The "Dyson" of Capsule Coffee Makers is Now in Australia

By Snehal Singh, 02 January, 2023

Foo, the company's creator, and Chiou, an expert in manufacturing, saw the need to overhaul the whole process when they saw a gap in the market for coffee capsules from the world's most renowned specialty coffee roasters. To eliminate any room for error, the company's founders envisioned a capsule machine that dispensed coffee in the precise manner in which the bean's original baristas, roasters, and farmers had envisioned it. That's how the Morning Machine got its start.

Designed in collaboration with the award-winning Singaporean innovation agency STUCK, the Morning Machine doesn’t exactly look as high-tech and groundbreaking as some of the industry’s established players, but looks can be deceiving. Inside this appliance, one will find Wi-Fi connectivity, an in-built weigh scale, and the ability to pre-set up to 10 brews from around the globe.

According to Foo, the machine is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled, allowing customers to brew through the Morning Mobile App and allowing for rapid software upgrades in the future. It just takes a glance at the Morning App to realize where Foo and Chiou have staked their claim. The creators of Morning are utilizing it as a platform to push for more internationalization of the coffee industry, in addition to promoting convenience and quality.

Using the app, the roasters detail the best water pressure, weight, and temperature for brewing their particular drop. Morning brew will arrive at door precisely as the manufacturer intended since this data is stored in the app and can be replicated on demand with the push of a button. It's an audacious promise, especially for a capsule coffee machine, but the requisite technology already exists.

Naturally, the attitude about capsule coffee will continue to exist, and as a country of snooty beverages, it will remain a pressing task to lure customers away from cafes. However, as Foo correctly points out, it's not about removing coffee consumers from their element so much as providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of convenience and quality in their daily brew. At a price that's less than a fourth that of the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul, he may be onto something.

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