaprojects are going on all over the globe. They have been growing more prominent globally, and most are centred in the Arab Gulf Region. The estimation by construction software company 1Build says before the decade ends, the world is supposed to see the first construction megaproject exceeding $1 trillion in cost estimation.

According to the reports, several projects are on their way to exceeding $100 billion. Four of the nine ongoing megaprojects identified by 1Build, Construction Review, and Construction Magazine, costing more than $100 billion, are built in the Arab Gulf States.

The project of Neom City is a collection of some futuristic towns and cities which are supposed to be built in North-western Saudi Arabia. The reports reveal that it is expected to house 45,000 people by 2026. The data also says another development, The Line, has received much attention for being planned as one of the wholly enclosed cities, 170 km in length, 500 meters in height, and 200 meters in width.

EU's Trans-European Transport Network is more expensive than the Neom city. The reports show that large-scale infrastructure upgradation is estimated to cost $600 billion, including building roads, railway lines, shipping routes, and other related structures in EU member countries for improving long-distance transport.

According to the information gathered, other megaprojects in the region also include the entertainment and tourism complex, Silk City in Northern Kuwait, and King Abdullah Economic City in the north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. All these will be home to the world's future tallest building.

Upcoming World’s Megaproject All Over the World

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