Twitter Launches New Application Programming Interface in 2023

By Aarti Dhapte, 25 April, 2023

Twitter has recently launched its new paid API that is Application Programming Interface platform with basic, free and enterprise access tiers.

According to the information shared by the company on Twitter through its Twitter Dev account, that it will be launching a new Twitter API access tiers and it equally excited to share more details on the self-serve access. The reports also share that, initially the company has decided to shut down free access to its API on 9th of February 2023. But later it extended the deadline to February 13 and again postponed it.

There are three levels including a basic free level primarily expected for content posting bots, and a $100 per month basic level, and an expensive enterprise level. Thus, in addition to subscribing to any level gets access to Ads API at no additional cost, as said by the company, according to the reports.

The company said, by introducing a new form of Free (v2) access that will be used for write-only use cases and those testing the twitter API with 1,500 tweets per month at the app level, Login with Twitter, and media upload endpoints. The company also launched the basic (v2) access tier for the hobbyists with 10,000 GET per month and 50,000 posts per month, two app IDs and a Login with Twitter for $100 per month.

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